6x16 mother's little helper

Emma killing the spider, made me lost all respect for Emma. Sorry but real savior would not do that! The spider didn’t know better it was a wild animal, hunting. He/She would not be able to hurt Emma anymore, put in a small paper cup and toss it outside. She forever talks about forgiving a person, give them another chance, and yet she kills a animal, that didn’t know any better,

Initial Thoughts--6x16 Mother’s Little Helper

Well that episode was quite the wild ride, wasn’t it?  We got a little bit of everything–pirates, Neverland, a nasty new villain, pirates (specifically a certain one-handed one who is amazing), twists and turns, an evil giant spider (could have done without that!), pirates, a tragic backstory, Emma and Killian both fighting like crazy to get back to each other, pirates, a double-cross from someone who’s being controlled, pirates, a new twist to the author story that ups the stakes, pirates, Lost Boys out for blood, and…did I mention pirates?  Because I liked the Hook/Blackbeard scenes.  A lot.

Overall impression:  Excellent episode in the midst of what’s turning into an excellent arc!  They have me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next…and I don’t even have a clue what that might be!  Speculating’s fun, but when a narrative leaves you without even a guess where they’re going next?  That’s OUAT at it’s best!

Okay, so 3 main plot lines this week: 1. Henry and his little author incident. 2. Gideon’s backstory with the Black Fairy and his further attempts to kill Emma. and 3. Hook trying to find a way back to Emma.  Under the cut, let’s dive a little more deeply into each one of those storylines.

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So…to save Emma and stop the Black Fairy they have to rewrite history and make it so Emma was never the savior?  That twist is…kind of brilliant.  The WW was just a hint to the real story awaiting them!

And…I genuinely have no clue what’s going to happen moving forward, and I love it.  I’ve got to admit.  Season 6 is fascinating me!


I’m torn about the next episode: it looks so cool, but I’m kinda mad that we couldn’t start this plot thread sooner. The Final Battle ™, the last chapter of the book, Snowing trying to save Emma by going back in time (or whatever)…give it ALL to me but over a season, not the last 6 episodes!?!?!!!

Rumbelle and Gideon

I’ve seen a few (not unfounded) worries that Rumbelle aren’t getting enough screen time with Gideon. For me, Rumple and Belle feel appropriately disconnected from Gideon for what’s happening.

Hear me out.

It’s hard to give Gideon a solid backstory of suffering and loneliness and have him doing all kinds of terrible things with his parents there looking at him like the sacrificial lamb. The fact is, Gideon is messed up because Rumple and Belle were a disaster when he was born. If the narrative is to distance the audience from that awful time and help both Rumple and Belle reclaim hero status, they can’t be faced head-on with their responsibility for Gideon’s suffering every single scene. There has to be a sense that Rumple and Belle have learned from their mistakes and moved forward. For that, characters need a bit of space.

It’s also hard for Belle and Rumple to reconnect and build emotional momentum between them as a couple when they’re directly dealing with crisis after crisis. It doesn’t leave room for handholding like we saw, or adorable back rubs, or for Rumple and Belle to square off against Snow and Emma and for Belle to move toward Rumple and take his side, to show him faith and trust.

Finally, Gideon is struggling between two moral extremes. The Black Fairy has his heart. When a kid wants (in this case needs) to do serious wrong but doesn’t want to hurt the ones that matter to them most–their parents–they run and hide.

When we reach the point in the story where Belle and Rumple are confronting the Black Fairy to protect Gideon from her direct abuse, that’s when they will allow all three of them to have contact and emotional scenes.