6x09 clap your hands if you believe

I just paused my rewatch because I didn’t want to miss something while laughing over Soulless!Sam’s “I’m not supposed to laugh, right” and then laughed even harder when I looked at the paused scene xD
Dean’s Bitchface xD

I love re-watching season 6 because I can enjoy soulless Sam without being anxious worrying what’s wrong with him

And my personal favorite…

Because, seriously…

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SPN S6 Watch Notes

Just a heads up: I am not a person who particularly enjoys S6 and S7. These are the years that made me give up on the show. I think S7 may actually be easier for me to deal with now that I have the benefit of looking at it through hindsight, but S6 is still a steaming pile to me, even after giving it THREE chances to change my mind in the last year or so.

And it occurred to me while I was watching this season that the reason behind me not enjoying season 6 may be PART of the reason why Demon!Dean didn’t last very long in S10: a big reason why I (and many others) did not like S6 is because Sam wasn’t Sam for half the season. He didn’t even really FEEL like Sam, and he wasn’t particularly likable as Soulless!Sam… outside of Edlund’s version of him in 6x09. (I feel like Demon!Dean was still likable, but I’m also a biased Dean!girl.) Part of me wonders if the producers took the lessons learned from S6 and felt they couldn’t make Demon!Dean last as long because of the complaint of one of the two main characters not really being there for an extended period of time… I dunno.

And then in the second half when we got Sam back, it got very sloppy.

So the front half wasn’t enjoyable because Sam wasn’t there, and the back half was just… a mess. It was difficult to even really tell what direction they were going in, and I very much felt like I was getting jerked around in an unpleasant way.


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Ben Edlund: This was a tough one, right, remember, because, like, we wanted it to be fairies but we thought we had such a hoodwink with the UFOs both of those things were, like, completely available to the audience well before they saw the episode [chuckles]

Sera Gamble: Because we were talking about fairies at Comic Con six months ago

Ben Edlund: So, like, in a way we had, like, the monty and the card and it was, like, naked before it arrived in a sense, at least for people who watched the show and pay attention to what people behind the scenes say

Sera Gamble: I’m semi-resigned to the fact we can’t keep secrets

Ben Edlund: Which, yeah, no, we have to be…in fact any secret we’ve ever kept has been hurled at the audience by The CW [Gamble giggling] right before, like, the week before [laughing]

Excerpted from:
SPN 6x09 “Clap Your Hands if You Believe,” DVD Commentary (4:23-5:05)

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In honor of our dear Sammy's birthday: what are some of your favorite Sam quotes? I'll always love the "no, not really. We have guns and we'll find you" from The Real Ghostbusters

Five favorite quotes from dear Sam?

come on self you can keep it light-hearted

1. “No drinking, no gambling, no premarital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed ninety percent of your personality.” (5x17 99 Problems)
2. [“Did it happen when you were kids?”] “No, like, half an hour ago.” (6x09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe)
3. Sam trying to sing Silent Night (3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas)
4. “Burn a Confederate soldier’s bones in a town full of rednecks? Sure.” (8x06 Southern Comfort)
5. Again, not really a quote, but when Dean asks Sam: “Could you be more gay?” and Sam takes on a look of contemplation in answer. (3x05 Bedtime Stories)

Thanks for the ask! And I’ll take advantage of it to announce that I’ll be posting my very first fic tonight in honor of the birthday boy! (Despite my lack of creative writing skills 0_o.) Because somebody has to give Sam a dog.

The Insanity of Dean Winchester

I’ve wondered for a while with this show about the sanity of all the characters. But the most troubling of the lot has always been Dean. 

Coping skills: Shit
Will to live: Practically nonexistent
Relationships: Either flighty or dangerously dependent
Harmful behaviors: 

And there have been things along the way that imply it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Dean to have lost his mind. 

“I mean, the things that me and Sam have done, the stuff that we’ve seen, we’re gonna end up going guano eventually.”

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