6x07: family matters

I usually don’t do this…but today I need someone to just be there.

I feel awful today. Some totally messed-up family matters that I had thought I’d long ago left behind.

Most of the time, I’m the one who’s there for my friends. Today, I’m asking my Tumblr friends to just send me a smile and virtual hug. Thank you, you all mean so much to me though you’re far away.

I had breakfast with my little sister this morning and she spent a good chunk of time talking about the Harry Potter self-insert fanfic she was writing with one of her friends (since 11 is the perfect age) and I’m just? so happy?? like the way her face lit up while he was talking about it and the adventures that she and her friend were going to have and talking about how their Charms professor had it out for them and put them in detention and Luna Lovegood was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts??? and a whole subplot with an evil professor who was a Metamorphmagus and was trying to corrupt her daughter and using the Imperius Curse to mislead people… it was so creative and wonderful and I’m so happy I had a chance to talk to her and encourage her and show interest in what she’s doing!