6x07: everybody loves stuart

Boy Meets World- Everybody Loves Stuart
  • Stuart: Really? Cory Matthews wakes up one morning. He kisses his lovely wife, he leaves his nice suburban home, and then he get's hit by a bus!
  • Shawn: I'll miss you buddy.
  • Cory: No, I don't get hit by a bus.
  • Stuart: Why not?
  • Cory: Because I use the cross-walks, I memorize the bus schedule's and if I got a wife like Tapanga. I ain't leaving the house.
  • Stuart: Bus hit's you anyway...now whats that called?
  • Angela: It's Fate. Doesn't matter if you stay in or go out, your life is predestined and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Cory: So you mean that bus is gonna drive, right through my house to get to me?
  • Angela: Yes it is.
  • Shawn: I'll miss you buddy.

Boy Meets World Challenge

Day 27 – An episode that made you think

6x07 Everybody Loves Stuart

This episode starts off with a debate on whether or not fate exists, and then when Stuart discusses Topanga’s paper with her, it’s about ethics and gray areas, which ties in to questioning the appropriateness of him hitting on her as her teacher. This whole episode not only do I stop to think about the blatant questions asked, but I also find myself wondering exactly how often do professors hit on their students? How many of them get away with it because it ultimately turns into a he said/she said? What would I do if I ever found myself in that situation? Watching how manipulative Stuart is also makes me think about how smart you have to be to outwit someone like that if you hope to have people believe you if found in that situation and how disgusting it is that people like that even exist and, unfortunately, most of the time do end up winning.