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This is supposed to be posted on her bday, but i couldn’t finished it in time. haha o well. i think today timing is more fitting, anyway. :) Happy Belated Birthday, chezchuckles/Laura/writingwell! Thank you for all the stories you wrote (fic or no fic, everything <3)!

Let’s read, people! :D


Fences by Laura Bontrager




written by seilleanmor and chezchuckles

  • Flunitrazepam (“An argument between them causes Castle to give Beckett the silent treatment. References to Target/Hunt, Lives of Others, Squab, and Still. Watershed has not happened.”)
written by beautyofsorrow and chezchuckles
  • Hang Me Out To Dry (a post ep for 6x03- Need to Know. Warning: Some spoilers for the Frozen Heat and Deadly Heat books.)

written by by chezchuckles, FanficwriterGHC, International08, JeuxDeVagues, Sandiane Carter, and Topsy:

  • Mr Smith Goes to Washington (AU. “After Beckett is shot, Mr Smith enters the picture to ‘save the day.’ But who is Mr. Smith and what is he to Beckett and Castle?”)

written by Topsy & chezchuckles:

  • Acquainted With the Night (“While Beckett has been struggling with PTSD, with becoming more, Castle has been struggling as well.”)

written by Cora Clavia & Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles:

  • Bringing Sexy Back (Romance/Humor. “Fantasies become reality.”)

written by Kate Christie and chezchuckles

  • Zeroing In (5x10-Significant Others. “Beckett has dinner with Meredith.”)
written by Cartographical, chezchuckles, and muppet47:
  • So One Man (Angst/AU. Something of a post-ep for 5x13 Recoil. 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.’)

written by Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles:

  • Bucket List (Romance. Chapter 9b is Bucket List in Paris, posted separately, and to be read before Chapter 10. Bucket List in Paris by Cartographical, Sandiane Carter, and chezchuckles—> Bucket List Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 19 & 20
  • One Hundred Days of Summer (after 4x23.How Kate Beckett and Rick Castle spend their summer”)
    —> One Hundred Days of Summer Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 11 & 12
  • John Doe (“The title says it all. Co-authored by Sandiane Carter and chezchuckles. Spoilers for season four, but as you will see, quite a lot of it is…missing.”) —> John Doe Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 4
  • Convection (Romance. “Heat Rises Spoilers! Kate reads Castle’s latest novel and has some questions for him. "Heat, like work, is energy in transit.”“) —> Convection Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 8 & 9
  • A Better Fate (and 2 chap M-rated interlude (after chapter10 and after chapter 13): A Better Fate: Interlude by Sandiane Carter”)
  • Love Boat (”Beckett and Castle are assigned to work a case undercover“)
  • Plus One (post-ep 4x11 "Till Death Do Us Part.”)
  • Lost in Translation (Romance. “Sometimes the words just get in the way.”)
  • The Siege (Romance/angst/romance. s4premiere. “Castle has a plan to take down that wall. After three days, love will rise again.

- Ghost on the Canvas (AU.SPOILERS for Boom! from Season Two. Beckett has a sister)
- Stop Haunting Me (Sequel to Ghost on the Canvas)
- Heartlines (Sequel to Stop Haunting Me)
- Winter Is Coming (A Beth Companion)



  • Little Lion Man (”A babyfic for Mother’s Day. The way Kate Beckett and Rick Castle have been tamed.“) —> Little Lion Man Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 13 & 14
  • This Is the Dreamworld (AU. 6x02 - dreamworld. Content Warning for Corgis) —> This is the Dreamworld Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chap. 10



  • Wrecking Ball
  • Mad World (around s4. "The dreams in which I’m dying…”)



  • Vice (“Beckett is a uniform on the Vice squad at the 12th. It’s five years before the season one meeting”) —> Vice Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special chp. 1-3
  • Ultimatum (From the video by yamakiluv. “Castle is given an ultimatum: the file for Beckett’s life. AU Future.”) -> the elephant pic



  • The Double Edged Sword (drama/hurt/comfort/friendship/romance/idk haha. After s3 finale. “Recovery Kate! discovers some interesting scenes on Castle’s laptop as she’s holed up in his guest room”)
  • Skip the Charades (Romance/Drama. Mid-season 4. “Kate has recovered, but Castle has not. Alexis plans for Stanford while Castle and Beckett still work on her mother’s case”)




  • Take Up Your Cross (6x09 - Disciple)
  • Stand Guard (6x07 - Like Father, Like Daughter)
  • The UnNatural Order (6x06 - Get a Clue)
  • Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (6x05 - Time Will Tell)
  • First Day Jitters (6x04 - Number One Fan)
  • Parallel Play (6x01/6x02 - Valkyrie/Dreamworld)
  • What’s In a Name? (6x01/6x02 - Valkyrie/Dreamworld)


  • Stubborn and Stupid (5x24 - Watershed)
  • An Answer (5x24 - Watershed)
  • All This Aggravation (5x24 - Watershed)
  • A Proposal (5x24 - Watershed)
  • When You Assume (Eps. 5x22 - Still)
  • Fixing It In Post (5x21 - The Squab and the Quail)
  • Ape and Essence (5x20 - The Fast and the Furriest)
  • When A Plan Comes Together (5x19 - The Lives of Others)
  • Lean Wide Out the Window (pre- 5x19 - The Lives of Others)
  • Will The Real Richard Castle Please Stand Up? (5x18 - The Wild Rover)
  • Compartmentalization Doesn’t Work (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • From Beginning to End (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • Loose Change (5x15/5x16 - Target/Hunt)
  • Valentine’s Day Re-Do (5x14 - Reality Star Struck)
  • Beyond the Storm (episode speculation. 5x13 - Recoil)
  • No Secrets (5x10 - Significant Others)
  • Piece Together (5x09 - Secret Santa)
  • Back For More (5x08 - After Hours)
  • Ewoks, Creavers, and Muppets, Oh My (5x06 - The Final Frontier)
  • Time Served (5x05 - Probable Cause)
  • What We Learned This Weekend (5x04 - Murder, He Wrote)
  • You Owe Me (5x03 - Secret’s Safe with Me)
  • Care Package (5x03 - Secret’s Safe with Me)
  • No Other Choice (5x02 - Cloudy with a Chance of Murder)
  • Another Round (5x01 - After The Storm)


  • Leaves of Night (4x23 - Always)
  • You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (4x21 - Headhunter)
  • Protest (4x19 - 47seconds)
  • You’re Not Going to Like This (4x19 - 47seconds)
  • Uncomplicated (4x19/4x20 - 47seconds/The Limey)
  • Knock Me Down (4x19/4x20 - 47seconds/The Limey)
  • Happily Ever After (4x17 - Once Upon a Crime)
  • Separation of Church and State (4x15 - Pandora)
  • This Evil Can Be Undone (4x15/4x16 - Pandora/Linchpin)
  • Swimming (4x15/4x16 - Pandora/Linchpin)
  • Plus One (4x11 - Till Death Do Us Part. written by Sandiane Carter & chezchuckles)
  • Cuffed (4x10 - cuffed. ep-speculation)
  • Dare to Seize the Fire (4x10 - cuffed)
  • It’s A Start (4x09 - Kill Shot)
  • Stolen (4x07 - Cops&Robbers)
  • The Good Kind (4x06 - Demons)
  • Speak the Unspeakable (4x01/4x03 - Rise/Head Case. “Kate Beckett is confronted by Alexis about rejection”)


  • No Victory (3x24 - Knockout. Continuation of the scene in Knockout after Beckett runs back to the hangar)
  • Able to Stand (3x24 - Knockout.Eps insert. Some of the scenes they didn’t show us. Kate’s POV.)
  • The Next Moment (3x24 - Knockout. The moment after the fade to black on Knockout. Oneshot. Very short)
  • Terrible Love (3x24 - Knockout. In between scenes, before and after the hangar. ONESHOT)
  • Don’t Hold Back (3x22 - To Love and Die in L.A. based on sneak peek)
  • Catalyst (3x13 - Knockdown)
  • Cold Comfort (3x16/3x17 - Setup/Countdown. Rick Castle can’t get warm without a little help.)


  • It Doesn’t Make Sense (2x06 - Vampire Weekend)



  • The Spleen Is a Non-Vital Organ (romance/humor. “Kate gets sick.”)
  • A Significant Lime (one shot.a cat, woolly socks, and a significant lime. for international08”)
  • Real Live Haunted House (“A Halloween fic entry in which Castle drags Beckett to a real, live haunted house”)
  • Things To Do In a Boring Meeting


ROMANCE (Castle/Beckett) :

  • Scratch and Claw (Romance/Angst. Bridge fic between seasons 5 and 6. “It’s who you are. You don’t let people in. I’ve had to scratch and claw for every inch.”)
  • Just My Imagination
  • Not All the Songs (4x23 post Always timeline. “All the songs that don’t make sense. A series of stand-alone one-shots with a common theme - the lyrics to catchy if inane chart-topping songs. AKA - Castle figures out that romancing a woman with Usher is not the way to go”)
  • She’s Everything (4x21 - Headhunters. “She’s a little girl, she’s a tigress, and she’s a warrior. She’s insecure and she’s indomitable. She’s everything.” -Stana Katic on Kate Beckett, Parade Magazine March 16, 2012)
  • HimitsuBako (set after 4x21 - Headhunters. so goood)
  • Ink
  • Doomsday (“It’s the end of the world as we know it”)  —> Doomsday Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 21 & 22
  • So Little Time
  • You’re Mine (LOOOOOVE THIS. “A Valentine’s Day fic.”)
  • Plan B (“Since being his usual charming self isn’t working, Castle tries to come up with a Plan B. SPOILERS for the book, Heat Rises”)
  • Someday (“Someday in the future, this is what will happen between them”)
  • When Words Escape (“All the ways Beckett could say 'I love you too’ without saying a word”)
  • Step Out Into the Light (angst/romance.Kate runs away from Castle, but she can’t run for long.” around 3x24/4x01)
  • Momentary Troubles (Set in winter of season four. Spoilers for Rise. “All it takes is time, and patience. The wall inside won’t be there forever.”)
  • Written on the Skin (s3 finale/early s4. “It’s just a scar. It doesn’t mean anything”)
  • Used to Be (3x24 insert. friendship/romance.“Taking up in the middle of Knockout, Castle tries to find a way around Kate’s demand that they are over. Some backstory on Lanie and Kate”)
  • The Sweet Taste (A year after S3 Finale, “Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally host the Johanna Beckett Memorial Fund”)
  • The Frog at the Bottom of the Well (a lil bit of angst a lil bit of drama) —> The Frog Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 5&6



  • Banni (Romance. “Castle’s surprise for their honeymoon.” Roughly season 7 timeline)
  • Reaching Forever (Romance. “A summer night. "I am wide open, reaching forever. I fly into the blue.” Assume spoilers for season 5.“)
  • He Touches Things (”Castle’s observation of Beckett, and hers of him" oblique reference to 5x10 Significant Others)
  • We Could Always Just Cuddle (romance. “The night life at Kate Beckett’s apartment”)
  • Writer Man Discovers His Super Powers (romance/humor. Castle is writing and forgets to call Beckett. (Spoilers through 5x10 Significant Others, spoilers for Frozen Heat))
  • Mayday (romance)
  • Can’t Sleep Together (4x09 “Set a month or so after Kill Shot”)
  • Glorious (romance. “Easter fic”)
  • Just a Feeling That I Had (friendship/romance)
  • My Mind Holds the Key (Romance. “'My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love, but my mind holds the key.’ -Arcade Fire”)
  • Now in These (Romance. “For Julie, who needs Castle and Beckett to not miss their moment”)
  • Standing in Front of You (romance. “Kate finally sees what’s been standing in front of her this whole time”)
  • Happy Birthday, Kate (Romance/friendship. “November 17th is Kate Beckett’s birthday”)
  • Good Morning (Romance.“Taking liberties with the Nathan Fillion quote: "It’s like our morning kiss. One way to say, without actually saying it, 'Good morning, my heart, how are you doing’”“)
  • Bullets in Her Teeth (Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/romance/idk. s4. "What Castle can do for her when she lets him. Also known as, Second Unofficial Date to Remy’s.”)



  • Castle Christmas Special (A chapter by chapter look at the Christmas holidays of the various AUs. A post every day of December in which we dip into the universe of Castle and Beckett from my previous stories. Begins with Vice.) -> playlist songs here
  • Advent (“Castle tries to convince Beckett of the magic of the season. A chapter posted every day.”) -> all the songs can be found here: Castle’s Xmas Playlist /cover art
  • Advent Again (“A chapter a day. A holiday fic. Assume Season 5 spoilers.”) -> all the songs can be found here : playlist –> and the puzzle pics and and gifts, check this tag and scrollll and next/before page and scrollll and le repeat~
  • —> Advent/Advent Again Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 26




  • That Familiar Feeling (AU. “What if Kate’s mother was never murdered but her father was instead? This Kate Beckett never went to the police academy, grew up under the shadow of her mother’s ambition, and has her own wall to deal with”)
  • That Familiar Feeling: Old Fashioned (Sequel to That Familiar Feeling)

—> That Familiar Feeling Xmas companion story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 16 - 18



  • Inherited Traits (AU)
  • Inherited Traits II (Sequel to Inherited Traits)

—> Inherited Traits Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 15



  • Worst of Times (Angst/mystery/romance- Finale didn’t happen. Castle gets the nerve to ask Beckett on a first date, but bodies have a way of showing up at the worst of times)
  • Age of Wisdom (A companion to Worst of Times which takes place immediately after Worst of Times(WoT) but before Best of Times)
  • Best of Times (Worst of Times companion. Epilogue of sorts.)
  • Age of Foolishness (set after Age of Wisdom and Best of Times)



  • Go Out Fighting (post ep. 3x24 Knockout. Post-episode series. What happens after Beckett gets shot?)
  • Go Out Fighting 2: Serendipity (Sequel for Go Out Fighting)
  • Go Out Fighting 3: Never (After Go Out Fighting 2: Serendipity)
  • Go Out Fighting 4: We Don’t End



  • One and Done?
  • If At First (Set in the One and Done? universe. Post 3x19. romance/angst)
  • Try Again (After the events of One and Done? and If At First. drama/romance)
  • Federal Heat (A continuation of the If At First, Try Again universe. “Beckett takes Jordan Shaw’s offer”)



  • Unvanquished (Angst/AU. “What happens to Kate Beckett when the Dragon is slain - and she’s charged with his murder?”)

—> Unvanquished christmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 7

  • Unvanquished: Redux (An epilogue to the epilogue found in Unvanquished. “One year later”)
  • Unvanquished: Return (Third in the Unvanquished series)



  • Reverie (post 3x24. Castle waits for Kate to wake up and imagines all the things he wants to say)
  • Reverie 2 (Sequel to Reverie. “Kate wakes and reads his story”)



  • Close Encounters 1 (AU. “What if Richard Castle was a spy?”)
  • Close Encounters 2
  • Close Encounters 3
  • Close Encounters 3:5
  • Close Encounters 4
  • Close Encounters 5
  • Close Encounters 0 (BEFORE Close Encounters 1)
  • Close Encounters 6
  • Close Encounters 7
  • Close Encounters 8
  • Close Encounters 9
  • Close Encounters 10
  • Close Encounters 11
  • Close Encounters 12

—> Future Close Encounters Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 24 & 25

** Extra M scenes



Dash Away

with companion:

  • No Light, No Light (A Dash Away Prequel. Chapters 95-99 should catch you up)
  • The Only Light (No Light, No Light continuation. A Dash Away prequel.)
  • Everlasting Light
  • Half Light (A Dash Companion. 4th in the Light series. to be read concurrently with Dash It All, somewhere around chap 50/60)

Dash It All

with companion:

  • Proof of Life (concurrently, somewhere around chap 50 of Dash It All)
  • Wonderful Life (concurrently, somewhere around chap 50 of Dash It All)
  • Life in Technicolor
  • In My Life

Mad Dash

with companion:

  • Sleep, Little Pigeon, Sleep Alone, No Sleep Tonight. You Can Sleep Now
  • Home, Sweet, Home
  • Take Me Home
  • Homeward
  • You Can Always Go Home
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Everything That Glitters ('Future/Adult Ellery’)

Everything That Glitters Part 2 (Sequel to Everything That Glitters)

Dash of Summer (“Set four/five months after the events of Mad Dash.”)

—> Dash (&Ellery) Xmas story from Castle Christmas Special Chap. 23


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  • 'The Frog at the Bottom of the Well’ story, is the consignment shop called 'Out of Time’ an existing place in real life?

I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them, I don’t think you can be both.

This line is one of the most important things Stefan Salvatore has ever said, it gives us a glimpse into his psyche about why he thinks the way he does about love and friendship. First, look at the context of when this is said. This scene in 5x18 is where I truly believe Stefan realized he is no longer in love with Elena, she is now his friend. Whether is was Markos ending the spell that “drew” them together or those visions just gave him a bit of finality this was the moment.

Second, think about why Stefan says this and why this is what he thinks is true. All of Stefan’s relationships with the women in his life have either been romantic or friendship, he’s never had a woman who was both UNTIL he reaches this point with Elena. However, he still thinks you can’t be both at the same time, to him friends and lovers are separate because it’s all he’s ever known when it comes to the women he loves/loved.

Because I don’t think about her that way, she’s my friend.

When Stefan says this in reference to Caroline he’s going back to saying how this is what he thinks. Caroline is his friend, he can’t think about her that way because he doesn’t think he can be both at the same time. Stefan’s friendship with Caroline is one of the most important things in his life, to the point that he didn’t even realize how important it was until he lost it.

Stefan and Caroline became friends in S2 but I wholeheartedly believe they became best friends in S4. It all starts in 4x03 (at least to Stefan) when she told him to come to her whenever he wants, she won’t let him lose control. This is the point where Caroline becomes Stefan’s new Lexi his “sober sponsor” and this is the point where he realizes he loves her, as a friend.

So throughout the season they become much closer, they share a tender moment at prom, and maybe Stefan starts to feel something other than friendship towards her (which is what I think Lexi was referencing to in 4x22) but he pushes it away. She is his friend and he can’t think about her that way. I would also add I think Lexi says this because she sees the distinct difference in the way he looks and acts with her as opposed to the way he looks and acts with Caroline.

Here’s where it gets complicated…

Stefan loses his memories. He doesn’t know he’s in love with Elena and doesn’t realize Caroline is his strictly platonic best friend. Now think about how he reacts to BOTH women when he meets them.

(to Elena) Remind me of your name again…

Caroline Forbes, my best friend (wait you recognize me?) Well I’ve studied pictures, you’re much hotter in person. (5x04)

Without knowing whom Elena is without thinking of Caroline as his friend he is CLEARLY attracted to Caroline right off the bat. I’m not saying he didn’t find Elena pretty (he said so) but he needs to be reminded of her name. With Caroline he knows her full name, knows she’s his best friend and he’s studied her picture to notice that she’s much hotter in person.

Amnesia!Stefan had a straight up crush on Caroline, you can be the biggest SE Stan out there but you can’t deny that. The way he flirted with her, the way he looked at her when he asked her to dance, he 100% had a thing for her.

So now let’s fast forward to Stefan getting his memories back. Now all those platonic feels are back BUT he also has the knowledge that when his memories were gone he saw Caroline in a VERY different light.

Next time we see them together is in 5x09 when she’s helping him with his PTSD. Stefan is in the safe but remember he’s a vampire, which means he has super hearing so he DEFINITELY hears this exchange:

Katherine: “Have you two ever uh — ahem — you know?” Caroline: No, I don’t.” Katherine: “Oh, come on, you knowHave you?” Caroline: “Oh My GOD Katherine!” Katherine: “That wasn’t exactly a yes or no” Caroline: “We are friends” (5x09)

So there it is, Caroline DOES NOT think about Stefan that way, they are friends, so I believe he pushes away all those feelings he may have been keeping. Everything is platonic.

Now throughout the rest of S5 Caroline reminds Stefan how “they are friends” and even as Caroline is beginning to realize her feelings for him she doesn’t know that reminding him of this is counteracting his possible feelings for her. Because Caroline CAN be friends with someone and in love with them (that happened with Tyler.)

Caroline: “You’re my friend, I need you to give it to me straight. Am I a horrible person?” Stefan: “Hmm. So that’s why you came here” (5x12)

Stefan: “Remind me we we’re friends” (if I lose my memories, because I need to be reminded :wink: ) (5x16)

Caroline: “We’re friends right?” (5x20)

Now we get to S6. Caroline has realized she has feelings for Stefan (when he died is when she came to terms with it) but he’s gone and he won’t return her calls. He won’t listen to her voicemails because he knows if he does she’ll make him feel (make him cry) and he doesn’t want to feel anymore. This is why when she shows up with Enzo he has tears in his eyes. He wasn’t prepared for her.

So they have a big fight, she calls him a dick and storms out. I believe Stefan was planning on apologizing to Caroline but he’s so messed up right now and he NEEDS to kill Enzo. He’s got a one track mind on revenge (very Ripper-esque) and forgoes apologizing to Caroline first. So this leads to their confrontation in the woods. Stefan puts his walls up and tries to pretend that he came back just to kill Enzo but of course Caroline knows better (think of his crappy “Yep”) and sees right through him.

I know a part of you misses this place, your friends… how much we need you, how much I need you (6x03)

I know a lot of people thought Stefan rejected her here because now he knows she has feelings for him and he doesn’t feel the same way. Obviously we find out that’s not true and that’s because Caroline is still referring to them friends. I do think though that Stefan may have realized there was something else behind her speech but he can’t think about that, he has to push her away.

Also take into account Caroline showed up WITH Enzo to his house. Stefan made it clear to her he thought there was something going on with her and Enzo. She denied it of course but she denied wanting anything to do with Klaus as well. Plus when Stefan is in the car with Elena Liam is there and he knows Elena is trying to set him up with Caroline. See why he could be confused, not seeing that she’s actually crushing on him.

Now comes the juicy stuff

Stefan: “It’s only for a couple of hours then you never have to deal with me again” Caroline: “Is that what you think I want” Stefan: “I don’t know you tell me” (6x05)

Stefan: “Caroline what do you want me to do, stop making me guess and just tell me so we can go back to being friends again” (6x06)

See something we all tend to forget in regards to Stefan is he’s a guy. He may have been around for 165+ years but he’s still a guy who can’t read a woman’s mind. This is him asking her “please tell me what you want!” Have you given up on me, are we still friends, is there something more here?

Then of course she tells him they’re not friends anymore. Here comes the big one. So Stefan can tell Caroline is still super pissed at him and he knows he deserves it, but she’s not safe, and her Mom’s in danger so he’s not leaving her side. Then Enzo drops the bomb, she hates you because she doesn’t hate you at all, she’s got a thing for you.

Stefan’s face when he realizes what Enzo said is true is just true bewilderment. He doesn’t know what to say, how to act, but you kept reminding me we were friends. But before he even has a chance to say anything she says NOPE we’re never talking about it again.

But he can’t let it go. Stefan has this great face right before he asks her why she has a thing for him. It’s this look of he knows she’s about to give him hell, he knows he shouldn’t ask but HE HAS TO KNOW. He doesn’t understand why she has a thing for him (self-loathing.)

Stefan: “Caroline please just talk to me, tell me how, tell me why, please just make me understand how it is that I missed it” (6x07)

This is why when people think Stefan doesn’t have feelings for Caroline they’re wrong. Because if Stefan truly didn’t he wouldn’t ask her why. He knows she didn’t want to talk about it and he knows it’s going to make her hate him even more but he has to know if what she felt was real. And he’s so taken back by her heartfelt speech, it was more than he ever imagined. This amazing girl thinks the world of him, she couldn’t imagine why anyone would let him go, and she trusted him! Problem is she’s talking in past tense.

Stefan: “I’m sorry for not seeing it, I’m sorry for not…” Caroline: “Feeling it back” Stefan: “No! I didn’t say that. I… I don’t know what I felt my head was all over the place”

What Stefan says is the most telling aspect of this. Because this shows that what Stefan thinks and what he feels are different. He thinks about her as his friend but what he feels that’s something else. But she’s using past tense, she doesn’t have a thing for him anymore, in fact she hates him so he tries to forget what he felt, tries to think of her as his friend again.

So now it’s all out in the open and Stefan is SUPER GRUMPY about not being invited to Friendsgiving and having Caroline hate him. So once again he HAS to go see her. And he knows he has to do something to try and make this right so he tells her why he pushed her away. He’s basically saying you told me now I have to tell you, you we’re honest with me let me be honest with you. He wants her to trust him again.

Then this amazing moment happens, she says thank you and she smiles at him. She genuinely smiles at him for the first time in months and the first time since he knows she had a thing for him and it just clicks. He has a thing for her, hell he might even be in love with her. Now he just needs her to listen, but she’s not ready the wounds are still too fresh.

“Only when you listen” (6x07) “Listen-“ (6x08)

No matter what Stefan feels he knows he needs that friendship back first, his sanity depends on it. So Liz throws him a bone but Caroline’s still pissed. He’s caused too much damage, he can’t just do the easy stuff he has to do the hard stuff too. He needs to regain her trust.

“She doesn’t deserve this, Elena. She’s a good person, she’s happy, she’s kind” “I should be the one to do it, I haven’t been there for her Caroline need me and I ran away” (6x10)

I don’t think people realize how difficult that was for Stefan. Delivering news like that is one of the hardest things a person can do but Stefan knew he needed to be the one to do it. Not just because it could help mend their friendship but because he loves her and when she’s in pain he’s in pain and he needed to help her take some of it away.

And he knows this because when he tells her she’s going to say everything to turn it positive. We can heal her, well then they need to operate, no she’s stronger than anyone she’ll make it. He has to do the hard stuff here, he has to be the bad guy and make her face reality and when she does he needs to just let her cry.

He knows Elena can’t do it, because even when Elena was around she needed him, she was falling apart without him. No one could do it but him and that is what strengthens this bond and brings them closer than they’ve been before.

He fixed the friendship but now there’s something more. Stefan Salvatore is about to learn whether you can be friends with someone and in love with them.


Castle 6x03 “Need to Know” Caskett Endscene on the Couch HD

But can you imagine..

Beckett surprising Castle when she comes back to New York for that case in 6x03 Need to Know.. I mean she’d just show up at the door… all smiles… Castle would be so overwhelmed and just sweep her off her feet… omg. someone write me a fic about this please…