The 6 weeks shape up is over.

I didn’t get the physique I dream off but I didn’t stick to the plan all that well so that’s on me.
I did however get to my goal of rocking a bikini in public more than once, even on a busy beach

I did however get stronger. I increased in almost every exercise.
It is a great program and I really liked it even if I couldn’t commit to it.
I enjoyed the work outs and I learned some new things that I’ll definitely keep for later use.


still going strong with my workouts, and my eating has been improving! hooray :) today was shoulders (aka my favorite body part - my shoulders look bomb!) & i also ran to the gym and back for my cardio :)

i’m hoping i get out of work early enough tomorrow (we close at 2 but sometimes it takes a while for people to leave/to clean up) so i have time to get to the gym & get my full workout in. my gym is weird and closes at 5 on saturdays, and isn’t open sundays :/ so hopefully i can make that work! i might just pack my gym stuff so i’m ready to go right there after my shift. yay planning!