6th september 2013

This is the 500th post on korranews!

Wow, it’s hard to imagine there have been that many! Our first post was made on September 6th, 2013, the week before the Book 2 premiere, and since then there have been 40 episodes, 10 graphic novels, 7 comic-cons, 3 webisodes, 1 video game, and of course 500 posts! We’ve had news, clips, trailers, tv spots, stills, social media, ratings, interviews, merchandise, and anything else under the sun to do with Avatar and Korra.

Thank you for being here for it all… here’s to 500 more!

so my finger slipped and I wrote a little Trohley fic/AU thingy

Please be nice to me, it’s probably crap.  [TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013 - 9:00 AM] p>

Joe exhaled as the automatic glass doors opened on front of him and he stepped into the gym. The perky young woman sitting at the reception desk spotted him and said something about welcoming Joe to the Elite Fitness Gym.
“Shit” Joe thought to himself, he had been seen- it was too late to back out now.
“No,it’s Trohman..like troh-MAN” Joe fidgeted as he stated his surname for the fifth time, what kind of name is Troham anyways? He questioned himself as to why he was even doing this, he glanced down at his scrawny arms and couldn’t help but compare his to the receptionists. Hers was lean and toned, they were strong. Joe had always hated how weak his arms looked. He doubted he would be able to do anything at this gym without causing himself extreme pain and injuries.
“No pain no gain” he thought to himself half heartedly.
“Mr Trohman,this way to the workout room.” The young woman guided him towards a large set of wooden double doors.

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Inside Joke

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)
Rating: T?? A few strong/explicit words are used, but other than that nothing mature happens. I’m bad at ratings, forgive me.
Warnings: Again, a few strong/explicit words. That’s pretty much it though. Oh, and spoilers for episode 4.
Words: 1,150 (the same as Vortex Club Energy, what the heck)
Notes: I’m not quite as happy with this, as a piece of creative writing, as I was with VCE, but I just wanted to get this idea written and out there because it’s adorable and I’m dying slowly inside from these cute nerds bye.

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Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement press conference in English.
6th September 2013, Tokyo, Japan


This video was posted September 6th, 2013. It’s crazy to think that this was only a year ago. So much has happened since. And I couldn’t be prouder.