6th point

I think that a lot of the people who call Snape a hero and a good person must have only watched the movies, or in they read the books it was a long time ago, which is fine. The movies are great by themselves, but they do leave out a lot of detail that shows us who all the characters truly are because there’s so much plot to put in.

But here’s why I think this:

In the movies, a lot of Snape’s bullying is passed over or mentioned very off-handedly. Outside Harry’s first Potions lesson where Snape puts him on the spot (and in the book docks points from him, but not in the movie), a few snide remarks towards the trio (such as in the duelling club when talking about Ron’s wand), Neville mentioning Snape is his worst fear (which is never fully addressed), and the Occlumency lessons, I can’t think of many examples of Snape being a bully, and even these are fairly tame.

But in the book, we see Snape bullying the Gryffindors a lot more. Rowling makes a point of Snape going around during Potions to look at and remark on every student’s potions, often ignoring the Slytherins even when they do poorly, but he stops at Neville’s multiple times, berates him, humiliates him in front of the class, and on at least one occasion, simply Vanishes the potion because it’s so bad there’s no point trying to grade it so Neville gets an immediate 0.

As well, after Neville sees Snape come out of the wardrobe in drag, the story spreads like wildfire and Snape treats Neville even worse than he’s treated him before and Neville (a 13 year-old-kid) becomes nervous wreck.

There’s also the time in (pretty sure the 4th book), where Malfoy calls Hermione a Mudblood again and Harry and Ron try to hit him with a curse and Crabbe and Goyle do the same. One of the curses hit Hermione and causes her teeth to grow at an alarming rate. Hermione, who is already very self-conscious about her buckteeth tries to hide them so no one can see. At this point, Snape comes and sends Malfoy to the hospital wing and Ron angrily shouts “she was hit too!” and forces Hermione to show her teeth to Snape (Harry notes that they’re growing past her chin at this point). Snape looks straight at her and says “I see no difference,” causing Hermione, a 14-year-old girl who’s already self-conscious about her teeth to burst into tears and flee to the Hospital Wing, where she has her teeth permanently altered so they don’t stick out (she says her parents wanted her to use braces but she didn’t want to wait that long).

Another time, after Harry accidentally sees Snape’s worst memory, and Snape is yelling at him to get out of the office, and starts firing curses in Harry’s direction to scare him, since Harry won’t leave (he’s trying to apologize), and Snape explodes all the jars around the door, showering Harry with glass and pickled things. And then, later on, in the Potion’s classes, Harry gives Snape a sample of the Potion to be graded, and Snape just drops it, in front of the entire class. And since Hermione has already Vanished the rest of his potion, he gets an automatic 0.

Finally, the last example I can think of is when the students are brewing a growing potion and Snape realizes Neville mixed up the order of the ingredients, making it go bad. Again he berates him in front of the entire class with some very choice nasty words and claims he’s going to test the potion on Trevor at the end of class - if the potion was done correctly, he’ll be fine but if it was done incorrectly, he’ll die (remember Trevor was Neville’s present for getting into Hogwarts, and represents one of the few times his Gran has expressed that she’s proud of him). So Neville is about to have a complete meltdown but Hermione helps him correct the potion so when Snape gives Trevor a few drops, he just gets very large. And instead of awarding Hermione points for fixing a ruined potion, he takes points from her for interfering where she isn’t wanted.

So yes, I’ll admit Snape was a complex character with an interesting story line. But that’s all he is. He’s not a hero, and I personally think it’s insulting that Harry named his child after him.


I don’t care.
You will. Someday, you will. Someday. Even if you can persuade her to keep you, she’ll no longer be enough. And the comfort will grow stale. And casting about in the dark for some proof that you mattered and finding none you’ll know that you gave it away, in this moment, o n   t h i s   i s l a n d .   Left it in the ground, along with that chest.  

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reasons why Evak's shippers are fetishizer:1) you'll starting watch Skam after the cuddle scene. 2) writing Henjei fics. 3) were upset for the false rumors of Targei leaving back in March only because you won't get your gay nut. 4) the birthday video was fanservice and disgrace for the LGBT community. 5) only care about the sex part in the hotel scene and not what really important. (1/2)

6) the reason Tareji didn’t win his gullruten for his acting is because it’s wasn’t horny teenage girls with gay fetish who voted, thanks god. 7) even Mari said that all you wanna see is Isak and Even make out8) you make Henrik and Tarjei uncomfortable till the point they can’t interact with each other. 9) you never use season 1+2 isaks gifts, only season 3+4 (2/2). Mic drop.

Hello anon. I heard you’ve been copying/pasting the same message on a number of blogs/ccs, and I’ve been told to leave it alone because you probably just want a reaction out of it. But your 6th point bothered me a little bit so I thought I would answer. I’m not sure why you’re spending so much effort trying to make a claim anonymously, but Isak/Even are too precious for me to just brush off your accusations.

1. I personally started watching Skam while S2 was airing so that’s a fail on your part. S2 spoke to me because it dealt with the reality of sexual assault and how utterly devastating such events can be. How isolation can eat at you and turn you into someone you’re not, making you turn your back on exactly everyone you know, but mostly yourself. How love can turn you into someone you don’t even recognize. S2 wasn’t important to many in the evak fandom, but it was important to me. So alright.
Many started watching after the cuddle scene because they had never seen love between two boys being portrayed so innocently and in such a raw manner. It was poignant. It was beautiful. It was butterflies inducing. There was nothing sexual about it. Just two boys with a crush lying on a bed, smoking joints, and talking about parallel universes while brushing each other’s hair. So I don’t know why you’re trying to shame people who started watching because of that.
Other people started watching because of representation. I personally had never seen a Moroccan girl portrayed in a tv show before and Sana’s character was a gift to me. Other people were drawn to the show because it tackled bipolar and stigma against mental illness. Because it talked about oppression and privilege and eating disorders and depression and the need to feel like you belong somewhere. Because it tackled issues and mundane things we go through every day and that anyone can relate to without glorifying them or turning them into a cliche. The show rang true with so many. So so many. But go ahead and tell me that it’s because of “our gay nut”.

2. ? Some people wrote a few RPF fics. It’s fiction. You don’t have to read it. And while I’m not a fan myself, I don’t like the idea of shaming some people for their thoughts as long as they don’t harass people in real life and post shameful stuff on their instagrams and bother their friends and family.

3. His name is Tarjei. I personally never believed those rumors because I knew Isak meant too much to him and also because people love to spread rumors when there isn’t much to do. Back then, people had this thing against Tarjei because he wasn’t as close to the fans as other cast members, so rumors flew left and right. Still. If people were upset at the idea of him leaving, it was because Isak was their favorite character, because he resonated with them, because his struggle was real and raw and haunting. Not because of “our gay nut”. But go ahead.

4. Please explain how showing a HAPPY gay couple is a disgrace to the LGBT community, because I think you just lost me here? How is a wonderful boy making his wonderful boyfriend a birthday video with footage from their every day life a disgrace? Do LGBT people not deserve a shot at happy representation? Does everything happy have to be labeled as fanservice? Do we need to live in constant angst and pain? I don’t get it.

5. You lost me here once again. I don’t think ANYONE only cares about the “sex part” in the hotel scene. Fun fact, I couldn’t even rewatch that clip because it was so haunting and powerful and incredibly executed. I had chills and I couldn’t stop crying because that’s how incredibly poignant it was. I had to go take a walk. I couldn’t function for a while. There was nothing but heartbreak and outrage after that clip. The reveal was so heavy although expected, and our hearts bled that night. No one was “nutting” to the hotel scene. Everybody was literally shaken to their core, worried about what would happen. Worried about Even. Worried about Isak. Everybody was worried. That clip was a masterpiece and to have you turn it into this is a bit hurtful. Not to mention that the “sex part”, as you put it, was just so beautiful and touching. Even simply wanted Isak’s first time to be perfect. I don’t see why YOU have to fetishize that.

6. The point that upset me. You’re implying that Tarjei* didn’t deserve a gullruten. Tarjei, the 17 year old boy who got the award show to lower the minimum age just to be able to nominate him. Tarjei, the 17 year old who portrayed the inner struggles of a boy so repressed and so isolated and so so harsh on himself, a boy who wanted nothing but to be loved and feel important and safe, a boy who led the loneliest life before allowing himself to feel and love and accept himself. You’re implying that Tarjei – who gave a performance that touched the hearts of so many and who poured his heart and soul into every line and every scene and every blink while attending school and keeping his private life private and staying humble – didn’t deserve a gullruten. You’re “thanking god” that he didn’t win. You’re reducing his performance and Isak’s entire story to “a gay nut”. You’re reducing Isak’s entire arc and journey of self-acceptance and of falling in love with Even who challenged him to his core and made him see just how wrong he was about mental illness and about the world to “a gay nut”. Okay.

7. Yes, we want to see our favorite couple who’s gone through so much just be happy and hold hands and make out and smile and laugh and be happy. Mari does, too. She was mostly there with them when they made the fanvideo. She released the unused pictures. She loves Isak and Even just as much as we do. Your point? I seem to have missed it again.

8. Henrik and Tarjei are fine. They have nothing but good things to say about each other and they did an incredible job portraying Isak and Even. They spent months filming that fanvideo for Isak and Even and for the fans to whom they’re very thankful. You don’t know how they interact in real life. You don’t know a single thing about them and we don’t either. Stop spreading groundless rumors.

9. Again. Wrong. We love S1!Isak and we use gifs* from that era all the time. Not sure what you’re referring to here.

10. *Picks up your mic* *Drops it again.*

I don’t usually respond to hate and propaganda because I don’t see the point. But many people outside this fandom love to point fingers and label us as fetishizers when all most of us do is literally cry at the beauty of their story. Their story has touched us so deeply that we can’t move on even after all this time. It was just so raw and pure and painful, but so so worth it. Many of us didn’t even believe in the idea of ‘love’ before their story, in the idea of self-love and of finding someone who would just accept you for who you are and turn you into a better person and make you want to live your best life. Many of us didn’t have that and you have no right to reduce all of our feelings to “a gay nut”. I don’t know what you get out of this but why would you want to rob people of something that brings them so much joy and hope?

Alt er love. 💛💛

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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

Originally posted by bobbimorxe

i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22

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Drarry fluff/smut

  • Okay so Harry’s staring at Draco one day in 6th year Potions
  • Just… staring at him, brows furrowed, fingers absent-mindedly worrying at a fraying hem on his robes
  • And Draco pretends not to notice while glaring into his textbook, but he’s so, so aware of Potter’s eyes burning a hole in his forehead
  • His face steadily turns bright red and he sits up ramrod straight, clearing his throat
  • Because really, Potter’s distracting him, and it’s always best to use one’s privilege to one’s full advantage
  • “Professor Slughorn, sir,” he calls out. “Sir, would you tell Potter to keep his eyes on his own potion? He seems to be copying me, and I won’t have him keep taking the credit for my hard work.”
  • The Professor bustles over with a blandly concerned look on his sweating face, and Draco smirks at Potter, raising his eyebrows mockingly as Slughorn stops, panting slightly, next to him
  • “M’boy, what seems to be the problem?”
  • “He was cheating—”
  • “Shut it, Malfoy, I was not—”
  • Slughorn interrupts: “Enough with the squabbling! I thought you boys were 6th years.”
  • He frowns at them, clearly disappointed, and they shrink in their seats, both unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of Slughorn’s disapproval
  • But for Draco, it’s fucking cathartic, watching Potter wilt under Slughorn’s gaze, feeling the elation and delicious, crackling tension that always accompanies when he bests the Chosen One
  • Harry glares at him now, so different from the mildly contemplative look of a moment ago
  • Draco watches two high spots of color rise on his nemesis’ cheeks and of course doesn’t at all appreciate the way Potter’s eyes shine emerald with rage
  • Because that wouldn’t be proper, would it? Waxing poetic about the color of Potter’s eyes.
  • “Detention, both of you,” says Slughorn genially. “You’ll be polishing the trophies together tonight. Maybe learn the value of working as a team, eh? 7 pm, sharp.”
  • Of fucking course
  • Draco moves through the rest of the day in a sort of fog, not even caring when Pansy’s exaggerated sighs at dinner get pissy and she eventually slams her fork down and storms off
  • Not even when another letter from his mother arrives, elegantly slanted cursive reminding him of his duties, and of Father, and conveying a resigned desperation through the careful phrasing of her words
  • All he can think about is the detention with Potter at 7:00
  • It’ll be a chance to have a blazing row, work off some steam, he thinks vaguely, watching Potter talk to Miss Weasel and her Mudblood boyfriend at the Gryffindor table
  • God knows I need it.
  • At 7 pm exactly he arrives at the trophy room
  • Potter’s already there, frowning unhappily and refusing to look anywhere but at him
  • They start cleaning the trophies on opposite sides of the room and neither of them looks at each other or speaks at all but each are hyper aware of every sound and movement of the other 
  • Draco’s resigning himself to a boring, row-less evening when he hears:
  • “Could you help me reach this spot?”
  • He spins around sharply and Potter’s struggling to reach a spot on an ominous looking cabinet
  • “I’m shorter than you, you idiot,” he hisses, but he’s already striding across the room
  • Maybe he can pinch a soft spot on Potter’s toned-from-Quidditch arm and then they can fight, punching and grabbing and scratching, tension and fear draining from Draco’s body, every bone singing from the sweet relief of hate-fueled adrenaline
  • But before he can touch Potter, he trips over a discarded bucket and falls into the cabinet
  • Potter laughs, and it’s unlike anything Draco’s ever seen before, eyes squinting, mouth widening, nose scrunching rather adorably, and it’s like looking into the fucking sun
  • But as Potter’s cackling with glee, he falls forward, and the cabinet door slams shut behind him.
  • They’re plunged into darkness, and Draco feels his heart pound as he scrambles to the other side of the cabinet, away from Potter
  • Though that’s rather hard to do, as it’s such close quarters and they’re both so tall that they’re pressed against each other
  • Draco can feel the warmth of Potter’s chest against his, and he shuts his eyes tightly, willing his breathing to slow down
  • “Are we locked in?” Harry asks him, and God, he’s so close that Draco can feel warm breath against his face and the low vibrations of Potter’s voice stirring some sort of want inside him, some sort of primal ache
  • “Yes, of course we are,” snaps Draco, voice surprisingly steady. “And since neither of us have a wand, we can’t really get out of here any time soon, can we?”
  • Potter exhales and shifts his body into a more comfortable position, sparking a twinge in Draco’s lower stomach
  • Oh, God, please no, please no nononono
  • “Why’d you lie to Slughorn?” Potter asks suddenly, bluntly, and Draco bites his lip, getting himself under control
  • “You were staring at me and it got annoying after a while, so I decided to get you in trouble. Unfortunately, my plan backfired, as you can probably guess.”
  • Potter sighs, and Draco can feel his throat go dry as Potter shifts again, inadvertently moving their faces closer to each other
  • “Of course,” he says, sounding tired, “Of course.”
  • Draco’s skin feels hot and prickly
  • Potter’s head drops to rest on the nearest surface, which happens to be Draco’s shoulder
  • “What the fuck, Potter,” he growls, “Don’t you have the Weasel for this sort of thing?”
  • And the trueness of the sentence, the way Potter immediately jumps to defend her twists something inside of him, something he dares not name
  • “Shut up, Malfoy,” Potter hisses. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “Looks like I’ve hit a nerve there,” Draco jeers, relieved to be back in the familiar rut of vicious attacks against Potter
  • “Just–” Potter lets out a frustrated half-scream, half-groan
  • And suddenly they’re kissing, hot and messy and angry
  • Draco barely knows what’s happening; all he knows is Potter’s hands and mouth and hair tangling in his fingers
  • It’s everything he’s wanted for so long but never knew until approximately two seconds ago
  • They stay like this for a while, and Draco loses track of time, he doesn’t care
  • Because Harry’s lips are on his and Harry’s stupid glasses are crooked on his stupid face and all Draco wants is this
  • They break away after footsteps sound in the room
  • Harry’s panting, lips swollen and face flushed
  • Draco probably doesn’t look too much better
  • “Don’t,” Harry swallows. “Don’t mention this to anyone, okay?”
  • “Wouldn’t dream of it, Potty,” he sneers, because that’s how they work, throwing barbed insults at each other, refusing to break
  • But after a time Draco does break and he’ll never let Potter see the fragments, because Potter doesn’t care; he has the redheaded girl and the Mudblood and a million other girls and boys to snog in deserted corridors, hot hands traveling up sides and mouths on collarbones
  • However
  • He savors those quiet moments, drinks them in and saves them to remember later, because he knows
  • He knows that nothing has changed
  • Draco’s still going to betray them all.

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Look I love your blog and Naruto, but why're you so angry bout everything Kishi does? I get the whole 'i criticise it because I love it' thing, but I, even as a female, do not give a damn about the female characters' progress or any other characters', as long as there is a good story. Sakura is a widely hated character? big whoop. Side characters are misrepresented? big whoop. Whatever, it's fantasy. Kishi has flaws, but why do you act like he's the worst mangaka to ever exist?

Well first of all, I love to complain and I love to argue. Those are two hallmarks of my personality. I also love literary analysis and meta. There’s something very vindicating about seeing a problem, collecting all the evidence that proves it exists, and then presenting said evidence in easy-to-follow essay form - in this case on my blog. It’s cathartic. And I don’t just do this with Naruto either - I do it with everything. 

The problem is these flaws you’re saying you don’t care about compromise the quality of the story, at least for me. I hold the story to a certain standard because I’m invested in it and I want it to uphold the quality I know it’s capable of. When the writers make decisions that negatively effect the power of the story it’s disappointing and it bothers me. Then when I see other people spouting a bunch of shit about characters that’s easily refuted the kill bill sirens start going off in my head and the next minute I’m furiously typing in righteous anger. And I’m not saying I’m always right or anything, there are opinions I’ve posted on this blog in the past that don’t necessarily reflect my opinions today. But I just like it when people…..use their noodles before making me read things like “Sakura is useless and annoying” with my own two eyes. 

Also I don’t act like Kishimoto is the worst mangaka in the world but I also don’t really…..read any other mangas and this is a naruto blog so obviously my criticisms are going to be kishi-centric. I also have a lot of shit in my repertoire of “things the naruto franchise has done to disappoint me” that I could say about Ikemoto so my apologies if I haven’t been firing off enough of those. And like I know you mean well, but what exactly is it you like about my blog if meta criticizing the writing isn’t the kind of content you enjoy seeing? thatshinobilife dot tumblr dot com would not even be a url on my radar if I were in your position. 

Marauders Headcanon

So I have this head canon that at one point during 6th year, just after Remus and Sirius had gotten together, Padfoot & Moony wandered off for some alone time during a full moon.

James and Peter don’t know where they went or what they were doing but they ended up with a horrible flea infestation. And I’m sure they’re some kind of magical flea that just multiplies every time they scratch.

Cut to the next day in the shrieking shack and all four of them are scratching like there’s no tomorrow.

They wander back through the castle and don’t realise fleas are jumping off them like crazy. They go about their day none the wiser but still scratching.

The next day the students of Hogwarts wake up covered in fleas. There’s fleas in the dorms, fleas in the common rooms, the classrooms, the great hall, the staff room, EVERYWHERE.

That morning at breakfast McGonnagall is losing it “Where did they come from!?!? Who is responsible for this!?!?

Sirius stands up, clears his throat and says "Minnie, darling, have you seen how many people in this place have pets? Aren’t you a cat Animagus yourself? Frankly I am SHOCKED that there hasn’t been an infestation before now!?!?”

Slow murmurs spread the hall and everyone starts agreeing with him.

Dumbledore stands up and addresses the hall “Perhaps Mr Black is right Minerva. Professor Slughorn & Madam Pomfrey will be handing out potions to rid the school, I suggest if you have been affected you report to them as soon as you can.”

Meanwhile Remus, who had been sitting there quietly during Sirius’ speech, whispers “Totally worth it Padfoot, nice save.”

And James just glares at both of them while scratching his head.

The Marauders biggest prank and they didn’t have to lift a finger, serve a detention or lose any house points.

Three days later after every last flea has disappeared they see McGonnagall walk past in her animagus form wearing a flea collar…..

there’s a group of Overwatch players called “Team Hanjo” who have the goal of getting the lowest Skill Rating possible in the game by losing every single game. Two of them already have a Skill Rating of 1, the lowest you can get. 

I’ve been sewing and watching them deliberately losing games accompanied by cheerful Christmas music and it’s really getting me into the spirit of the season.

My fave is when one of them said, “Man, I tried solo queuing yesterday and won five matches in a row. I’m going to rise back into Diamond by accident. :(” and another guy was like “That’s the struggle.”

The struggle of trying to be the worst.


Democrats are hoping they can win the traditionally Republican-held seat by putting all of their faith in a 30-year-old political newbie named Jon Ossoff, a guy who looks like the congressional staffer who’d take the fall when his boss is caught plowing a prostitute at a rest stop.

Experts agree that even with anti-Trump fervor sweeping the nation, the fact that Trump won Georgia’s 6th by only a point, and that Ossoff currently leads the race by a slim margin, no Democrat has a chance to flip that seat any time soon. But that hasn’t stopped a Republican super PAC from releasing an anti-Ossoff attack ad, and oh how pathetic it is.

The best opposition research the super PAC could scrounge up was a video of Ossoff playing Han Solo and possibly Darth Vader in a Star Wars homage he shot with his frat buddies, as well as footage of Ossoff singing in a college a cappella group. There are no racial slurs, he never once mocks a physically disabled person to the delight of a cheering crowd, and he doesn’t brag about sexually assaulting a single woman. It’s just the extremely dorky exploits of your average college-aged millennial. The worst allegation in the ad – that Ossoff probably wasn’t getting a ton of pussy in college – isn’t even explicitly stated, even though we all know it’s there. And even that argument sucks, since striking out with college girls makes him more relatable.

This ad scrapes the bottom of the barrel in terms of what it expects voters to throw a fit over. But it does say a lot about the kind of very stupid struggles millennials are going to be facing in the future as we start moving up into positions of power while attempting to flee the evidence of the dorky shenanigans we willingly posted on the internet in our youth. 

Millennials Will Never Escape The Dumb Sh!t We’ve Put Online


ESTONIA THROUGH EUROVISIONUrban Symphony “Rändajad” 2009

Urban Symphony in 2009 was the first time country qualified to the finals since the semi-finals were introduced in 2004. The song got 129 points placing 6th in the final. 12 points were received from Finland and Slovakia in the final and Latvia in the semi. 

Because of Russian actions in Georgia the previous year, Estonia was discussing whether they should participate in the contest or not. Due to public demand, the country decided to not withdraw. 2009 was also the year the national selection was revamped. Eurolaul was replaced by Eesti Laul. 

Inktober Day 2 - Kiss

I’ve been in super D&D mode, so here’s my monk Bickel Gnakk! I know it’s not quite the theme, but a kiss with a fist is better than none ;)

Character Profiles

Height: 152cm
Weight: 50kg
Birthday: 25th July
Age: Over 3000?
Magic: Full Counter, repelling magical attacks
Weak point: Elizabeth
Birthplace: Demon Realm
What he likes about himself: His ahoge
Dream/Hope: Lifting his curse
Regrets: That he couldn’t save (people I guess?)
The most embarrassing thing in his life: His past self
What he wants the most right now: Skinship with Elizabeth
Favorite animal: Elizabeth (I’m not kidding here, it says animal, omfg)
Favorite scent: Elizabeth’s body
Power Level: 32500 (at the end of volume 22)
Magic: 2700 Strength: 27700 Spirit: 2100


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Dick’s wardrobe is almost entirely shirts that he was given as a joke or got as a joke. He has one of those shirts with Bart making an ugly face on it and then he took a picture with him wearing the shirt and got it on the shirt and he’s on his 6th shirt at this point. He as a shirt that says “dank af”, a shirt that if you flip inside is a glow in the dark bat-mask, and a shirt that says “i hate being sexy but someone has to do.”

History of AmazingPhil and friends

This is a timeline of the career of AmazingPhil and his YouTube colleagues. I spent about 6 hours doing research and checking the validity, so it should be pretty accurate, including the dates. Most of the information on here is first hand (from the Youtuber them self). However, some information is second or third hand, so it may not be completely reliable, especially when it comes to relationships. Anyway, here it is:

???? - Phil starts a blog/service on MySpace where he offers advice on photo editing and talks about his life.

27th March 2006 - Phil wins a black and white disposable camera in a box of cornflakes, and makes his first video on his new Youtube channel AmazingPhil. He mentions his blog, and talks about the things he has been doing recently, such as going on holiday to California. After this he continues making small videos and skits with his university friends.

21st August 2006 - Chris Kendall joins YouTube under the name of Crabstickz

August 2007 - Stephen Byrne starts making comedy videos on YouTube under the name of 3sixty5days.

5th October 2007 - PJ Liguori joins YouTube under the name of KickThePJ

14th June 2008 - Charlie Casey joins youtube as CharlieSkies.

15th September 2008 - the series ‘ApartmentRED’ begins on Youtube and TV with a friend of Phil’s, Stephen, playing himself. Stephen appears in some of Phil’s videos and the two are rumoured to have been dating around that time, although it is quite unlikely that this is true.

16th January 2009 - Phil creates a collaborative Youtube channel with Charlie Casey (aka CharlieSkies) called Pabloislove. They form a close bond and although it was never confirmed by Phil, Charlie claims that they dated.

10th March 2009 - Pabloislove is discontinued and the only means by which Charlie and Phil openly communicate is via Twitter. It was supposedly due to an unexplained argument between the two, so it is probably safe to assume that they broke up at this point.

15th April 2009 - Musician, actor and artist PJ Liguori (aka KickThePJ) appears on the ApartmentRED. Phil meets PJ through Stephen and they become friends. PJ’s friend, Chris Kendall (aka CrabStickz) also befriends Phil.

June 2009 - Stephen Byrne and Charlie Casey start dating. Charlie posts about getting together with Stephen on Twitter. Sources close to both Stephen and Charlie say that the relationship was abusive, with Charlie often hurting Stephen. He ignored him, manipulated, and insulted him, leading to arguments, which lead to violence from Charlie.

June 2009 - Phil notices his devoted fan, Dan Howell. They discover they have a lot in common and become internet friends.

16th October 2009 - Dan creates a new Youtube channel named Danisnotonfire

24th October 2009 - Phil meets up with Dan in Manchester whilst his parents are away and Dan stays for the weekend with Phil.

25th October 2009 - Dan and Phil upload their first video together called 'Phil Is Not on Fire’ .

5th November 2009 - The producers of ApartmentRED take notice of Phil’s growing channel and with the help of Stephen, they let Phil join the cast of the show.

February 2010 - Stephen becomes the main presenter for the TV show TwoTube.

July 2010 - Stephen leaves ApartmentRED.

September 2010 - Stephen joins the presenting team for the TV show The Rumour Room.

7th May 2011 - ApartmentRED is discontinued.

September 2011 - Stephen starts presenting a show called Juice.

17th October 2011 - Dan and Phil create a channel with My Damn Channel called the SuperAmazingProject.

January 2013 - Dan and Phil get a show on Radio 1.

January 2013 - Stephen joins the presenting team of The Voice of Ireland.

16th February 2013 - Dan hits 1 million subscribers.

June 2013 - Charlie punches Stephen in the face, breaking his nose. They break up. Some sources say that this was triggered by Stephen cheating on Charlie, others disagree, saying that it was just part of the abuse that was commonly involved in the relationship.

June 2013 - Charlie starts sending abusive tweets to Dan, even though they have been good friends up to this point.

6th July 2013 - Phil hits 1 million subscribers.

24th October 2013 - Crabstickz leaves YouTube.

24th May 2014 - Crabstickz makes a comeback on YouTube.

21st August 2014 - CharlieSkies uploads a video to his channel, but hasn’t posted since then.

29th August 2014 - Phil hits 2 million subscribers.

11th September 2014 - the Dan and Phil show on Radio 1 is discontinued and replaced with the Internet Takeover.

12th September 2014 - Dan and Phil create a gaming channel: DanandPhilGAMES.

1st October 2014 - Dan and Phil officially leave the Super Amazing Project.

7th February 2015 - Dan hits 4 million subscribers.

This is the timeline up to now, 2015. If there are any mistakes that you spot, please let me know and I will alter them. Thanks.