6th national ce talk

CEntigrade: 6th National CE Talk

This year’s CE Talk is one of UP Aggregates’ successful events. T'was actually my second time to attend. Kudos to Ate Yani and Ate Joanne for the success of this event. Galing lang talaga! :D

I was heading the finance committee and our main task during the event was to gain profit from selling ballers and bagtags :P

Yo, CE peeps! :)

So I was given the chance to perform with the Aggrelitos during the event. I was actually quite a mess. Kulang sa preparation e and besides, di naman talaga ako singer :|

My only photo with the 2Cs :( Super busy e!

Hi Jumpyo! :)

Now tell me, how could I not love Aggre? :’) Til next year, future Civil Engineers! :D