6th march 2013

New Olly interview for 'Charts in France': a summary

Olly spoke to the website ‘Charts in France’ when he was over in Paris a couple of weeks and the interview’s up now - however sadly in French. For the non Francophones amongst us in #MursArmy this is just a brief precis on what he talked about:

  • He was aware that people would compare 'Troublemaker’ to Maroon 5 but he doesn’t think he was copying them and that he just likes to try different styles and mix things up. He said it would be a different matter if he was changing up his image to be like them because then, he thinks, people wouldn’t take him seriously.
  • The fourth album won’t be till next year - which we already knew - but by about November/December this year he’ll be back in the studio working on new material.
  • He’s not worried about taking a year between albums - he said it would be different if his album sales had been on a downward spiral from the first album onwards but that’s not the case and he’s excited by the idea of being allowed to grow and progress.
  • He wasn’t truly happy about how the US label changed 'Heart Skips a Beat’ for America - he felt the two videos he shot for the US remix didn’t match the song or the feel of it. He’s much more pleased with how 'Troublemaker’ has gone though.
  • The success of One Direction and Adele in the US has, he says, given the media the impression that it’s easier to break the States now but he was under no illusion of the work involved. He said however he wasn’t scared of hard work and that he was just gonna give his best shot and any success thereafter or in Europe is just an added bonus.
  • He won’t leave the UK or turn his back on us lot here even if things take off internationally - he just hopes we’ll be patient and continue supporting him even when he’s out the country a lot (which we will do, won’t we #MursArmy?)
  • He says that there had been the chance for him to do more touring last year but with Xtra Factor in his schedule it wasn’t possible. 
  • He’s flattered by comparisons to Robbie Williams ('it’s really sweet’) and can see why they’re made but he just wants to be known as his own artist. Being different, he says, is what makes us lot love him as much as we do (which is true, no?)
  • With his BRITs disappointment, he said he wasn’t as devestated as last year and that it’s just not his time yet and he’ll be patient - whether it takes him a year of 15 years to win one.
  • 'Hey You Beautiful’ is apparently a strong contender for the next single off the album after 'Army of Two’, as is 'Dear Darlin’. The latter, he says, is the one he’s most proud of on the album, and that  one of his best friends sung it at the funeral of his mother a few weeks ago. He says that it’s the one people seem to have the most personal connection with lyrically on the album.