6th batch

Thanks for the book & candy.

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NOTE: Thought of this while watching Beastly.

WARNING CONTAINS: failed attempts by Caius, & fluff.

You sat by the window looking out every now and again. It has been a week since finding out Caius Volturi is your mate. Which forced you to leave your family back at Forks. You sighed feeling alone and bored.

A knock on the door brought you out of your thoughts, you walked over and opened the door only to see a red rectangular box with a gold ribbon at the top. You opened the box and glared at what was inside. A pair of shoes that were silver and had a hint of blue in them. What the actual hell! Did he THINK he could win you over by giving you a pair of shoes!?. You shoved the pair of shoes back into the box, shoving them away from the door and closing it with a bang.

“I think you just got rejected brother”. Caius hissed at his brother turning away from the hallway. He was confused of why you wouldn’t take his gift, but he didn’t stop their, Every day a new box arrived.

2nd day: a red dress [REJECTED]

3rd day: a new phone [REJECTED]

4th day: a pair of earrings [REJECTED]

5th day: another pair of new shoes [ACTUALLY THROWN IN TRASH]

6th day: a batch of roses [TOOK THEM INSIDE BUT WAS NOT SWOON]

Caius then got the idea of what he needed to do…

7th day: A new book of one of your favorite writers along with a box full of different sweets you enjoyed. [ACCEPTED]

8th day: he sat in his office pondering on what to give you next when a knock on the door brought him back from his thoughts. “enter” he said lazily. He expected his brother or one of the guards but never expected to see you standing just out side his door.

“Y/N, what brings you here?” he asked smoothly, when in side he was bewildered and amazed that you came out of your way to meet him. 

“I wanted to thank you properly” You said slowly walking into his office and stood before his desk.

“Thank me?” 

“Yes, umm about the book and candies, I don’t know how you were able to know of my favorites but thank you anyway” You said moving a strand of hair away from your face.

“You are most welcome” he said smiling gently as much as he could. You nodded and was about ready to leave when you decided to meet him half way this time.


“Yes?” he patiently waited your answer, if he were to still be alive he would be holding his breath right about now.

“Would you like to come with me to the library? I heard you guys have a fantastic set of books, and I always wanted to check it out” He looked at your blushed faced and everything he planned to do was dropped instantly.

“Of course, I would be happy to show you around” he said standing from his seat walking over to you. He held out his arm for you too take and slowly you held his arm as the both you went down to the library.

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6th batch

Oh man. This was harder than I thought. You’re art style is just so, what’s the word, un-copy-able.
Not that that’s a bad thing.

Either way, you’re an incredible artist with your adorable drawings, you have this style which I can only describe as, “squishy”. So I present to you you’re special card, @mmcgtw.

By the way, that’s one of them sock weapons spinning around. Sorry if it looks a little messy.

More to come soon.


“Would you like to tell me what happened?” Bilbo asked him softly. “You don’t have to.” he added when he saw Frodo flinching as he remembered. 

“Can I get another hug?” Frodo asked instead, his voice trembling slightly.

“Of course you can.” Bilbo smiled. “Make some space.”

A 6th Sense AU. Read here.


Tony x Reader


Word Count: 790

Prompt: X

  Sighing, you wiped the back of your hand across your forehead, smearing yellow icing over it as you did so. “Typical,” you muttered, grabbing a cloth to wipe yourself with once you had put the bowl of mixture down. The beep of the oven started loudly, signalling that the 6th batch of cupcakes were done and ready to be decorated. The obnoxious beep startled you, causing you to jump and in turn knock a container of sprinkles over the floor. 

   “Oh for fu-” before you could continue, Tony strolled into the kitchen and cut you off. “Need some help?” he asked, smirking at your flustered state as he opened the oven and pulled out the cupcakes. “No, I’m fine,” you stated, “and don’t touch anything.” You grabbed the cupcakes out of Tony’s hands and set them onto the counter, pulling them out and putting them on a cooling rack one by one. “Oh come on, y/n,” he whined, placing a hand on your shoulder as you sweeped the sprinkles into your hand on the floor, “let me help.”

   “You do this every time, Tony,” you explained, swivelling around and looking up at him, “you say you’ll help, you help for a short time and then there’s an even bigger mess that I’m left to clean up afterwards.” You broke free of Tony’s grasp and stood up and walked over to the bin, putting your foot down on the lever and opening it. Before you had a chance to rid your hands of the rainbow, star-shaped sprinkles you heard the unwrapping of a cupcake. “Oh no you don’t,” you whispered, instantly turning around.

  In the space of three seconds, Tony had unwrapped one of the cupcakes that were supposed to be for Clint’s family who you were going to visit the next day. “Tony!” you shouted at him as you threw your handful of sprinkles straight at his face as he turned to look at you. “Woah, calm it, Cupcake!” Tony pleaded, dodging your attack as the sprinkles exploded against the wall behind him. He had always called you cupcake and apparently, in this instance, he found the use of the nickname hilarious as he pointed back and forth between you and the cupcake in his hand. “I’ll turn you into the cupcake now, Tony!” you exclaimed, rushing over to the bowl of left over cupcake mix.

   Once the bowl was secure in your hands, after some tries from Tony to pry it from your grasp, you scooped your hand into the bowl. You raised your hand from the bowl, a huge glob of cake mix in it, and prepared to throw it at your boyfriend. “I’m sorry about the cupcake!” he shouted as he ran towards the door, but you were too fast for him. You sprinted towards the door, reaching it before Tony had the chance to escape. “Not today,” you laughed, Tony’s playful attitude rubbing off on you. “Two can play this game, y/n,” Tony said, running to the other end of the kitchen. 

   Despite his attempts to dodge, you managed to hit Tony smack bang on the back of his head as he ran towards the icing. “Tony, no!” you wailed as he picked up the slimy substance and turned to look at you. “Tony, yes,” he responded, grinning mischievously at you. His hand darted into the bowl and soon you were covered in the yellow icing once again. “That’s it,” you giggled, dashing over to Tony. Before you could react, you stood in a patch of cake mix, sending you flying into Tony, both of you tumbling to the floor.

  “Nice one, y/n,” Tony groaned, lifting his head up from the floor as he lay on his back with you on top of him.  He chuckled at the sight of you laying on top of him, both of you covered in icing and cake mix. “You’re cleaning up this time,” you breathed onto his chest, contented. You wrapped your arms around him as you both lay on the hard kitchen floor and just stayed still for a few moments, surprisingly comfortable. “One second,” Tony broke the silence, his arm reaching out to grab something on the floor. “There we go,” he mumbled, dropping the sprinkles that you hadn’t picked up earlier onto the top of your head, “now you really are a cupcake.” 

  “I’ll let you get away with that,” you smirked against his chest, “this time.” Tony shifted and groaned. “You know, I hope you’re comfortable because I’m certainly not,” he moaned, continuing to move as his shoulder blades pressed into the tiled floor. “As much as I love you and cuddling you, can we get up please?” he asked.


Thank you to hobby2drawer​ for sharing these pictures with me. o/

Rough translations of the bios included in TG:re vol. 2. Please feel free to send me a message if there’s a correction!

Hirako Squad Formation

[Squad Leader]
Hirako Take (30)
First-Class Investigator (Batch 66)
3rd Academy Junior
Birthday: May 14
Blood type: A
Size: 172cm/68kg
Quinque: Nagomi (Rinkaku; Rate A)
Family: Grandparents, dog (Shiba)

[Vice-Squad Leader]
Itou Kuramoto (25)
Rank 1 Investigator (Batch 71)
6th Academy Junior
Birthday: November 11
Blood type: O
Size: 171cm/60kg
Quinque: Senza (Koukaku; Rate A)
Respect: Hirako Take, Arima Kishou

Michibata Shinji (27)
Rank 1 Investigator (Batch 69)
3rd Academy Junior
Birthday: September 23
Blood type: A
Size: 175cm/70kg
Quinque: Agure (Bikaku; Rate A)
Nickname: Micchi

Umeno Masami (24)
Rank 2 Investigator (Batch 72)
6th Academy Junior
Birthday: May 30
Blood type: B
Size: 181cm/82kg
Quinque: Buru (Rinkaku; Rate B)
Nickname: Gorimi

Nezu Yasuhito (24)
Rank 2 Investigator (Batch 72)
6th Academy Junior
Birthday: August 17
Blood type: A
Size: 177cm/75kg
Quinque: Melt (Ukaku; Rate A)
Nickname: Nezu

Kuroiwa Takeomi (19)
Rank 2 Investigator (Batch 77)
7th Academy Junior
Birthday: September 6
Blood type: B
Size: 182cm/77kg
Quinque: Tsunagi <hard> (Bikaku; Rate C)
Honors: Life-time Academy Scholar

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Can you please do something like England's s/o helping him make Christmas cookies? (This blog makes my day! It's the best!)

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur, after burning his 6th batch of cookies, realized that he needed to enforce your help in creating something edible to bring to Alfred’s Christmas party so he could save face. He watches you carefully as you mix together the ingredients, listening to what you tell him to do without fault (though he tells you not to mention this moment to ANYONE as his brothers would never let him forget that he admitted his baking skills weren’t very good).