6th april 2013

3 years, and Nori’s still being a shit to Dwalin. So here, my Nwaliversary redraw of the very first Nwalin art I ever did on the 6th April 2013. That’s when I read my first Nwalin fic and registered both Nori and Nori/Dwalin as a thing out there, fell in love, and proceeded to be into it. Seriously, I’m grateful for this, directly or indirectly most of what is good in my life right now has come from stumbling into this corner of the fandom :’) and thank you all for liking my art and all the things I do with these two 

Here’s the versions from 2013, 2014 and 2015 for those who care to take a look, I’ll post them all together later

anonymous asked:

can you explain to me what was done to eric abidal? cuz I started following Barca after he left and could never really get a clear understanding of what happened

Some history/time frame leading up to what happened:

- In 2007, signed from Lyon after essentially going on strike to force his club, who didn’t want to sell him, to accept Barcelona’s offer.

- Became one of our greatest LBs

- Was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his liver and had it removed March 17, 2011

- Returned to the eternal moment that was Carles Puyol handing him the captain’s armband and giving him the UCL trophy to lift at Wembley on May 11, 2011. (And played the full 90 minutes that night)

- Suffered relapse March 15, 2012, received a transplant from his cousin April 10, 2012, began difficult road to recovery.

Then it starts.

- Bartomeu (our current president, then VP at the time under Sandro) said publicly on December 12th, 2012: “The contract renewal of Abidal is already written, and whenever he plays his first comeback game, we will sign it.

- Abi was cleared to train December 18th, and after everything, on April 6th 2013 he played that comeback game. Emotional and unforgettable. Two weeks later, he played his first full 90 minutes since his comeback. So it was supposed to be time to sign that promised “already written contract”.

…But no. The board went back on their word and eventually announced that they would not be offering him a new contract. Their “reason”? A “sporting decision” with implications that the FC Barcelona doctors deemed Abidal unable to play due to medical reasons. A lie. It was about the money. Abi said himself he was in great shape and that doctors were “amazed” by his progress. He was cleared to play by his doctors. And he proved it 90 minutes at a time the next year with Monaco.

One of our biggest examples, a player loved by all, a man who fought for us, and football wise, a leader and a LB/CB who, unlike Rosell claimed, was healthy and cleared to play. They lied to him, to us, and to the players, and then let him go.

Yes, he still would have needed to be replaced eventually, but they could have planned for that. All he wanted, after everything, was to end his career in Barcelona with at least another year, as promised. They could have given him that chance. And without a doubt, they could have handled the entire situation better. But instead, they pushed him out, in tears.

A picture is worth 1000 words…

randomquestionguy  asked:

I recently listened to your Planar Chaos podcast, posted 6th April 2013. In it, you mention cracking the "alternate present" solution, and explicitly bring up the scenario of a time traveler who changes a single moment in the past as an example of something that can cause an "alternate" present. I applaud your foreshadowing.

: )