6th april 2013

3 years, and Nori’s still being a shit to Dwalin. So here, my Nwaliversary redraw of the very first Nwalin art I ever did on the 6th April 2013. That’s when I read my first Nwalin fic and registered both Nori and Nori/Dwalin as a thing out there, fell in love, and proceeded to be into it. Seriously, I’m grateful for this, directly or indirectly most of what is good in my life right now has come from stumbling into this corner of the fandom :’) and thank you all for liking my art and all the things I do with these two 

Here’s the versions from 2013, 2014 and 2015 for those who care to take a look, I’ll post them all together later

randomquestionguy  asked:

I recently listened to your Planar Chaos podcast, posted 6th April 2013. In it, you mention cracking the "alternate present" solution, and explicitly bring up the scenario of a time traveler who changes a single moment in the past as an example of something that can cause an "alternate" present. I applaud your foreshadowing.

: )