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A lot of people praise the Pain arc for the fights and Pain himself for his ideology and being an actual foil to Naruto. Are their any highlights and downsides of the Pain arc that you've addressed before? (Sorry for the barrage of questions, I just love hearing what you have to say!)

Pain arc started ok, had a good middle then pretty much went to hell with the Ame orphans flashback.

Like most things in Naruto, the flashback sounded good but the execution was dreadful.

Nagato’s backstory included dead parents, a dead puppy and a dead friend, he was behind the death of who knows how many people, including the man that had been his teacher (which could have been interesting if Kishimoto had used this as Nagato wanting revenge for Jiraiya abandoning him and his friends, but that was barely explored). You’d think that somebody like him would be hard to convert… then Naruto reads him some self insert badfic and he’s “ur right mate, i was so wrong let’s be besties also i’ll go die now”. Then he uses phoenix down on the people he killed, nobody dies and the emotional punch is gone.

Konan is… a female character in Naruto so I should have known better than to expect anything. Her life revolved around her male teammates from her first to her last panel. She easily forgave Naruto for killing the friend she had followed to hell and back, then went back to Rain to make things better for peopl… HA no not really she went to prepare a super trap for Tobidara that didn’t work because ha ha you think Kishi is gonna let a girl defeat an Uchihahaha, good joke. For some reason she didn’t destroy Nagato’s eyes knowing Tobidara rly rly wanted them for rly rly bad stuff but I guess lack of common sense is mandatory if you wanna apply to Akatsuki.

Ironically, since Yahiko died pretty early in his freedom fighter career, there wasn’t much left to ruin, unless you count his body spending the next 20 sth years as the walking dead doing the bidding of the traumatized friends he had tried so hard to protect.

As for Pain/Nagato’s ideology… it… yeah, it was kinda silly, I think Danzou was a much better foil for Naruto.

The invasion itself was a waste, way to have several villains your secondary characters can fight and… only using like three characters.

Still, there were some good things in the arc, the Pain vs Jiraiya fight, the aftermath of his death, Tsunade being a boss and saving the village, Hinata’s confession (though that had its own issues), 6tailed Naruto kicking Pain’s ass, the village finally aknowledging Naruto, Sakura and Hinata proving people that think they hate each other wronggggg.