Hi! ❤️

I wanted to do a follow forever when I reached 2K but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon so I decided to do a follow forever now that 2016 is ending soon!

I want to say thank you to you all for following me and I know I haven’t talked to many of you but the people that I do chat/talk with here I’m so glad to be able to talk to you!❤️ You are awesome! And to everyone that I follow you have made my dash look awesome and I adore you all and I adore all my followers!! ❤️❤️ 

2016 has been a crappy year, a lot of bad things happened in the world - brexit, trump becoming president, orlando shooting, terrost attacks and a lot more and  also a lot of great musicians and actors died 😔😔😔

So let’s hope 2017 is gonna be much better because 2016 was not a nice year! So happy new year and stay safe! ❤️ Love you all!! 

All the awesome people that I follow are listed under the cut! (I probably forgot a lot of you so if I forgot you it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you ❤️)

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[Follow The Liars]♡♡♡ Thanks for 1000 followers.

I was meant to do this like a few days after I got 1K followers but I just didn’t, not because I didn’t want to it’s just that I don’t really talk with any pll blogs that much and I don’t know…but I figure that this had to be done because I know so many amazing blogs that I really really like and appreciate so much. So here we go. PS I might forget about someone so I’m really sorry in advance. 

@aprettyhiddensecret @a-teamofficial @addictedtoprettylittleliars @aestheticspoby @analyzinga @pretty-littlemontgomery @wrenischarles @wrenkingsten @prettylittleliarsxxxx @prettylittleliarss @prettylittleliars-bitches @emisonpains @hashtagpll @hannacaleb @hannabananasundae @hannasrivers @hannascookie @emisonshowers @prettylittleplum @rosewoodspy @rosewood-clues @a-littleliartheory @a-teamleader @lily281 @ezriaxsparia @spariaisendgame @spencerscookies @spencerscaffeine @spencexhastings @spencersalison @spezriona @ezriagame @ezriaxsparia @troiann @troiancoolsario @troiastings @troiandaily-blog @dailypll @plldailly @pllgifs @pllismylife @pllrose @rosewoodslittleliars @spobyismylife @spobysextapes @spobyscavanaugh @sponahastings @tobycavanaughty @littleliardiaries @redcoatblackveil @redcoat-ale @blackveilsociety @dailytroian @emiilysfields @hannacaleb @hannacaleb @spencers-bleeding-purse @liars-secrets @prettylittle-fuckers @riversmarins @vandermarinfeels @exriaz @xxariax @prettylittlespobyyy @em-is-for-mess @fuckmarleneking @ezra-fitzturkey @ezrafrootgerald @why-not-pie  @spobyficstalker @lieskeepsusclose @spezriona @immortalitymydxrlings @pll-speculations @pllloverx @plllogic @nymphadora-rosewood @ezriapiespll  @deputytoby @aisforariapll  @pookiebearandz @pookiebearz @manna-vandermarin @plltheoriess @liars–pretty–liars @ashleybensonfashionstyle @ashbenzs @fancy-fitz @pretty-little-heart-surgeon @seriouslyspoby @lucyily @lucvhale @pepelovestippi @team-girls-rosewood @ianshardin @ianstagram @happyprettylittleliarsday @emisonshowers @sweetlittlehale @crazylittlemona

@crazyplltheory @liarsforlife18 @pllsphere @hannasrivers @spariaslays @gif-pll @spemily-emison @missariaiskiller  @ariafitzsgerald  @aria-ezra @ariathekiller @theliarsgifs @ezriavslucian @ezraschickpeas @montgomeryhasstings @bitchcankeepasecret @pretty-little-misery @spobyscavanaugh @prettylittleliarsfans-a @prettylittleliarsfan901 @pllslays @halebslovechild @halebmonster @shayspieterse @prettylittleliarsquestions @twistedlittleliars @fuckyeslittleliars @prettyliargif @cavanastings @troianforlife

@troianforever @troianbellisariogif @troiann @ thisliarisonfire @pretty-little-benzo @alisonredcoat @2cankeepasecretifoneofthemis @futuremrsfitz @sponahastings @troianupdates @monnavanderwaal @monasvanderballs @monavanderdoll  @dailylittleliars @sophers @troianbellisaros @sassy-hanna-rivers @jasontrashfan @fiverosewoodliars @jenna-cant-hear-shes-blind @tobespence @keeganallennews @imteamhaleb @littlebookliar @pllcloset @ezrialoves @prettymysticfalls @prettylittleswiftsalvatore @prettylittlehopeful @alisonbilaurentis @takeanempanada @6plls @dailypllconfessions @ezria—fitz @heybenson @buttahtoherbenzo @tyshleys @tylerblackburndaily @spencexhastings @sashapeiters @spencerssauce @fiverosewoodliars @twistedlittleliars @dilaurnts @prettylittleliartheorie-s @prettylittleliarss 


I can’t believe I’ve hit 200 followers so quickly!! Just want to say a quick thankyou to all of my followers and followees who make this fandom the wonderful thing that it is.

Going to do a #FollowForever to mark my 200 followers ❤️

6plls 2cankeepasecretifoneofthemisdead 3facedmirror 4xliars

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game-on-bitches–a game-on-charles gameover-charles gif-pll halebslovechild halebxspence hales-lucys hannabananasundae hannacaleb hannamarinsgrandma hannas-calebs hannas-pinkdrink hannasangrydance hannavandermariin hannnnamarin hashtagpll hastings-troian hastingscentral hastingss-marin heartspobyy hell-yeah-pll hellocharlesd heybenson him-her-lt-bitch hooked-on-pll hopelessly-lost-in-rosewood houseofhastings hushhush-littleliars i-bet-you-remember-me i-spy-a-liar ianmhaarding ilikepllandtw immortalitymydxrlings immortalityspencer imwatchingyoumarlene inlovewithprettylittleliars irlspencer intoxicatedliars its-pll-bitches itsalwaysprettyinrosewood its-immortality-my-darlingsx itspigtunia k-spencers killerariaisa king-cavanaugh kissbythebarn kisses-anonymous kissesfromrosewood legitpllbitch lesbianrosewood liargifs liars–pretty–liars liarsupdates lieskeepsusclose little-addicted-liars littlebookliar livinrosewood lovinemison lucvhale lucyily lucxhale manna-vandermarin marinshannas meanpll missariakiller missariathekiller missariayoureezraswife monasvanderballs mrs-hannamarin

nochillcharles official-pll-theories ofplls oh-my-pll oh-myhannamarin ohmyprettyliars omgplltheories paranoidaria pepelovestippi perfectharding perksofbeingliars phillylittleliar pigtuniaisa plldailly pll–secrets pllismylife pllgifs pll-fuckyeah pll-all-day pll-is-life pll-theo-ries pll-theorist pll-pretty-baby pll-universe-pll plldotcom pllanswers pllandwttc pllawesomeness plllogic plllovers pllmysteries pllrose pllrocks plltheoriestmblr plltheorygang prettiest-liars prettylittleliarsxxxx prettylittleliars-bitches prettylittlesecrethints prettylittleliarsquestions pretty-little-liars-lovers pretty-little-investigators pretty-little-charles prettylittleaddiction prettylittleeliars-a

quality-pll queerpuff radleypatientx radley-bitches rosewoodsecret redcoat-ale rosewood-clues rosewoodspy rosewoodslittleliarss rosewood-ish rosewood-pd rosewood-lies rosewoodtheorys rosewoodslittleliars saraharveysshower saras-showers sashapietvrse sashaysrivera sassy-spencerhastings shaymspain she-knows-too-much-a slightly-addicted-to-pll sluttyspencer sp0bae spannamastings sparleshastings speaknowliars spobes takeanempanada textsfrompll thatisimmortalitymydarlings theliarsgifs the-prettiest-little-liars theariathing thefaketeam theplliars thisliarisonfire thispllisburied twistedlittleliars twistedhastings

vanderyeezus we-love-pretty-little-liars-a welcomebackmona weneedspencer weloveezria whatwouldspencerdo whothefckischarles who-tf-ischarles wrenischarles wrxnkingston wtfspemily x–pretty-little-liars–x xxariax youneedpll your-little-tine you-look-like-my-forever

Sorry if I have missed people out, my phone got laggy towards the end. Once again, THANKYOU!! 💟🅰

This was posted by Tammin Sursok (Jenna) on her Snapchat Account approximately 24 weeks ago. How do I know this? Well, I manage an Instagram Account where I used to post what the actors posted on this social app. (pllonfreeform) (Click here to see the post)

Jenna WILL BE on 6B and she let us know it a lot of weeks ago!

Did she KILL Charlotte??! What are your theories/thoughts on this?

Let me know what you think @analyzinga @justspencersluttinitup @iansquared @6plls @alisonfields @redcoatblackveil @hashtagpll @prettylittleplum @wrenischarles @wrxnkingston @tremolux @pll-theories-a-gossip @just-pll-obsessed @bitchcankeepasecret @prettylittleliarsa

600 followersssssss <3

Soooo, I love each of you so much and I am so happy to say I’ve reached 600 followers as of last Thursday or Friday. I haven’t had access to a computer until now so I’m finallllly making this. I can’t believe I’ve actually gained 52 followers since then but thank you so much! I honestly never thought I would reach 100 followers but to have 600+ is honestly the most amazing thing in the world. You are all appreciated and I seriously love each and every one of you. So, here is my follow forever of my absolute favourite blogs that I follow.

First and foremost, addictedtoprettylittleliars
You have become more than a beloved mutual whose blog I adore, you have become my friend. You are so kind and caring and even though we don’t talk all the time, I know I can always come to you if I needed you. You are amazing. Thank you a million times over for all that you are.

Secondly, blvcksacrfices
I talk to you on a regular basis and I honestly love knowing that I can always message you. Thanks for never getting annoyed of me, I know that I’ve found a friend in you and you definitely have found one in me. Always.

Thirdly, prettylitttlelovers
We’ve only recently started talking but you are honestly such a sweetheart and I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit. I hope we can keep talking because you seem like an amazing girl.

Okay, here goes:

#-d: 5pretty-little-liars-, 6plls, -redcoat, aliandhermermaid, a-littleliartheory, arosewoodliar, ariaxmona, alisonredcoat, a-prettttylittleliar, a-teamofficial, alisonsyellowtop, aprettylittlefangirl, anotherlittle-liar, ariamontgomeryhale, aliareyouasleep, allhappensinrosewood, another-prettylittleliar, a-theoryposts, aisintheair, alisons-prettylittleliars, alisonqueendilaurentis, aliemblogs, alittleblackveil, allprettylittleliarsthings, allaboardtheatrain, aisforariapll, alisondilaurentis1, alisonddilaurentis, alisonsgroup, aseesallinrosewood, alisprettylittleliars, alisonheartsemily, analyzinga, bethanyisbiga, bitch-chipped-us, bethanyferrie, benzohalesomerdobrev, bitchcantseeyou, bitch-can-see, but-who-is-a, blackveilsociety, brittanyrogers1, bethyladdict, bitch-im-the-new-supreme, blackveiltheories, bitchcankeepasecret, ceceddrake, cecetheblackveil, crazyplltheory, chela-426, cavanaughty, charlesandmona, confusedpll, cmonwereteamsparia, carjanaye, calebsfirefly, cleancatastrophe, dilaxrentis, dollarbenson, different-name-same-bitch, daydreamingonthetrack, dont-turn-your-back-on-hastings, dilaureentis

e-h: escapingradley, emisonisforever, ezras-turtleneck, endgamezria, ericanoelle19, ezrandamonmyloves, ezraschickpeas, ezrialoves, ezras-baby-nuts, escapingrosewood, ezriajournal, everybodyliesinrosewood. ezriasupport, ezriagame, emisondilaurentis, eyespyaliar, ermahgerdplltheories, erartemis, emisongray, everything–pll, freakinlovepll, fckhaleb, fuckyeslittleliars, fiverosewoodliars, fitzandmontgomery, fuckyeahprettylittleliar, fivefootgenius, fuckyeahprettylittleliars, gameonbitches, gameovercharles, guiltyaria, gabs-littleliar, go-ss4ever4, glamygirlhotmess, game-on-charles, hanna-mxrin, hannascookie, hell-yeah-pll, heartspobyy, hellyehpll, hashtagvanderwaal, hugeprettylittleliarsfann, him-her-it-bitch, hashtagpll

i-l: immortalitymydxrlings, imwatchingyoumarlene, itsprettylittleliarsforever, idcwatth3ysay, its-immortality-my-darlingsx, immortalityspencer, itsmeredcoat, i-bet-you-remember-me, i-spy-a-liar, intoxicatedliars, jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind, jenna-cant-hear-shes-blind, justhearthaleb, juliettay, kissbythebarn, king-cavanaugh, kllmmmm, liars-secrets, lexielucy02, littleliardiaries, love-blog-blr, lyingfeed, littlebookliar, lovelymisteracker, liars–pretty–liars, lucy-in-the-sky-with-troian, liveinbooks, littleliarsbigtheories

m-p: marinhastingsforbes, meirariem, ms-hollygolightlys, mybeautiifulchaos, makayla-love1, myprettylittlehints, mrskingston, mavibuhler, meimeicute, mrs-hannamarin, miss-aria–is-a-liar, monariaisa, my-pr3tty-littl3-th3ori3s, manna-vandermarin, mybigandmessydream, nothingglikeyouexpectedd, one-more-ezria-blog, omg-pll-hints, onceuponaprettylittleliar, pretty-little-liarsobsessed, plltheoriestmblr, pigtuniaisa, prettylittlesecretsandtheories, prettylittletylers, prettylittleliarslife22, prettyvampliar, pll–secrets, prettylittleliars-a, prettylittledirtyliars, pll-dirty-secrets, prettyliarsrosewood, pll-obsessions, pllsphere, prettylittleinvestigators, pllxisxmylifex, pretty-little-liars-hints, prettylittleharvey, pretty-little-benzo, prettylitt1eblackwidow, prettylittlelogic, pllandwttc, pllspanna, pll-iseverything, prettytheories, pretty-little-investigators, prettylittlekatie, pretty-littlemontgomery, plltheoriessss, pll-speculations, prettylittlecandylie, plltherapysessions, prettydirtysecretliar, prettylittledolls123, plltheories2k15, prettyassumptions, pll-kisses–a, pll-aisforanswers, paranoidaria, prettylittlepickups, prettylittlecharles, pretty-littleaddiction, pllanalyst, pllfan28, prettiest-liars, pretty-little-good-girls, prettylittleblogpostings, pllobsessedfreak, pllbestatheories, pllxobsessed, pllquestionsandtheories, preciouscupcakemontgomery, pll-greysanatomy, pllbookvstv, prettymysticfalls, pretty-little-reblog, prettylittleinvestigator, prettyliddomurrmaid, prettylittleliarsfourever, pll4ever7, prettylittleliars212, prettylittleliarsbae, plltheoriesabouta, phillylittleliar, perfectharding, prettylittlebigliars, pllexplained, plltheorygang, prettylittleliarsquestions, prettylittleforum, prettyandlittlesecrets, pllrocks, pllguy, prettylittlecharlesobsessed, pllmysteries, pllashleylove, prettylittlebuttah, prettylittletraveller, pllemisonsparia, prettylovelylucy, prettylittleliarsdetective, pllcrazyness, prettylittleobsessedfans, pllawesomeness, prettylittleakay, princessvanderwaal, pll-215-owls-b26-paris, pllobsessed-a, prettylittleliarsbiga, prettylittlelxvato, prettylittleliars, pllmama, plllogic, pll–blog, plltheoryblog, pllonabc, prettylittlereposts, prettylittledeadtheories, prettylittleatheories, pllsugar, prettylittlesleuth, prettylittle-skeletons, pllfandomnation, prettylittlesecretsinthewoods, prettylittleheada, prettylittletheory, prettylittlesecrethints

q-s: queerpuff, rosewoodsbitch, rcsewoodsfinest, rosewoodslittleliars, rosewoodslittleliarss, renee-prettylittleliarsthoughts, rethinkingrosewood, rednailsblackveil, rosewood-lies, rosewoodtruth, rosewooddetective, radleysanitarium6, rosewoodtheorys, rosewoodsbenzo, revealingpll, rosewood-pd, rosewood-clues, redcoatblackveil, rosewoodspy, rosewoodclown, sashapieterseismyqueen, sassy-hanna-rivers, shadinek, spencercavanaughs, spencersarcastic, saraharveysshower, spannamastings, soapezria, sketchyspoby, seri-es, she-knows-too-much-a, spobys-scrabble, spariemana, solvingprettylittleliars, spencersalison, spencersbloodsugar, spencerslakehouse, spencersbarn 

t-v: tvd-obsessions, the-prettiest-little-liars, theplldetectives, theprettylittletardis, tenseforspence, takeanempanada, thelifeofapllsuperfan, thatonepllblog, thatisimmortalitymydarlings, that-bearded-man. tokillamockingliar, tbreanneee. thefourplliars, tobycavanaughty, thecampbellfarmpll, the-world-ezria, theplltheorist, tyshleys, thatplltheoryblog, thefaketeam, tippi-knows, troianskeeg, thispllisburied, theplliars, those-rosewood-liars, thepllgeist, teamunaligned, twistedlittleliars, tremolux, thebestplltheories, ultimatepll, vivian-hastings-montgomery

w-z: winnybear, wren-kingston-is-charles, wickeddilaurentis, winterandthediamonds, wrenischarles, whoischarlesdilaurentis, withareallygoodlie, whothefckischarles, welcomebackmona, x–pretty-little-liars–x, xjennax13, xxariax, xxbansheexx, xwonderr–land, you-look-like-my-forever

Those are the blogs I follow, and if you aren’t already following them you should go do it right away! They’re all amazinggg (: 

This took me absolutely forever and I’m sorry if I missed everyone.. Thanks x a million and one to all of my absolutely perfect followers, you guys are all amazing and I can’t express my appreciation enough. I love you alllllll <333

Thank you, thank you, thank youu, 

xox, C :-*


OMG!! I can’t believe that I already reached 1k followers!!! Thank you all so much for following me!! It really means a lot to me. 💕

I will be doing a blog of the month soon (or an award thing), but before I do it I have to finish my exams.

This past month haven’t been easy for me and idk maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been very active on here and there is a reason to that. - Because coming on here makes me forget some of the bad stuffs. I love you guys and I really want to talk with more of you. It’s not really christmas anymore so I wish you had a great christmas and a I wish you all a happy new year. - And please be safe, 

Here are the list of the blogs that I really adore:

@dilaxrentis @pretty-little-sparia @hannabananasundae @ugly-little-liar @cavanaughspencer @justdoingsometutoring @ariafitzsgerald  @ezriaaa @buttahbenzo-emison @hannamarinbaby @shaymitcch @ariamontayes @6plls @sophers @heckyeahmonavanderwaal @screamforyourqueen  @s–cavanaugh @ariamontgomeryfitzgerald @onceuponaliar @klaineitupanotch @little–pretty–liars @seriouslyspoby 

@sparklebubbleblonde @thatwouldmakeyouaskank @prettylittle-spemily @alisongaylaurentis @pllobssesion @alisonsdliaurentis @beautifulspoby @ariaisa @sashapieterse @hastingsfairytale @alis-personal-pitbull @theprettylittleliarsx @jasondilaurentrash  @breesprettylittletheories @i-have-a-pll-problem @heathersapples 

@alifieldsemdilaurentis @spenceroswald @x-crush-on-mister-fitz-x @edriabookparadise @molindamay @sasha-ashley  @spenccerhastings @ezrafitzgerld @amynicole0116 @lucvhale  @prettylil-spoby @little-addicted-liars @spoby-havanaugh  @heybenson @xopllalisonqueen @annabellisario  @takingthis-onetothegrave  @r-e-d-c-o-a-t @shaylicious6 @liarsforlife18 @lovinemison @thisisliterallyjustezria 

 @troibella @dailyshaym @spona-prettylittleliarsscream  @straightouttaagame @ladybellisario @spariamontgomstings @just-pll-obsessed @liarsinravenswood @dangerous-g-a-me @pretty-ouat-liars @wrenkingsten @dilaurnts @troianbellisaro  @prettylittleliarfanatic @im-so-fitzy @safe-place-to-land  @spezriona @hushhushsweetliars  @prettylittleliarsa @byebabyhannabanana @pretty-little-misery @spona137 @prettyliars-unite @prettylyingbitches @prettylittledirtyliars @troianbdaily @spencer-baestings @prettylittleliarsxxxx

@spenceradley @drinkyoursauce  @xprettylittleliars-theory @alisonisuniverse @klarohastings @plldarling @pll-emison @shayspieterse @spariaisendgame @prettylittledoppelgangers @buttahofbenzo @allensbellisario @ezrasjinglenuts @troiansspenc @hushxhushxsweetxliar @ezraspies @ezriasxmas @hanna-mxrin @just-assume-its-sparia  @xdreamingofwonderlandx @benzisario @troianbelliisario @iwasalwaysaromantic @crazymonahastings @prettylittleplum @spobyscavanaugh @montgomeryshastings @benzolic @rosewood-pd @spencersxmas @rcdcoat @hannilyisendgame @alisonfields @buttahbenzoandpieterse @4littlelyingbitches @cavanaughttoby 

@prettylittleliarsfan901 @mysteriouspll @miss–montgomery @immortalitymydxrlings @xocharles @chxrleskingston @alisonqueendilaurentis @ezriaisbaepll @countryhale @keegscavanaugh @monavanderdoll @pllbookvstv @hannascookie @dilaurentisfields @allissondilaurentis @takeanempanada @cavanastings @wrxnkingston @jasontrashfan @its-immortality-my-darlingsx @emilyandali @redcoatblackveil @liars–pretty–liars @ariashastigs  @bethanyisbiga @riversmarins @rednailsblackveil @merryfitzymas @sparia-slays @amerryfitzmas @blackveilsociety @troianforever @ezraschickpeas @welcomebackmona @houseofhastings @cavanaughty @immortalityspencer @spencerscookies @ariasxmas @bitch-chipped-us @wastedhastings @vanderyeezus @alisondilasaurous @liars-secrets @xxariax @thefourplliars @pretty-little-benzo @escapingrosewood @pllrose @manna-vandermarin @littlebookliar  @alisondilxurentis  @pll-kisses–a  @fuckyeslittleliars @alisonddilaurentis @monavanderslayy

Sorry if I missed someone, you guys are all so wonderful and I appreciate each one of you!  You make me so happy, guys!!😘

OMG I’m so happy I have finally reached 1,000 followers and I started this blog 4 months ago I’m so proud!

I want to say thank you to everyone on tumblr because you are all truly amazing each and every one of you and everyone’s blog is amazing I love ALL of them!!

rosewood-lies my tumblr pll bestie! Your blog is awesome and one of my faves and I’m glad to have you as my PLL bestie!!!

manlyprettylittleliars another PLL bestie your blog is brill and you’re such a nice person! The only guy I know who has a PLL blog and it’s awesome!!!

addictedtoprettylittleliars you inspired me to make my blog in the first place and I couldn’t have done it without you and I love your blog too!!

whothefckischarles I love your blog!!! You’re an awesome person too and you inspired me to make my blog!!

hannas-calebs you’re another great friend I have and you’re always liking my stuff!!

hannascookie you’re such a kind person and I’m glad I have you as a friend on tumblr!!

littleliardiaries you’re also a great friend with an awesome blog and you’re always so kind to me and I love that!!

redcoatblackveil I love your blog too! You’re always liking and reblogging my stuff and you’re such a nice person!

welcomebackmona I love your blog!! You’re so sweet!

crazylittlemona you are also amazing!! You’re theories are awesome too!!

Here are the rest of the blogs are also amazing and my favourite!!!

a-for-a-l-i-v-e a-is-4-aria a-is-for-angry
a-isfor-answers a-littleliartheory a-prettttylittleliar a-teamofficial analyzinga
aria-is-a-pll aseesallinrosewood
bitchcankeepasecret bitch-chipped-us
bitchcantseeyou blackveiltheories benzburn bigaendgame broswatchplltoo buried-little-secrets but-who-is-a buttahtoherbenzo

cavanaughttoby cavanaughty cecetheblackveil celinique charlescouldkeepthesecret charlesdollhouse charleslittledolls charleswkingston confusedpll crazy-little-liars-of-rosewood crazyplltheory dailypll dangerous-g-a-me deadgiirlswalking dilau-wren-tis dilaureentis dilaurentisecrets dollarbenson dollhouse-kisses dont-turn-your-back-on-hastings

escapingrosewood everybodyliesinrosewood everything–pll ezriaxsparia fiverosewoodliars fortheloveofprettylittleliars fuckyeahprettylittleliars fuckyeslittleliars

gameonbitches game-on-bitches–a gameover-charles gotasecretgottokeepit guiltyaria halebconfessions halebslove hannasrivers hannasemilys hashtagpll he-she-it-bitch-a hisprettylittledollhouse holyvarjak hope-breeds-eternal-misery-901 hushhush-littleliars

i-bet-you-remember-me immortalitymydxrlings imstillherebitches–a intoxicatedliars its-pll-bitches its–a–bitches its-a-bxtches itsimmortalitymydarlingsx itsalwaysprettyinrosewood iweararedcoat jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind justprettylittlestuff justprettylittleliars justlittleliars-a

kallosofgreat killerariaisa kissesfromrosewood kisses-anonymous kisses-axox liars–pretty–liars liarsinravenswood lieskeepsusclose little-addicted-liars littlebookliar littlecrazyliars littleliarsbigtheories littleliarslyingpretty lucy-in-the-sky-with-troian

manna-vandermarin marinhastingsforbes mayaisredcoat miss-aria–is-a-liar missariathekiller monasvanderballs mona-vanderwaaal monariaisa monasdollhouse mypllltheory montgomeryshastings
official-pll-theories omgplltheories

paranoidaria phillylittleliar pigtuniaisa pll–secrets pll-aisforanswers pll-dirty-secrets pll-is-life pll-kisses–a pll-little-liar pll-mastermind pll-obsessed pll-pl-p-liars pll-rosewood-liars pll-speculations pll-theo-ries pll-theories-a-gossip pllandwttc pllanswers pllashleylove pllawesomeness plldailly pllexplained plliars-unite pllinvestigations pllislifexox plllogic pllmysteries pllobsessed-a pllobsessionxx pllsleuth pllsugar pretty-littleaddiction plltheoriess plltheoriestmblr plltheorygang pllxobsessed pr3ttylittletheories radleydolls
radleypatientss radleyrosewood
ravenswooda reaganoxoxox redcoatisblackveil rednailsblackveil revealingpll rosewood–bitchess rosewood-clues rosewood-isa-psychward rosewood-pd rosewoodclown rosewooddetective rosewoodspy rosewoodtheorys

saraharveysshower sapphireroselovethings slay-mitchell spemilypll spencersbarn spencers-bleeding-purse takeanempanada tastypll team-pretty-little-liars team-girls-rosewood teamariaisstilla the-a-team-of-rosewood thats-immortality—my-darlings thebestplltheories thefaketeam thefourplliars thelifeofapllsuperfan theoriesofaprettyliar theplldetectives theplliars theplltheorist theprettylittlediaries therosewoodlies therosewoodobserver thispllisburied tobys-little-liars tremolux trustnoone-a typicalrosewoodliars

ultimatepll uncovering-rosewood unleashing-a unmasking–a vanderyeezus vdarkbloomblog welcome2dadollhouse who-tf-ischarles whoisagame withareallygoodlie wrenischarles wrxnkingston wtfspemily

x–pretty-little-liars–x x-prettylittleliar-x xplladdictionx xxariax -redcoat 3facedmirror 4littleliars 4littlelyingbitches 4xliars 6plls

Thank you all so much!!! Everyone’s blog is amazing and I’m so happy I hit my goal!!!!!

5K Follow Forever

First of all - Thank you! I never thought I’d get to this point! Thank you for reading my posts, for reblogging them, for sending me your thoughts and theories! Now let’s celebrate! 

I’m going to start with the people who gave me advice when I most needed them! Thank you so much ♥ I really appreciate it! You can count on me.

@redcoatblackveil @alisonfields @pll-theories-a-gossip @bitchcankeepasecret @ifoundmyselfinwonder-land @brainslav99  

And now all the PLL Blogs I have respect to, because of their content and because they are amazing!

@prettylittlehopeful @prettylittleliarstheoriesx @6plls @troiancoolsario @sleepintheharding @fallforhale @ezrialoves @prettylittleplum @prettylittlehanison @fangirlingoverpll @ianmhaarding @pretty-littlemontgomery @trobellisario @tremolux @wrenischarles @prettylittleliarsbiga @hotdogfitz @adoringezria @wrxnkingston @prettylittlesleuther @liars-secrets @whothefckischarles @thefourplliars @fiverosewoodliars @takeanempanada @rosewood-fever @rosewood-clues @rosewoodspy @rosewoodclown @blackveilsociety @a-teamofficial @fuckyeslittleliars @plltheorygang @ezraschickpeas @hannabananasundae @pllcloset (AMAZING). @prettylittleliarsa @manna-vandermarin @tobycavanaughty @hushhush-littleliars @addictedtoprettylittleliars @pookiebearandz @pllrocks @plllogic @pllguy @keeganallennews @shesbetternow @pllsphere @prettylittlesessions @pllmysteries @welcomebackmona  @pll-mastermind @fuckyeahprettylittleliar @hashtagpll @dailypll @pllawesomeness

You guys are incredible, keep it up! Xo.

1k follow forever!

Originally posted by zoegwlaird

I really can’t believe this is happening, it is so amazing to me and I don’t know what to say, I love everyone of you, okay? I can’t believe that you guys decided to followed me, that’s insane! So i wanted to thank you and that’s why I’m doing this.

First of all I want to thank takeanempanada, mrs-hannamarin, littleliardiaries, jenna-cant-hear-shes-blind, addictedtoprettylittleliars, paranoidaria and manna-vandermarin, rosewoodzs they’re always here for me, I know I can talk to them and they’ll answer my questions, I love you dolls!

Then I want to thank dilaxrentis3facedmirror, rosewoodspy, 6plls, hashtagpll, vanderyeezus, confusedpll, crazyplltheory, ezraschickpeas, pllsphere, fortheloveofprettylittleliars, fuckyeslittleliars, i-bet-you-remember-me, prettylittleliarsbiga, welcomebackmona, whothefckischarles, I’m always stalking you and I love your blogs!

#: 4littlelyingbitches

A-D: a–squad, a-secret-can-you-keep-it, a-theoryposts, aisforanswerss, aisintheair, aliareyouasleep, alisondilasaurous, alisondilaur, alisonpieterse, alisyellowtop, allaboardhannaexpress, allaboardtheatrain, alluringdolls, amelialuvspll, another-prettylittleliar, anotherlittle-liar, ariathekiller, aseesallinrosewood, ayyyteam, benzburn, bethanyisbiga, bitch-chipped-us, bitchcankeepasecret, blackveilsociety, buttahbenzoandpieterse, cavanastings, cavanaughttoby, cavanaughty, cmonwereteamsparia, dailypll, dil-a-urentis, dilau-wren-tis, dilaurentisfields, dilaurnts, drinkyoursauce

E-H: emilyandali, emisob, emisondilaurentis, emisongray, emisonisforever, emisonislifeok, emisonpains, emmyandali, ems-empanada, escapingrosewood, essenceofbestboyfriend, ewmushysquash, ezbaefitz, ezra-fitzturkey, ezrafltzgerald, ezras-baby-nuts, ezras-turtleneck, falalaemison, fckhaleb, fiverosewoodliars, fuckyeahprettylittleliar, fuckyeahqueenalison, game-on-charles, hannaandthepinkfurrylamp, hannabananasundae, hannamarinsgrandma, hannas-pinkdrink, hannascheesefries, hannascookie, hastings-troian, heathersapples, houseofhastings

I-L: immortalitymydxrlings, itsalwaysprettyinrosewood, itspigtunia, jasondi-laurentis, kissesfromrosewood, lamer-leprintemps-lesfleurs, leasq, lieskeepsusclose, littlebookliar, livinrosewood, lucxhale

M-P: mackenzieloveschachie, mamagabusi, marinhastingsforbes, marinshannas, megsjauregui, missariakiller, monadilaurentiss, monasvanderballs, monavanderjesus, montgomeryshastings, mrskingston, n0sey-b1tches-d1e, oh-myhannamarin, pepelovestippi, phillylittleliar, pll-215-owls-b26-paris, pll-aisforanswers, pll-kisses–a, pll-team-sparia, pll-undercover, pllandbooks, pllawesomeness, plldotcom, pllexplained, pllguy, pllobsessedfreak, pllrose, plltheorygang, pookiebearandz, prettiest-liars, pretty-little-benzo, pretty-littlemontgomery, prettyandlittlesecrets, prettyassumptions, prettybigassliars, prettylittlecandylie, prettylittleemison-, prettylittleforum, prettylittlehanison, prettylittlehopeful, prettylittleliarsbae, prettylittleliarsreign, prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop, prettylittleliarsxxxx, prettylittlelogic, prettylittlesessions, prettylitttlelovers, princessvanderwaal

Q-T: queenbeemonadilaurentis, queenshastings, quiethenoise, radley-bitches, radleydolls, redcoatblackveil, rednailsblackveil, rethinkingrosewood, revealingpll, rosewood-lies, rosewood-pa-population-a, rosewood-pd, rosewoodclown, rosewoodneverleavesyou, rvsewood, sashapieterse, sashaslies, shaymitchell, shaymspain, shesbetternow, sjelllovespll, solvingfora, solvingprettylittleliars, sp0baesp0na, spannamastings, spencers-bleeding-purse, spencersarcastic, spencerslakehouse, spezria-cobra-awesomeness, thatonepllblog, thefaketeam, thelastsecrett, theplliars, thingpll, thisliarisonfire, thispllisburied, tippy-knows, tobycavanaughty, tokillamockingliar, tremolux, troiancoolsario, troiann

U-Z: ultimatepll, unleashing-a, unlikedly, unmasking–a, vandergomerys, whatwouldspencerdo, whitemothtoaflame, withareallygoodlie, wrenischarles, wrxnkingston, wtfspemily, x–pretty-little-liars–x, x-ask-me-anything-x

So many blogs, I’m so grateful to have Tumblr, I’ve met so many people here and you all are amazing, thank you so much.


So I wanted to do a follow forever for when I reached 400 followers….but I got distracted by something shiny and i got like 30 followers overnight, so I thought I’d wait til 450 or 500. 450 and 500 came and went. I got myself distracted by something shiny again and here I am at 600+ followers and still no follow forever🙈🙉🙊

So anyway here’s my follow forever don’t feel bad if you’re not mentioned I love you all really and truly.

sorry-im-late-again bitchcantseeyou pllrocks ezramylove ezrialoves wrxnkingston rednailsblackveil sp0na thats–immortality–mydarlings heartspobyy who I can’t believe follows me I’m so honored

pllthoughtsb26 hastings-troian alisonunderground gonnawishyoustayeddead littlebookliar whothefckischarles montgomeryshastings rosewooddetective who is just the sweetest

pllobsessedfreak alisonddilaurentis pllsleuth aisintheair pretty-little-good-girls typical-rosewood-liars prettylittleliarsreign thispllisburied
pllanalyst pllawesomeness addictedtoprettylittleliars who is just amazing and I can’t even believe follows me

pll-aisforanswers who is just the best
escapingrosewood mrs-hannamarin spoby-17-1 weneedspencer dont-turn-your-back-on-hastings who is my baby, like seriously I will fight you

essenceofbestboyfriend I just love you, you had me at your URL, prettylittleliarsbiga yummymummy071013 I adore you hope-breeds-eternal-misery-901 obsessedpllth30ry pllrosewoodbae anotherlittle-liar radcliffediary prettylittleobsessedfans 😘 vanderyeezus lucy-in-the-sky-with-troian twerkteamsixx ultimatepll cavanaughttoby mychemicalspoby oshitsomeoneactually it goes without saying how much I love you, but oh well I just said it whitemothtoaflame prettylittleliars5ever plliars-unite
againstpromiseagainsthope fiverosewoodliars rosewood-pd 3 blogs I can’t believe follow me
ezraspies cmonwereteamsparia aseesallinrosewood spencers-radley plttheorieswithdani so awesome everyone should follow pllpanf16 prettylittleaddictionnn emisongray vivian-hastings-montgomery itspll-bitches fortheloveofprettylittleliars shoegirl927 redpensandhoodies pllsphere can’t believe they follow me
i-bet-you-remember-me you know I love you spobyovereverything prettycharmedpretender I don’t think I ever told you that your blog makes me happy buritobaby confusedpll alaskahastings-the-hurricane pllcrazyness pllanswers pllmama eralynne wheresmeredcoat gotasecretgottokeepit prettylittlesecretsinthewoods everythingisprettylittleliars chela-429 you-look-like-my-forever you know I love you she-knows-too-much-a bambibeatles hearloveinthesilence miss-epic-love aprettylittleaddictionx pll-big-a pllblackhoodie you-look-like-my-forever you’re my little ball of sunshine
3facedmirror 6plls a-for-a-l-i-v-e adoringezria amo3b analyzinga aprettyhiddensecret ariathekiller arosewoodliar aseesallinrosewood b26-loveyoubabe benzisario bitchcankeepasecret blackveiltheories broswatchplltoo cavanastings charlesandmona closedcasketskeepsecrets deputytoby didyoumissmebitches dilaurentisfields you are so amazing I admire you so much emilyandali ezbaefitz ezras-turtleneck ezra-fitzturkey ezraschickpeas fallenasecrets game-on-charles gibbinwes I adore you halfasleepinthegardn hannabananasundae hannamarinsgrandma you are so awesome hashtagpll he-she-it-bitch-a houseofhastings intoxicatedliars isthispeanutbutter itspigtunia iwasalwaysaromantic jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind just-shower-thoughts justdoingsometutoring kisses-anonymous littleprettyspoby manna-vandermarin norosewoodcoincidence officertobae omg-spobyy pepeatetippi pepelovestippi phonylittleliars pllguy pllmysteries pllspobylove pookiebearandz rosewoodspy sapphireroselovethings spencers-bleeding-purse spencerslakehouse takeanempanada thefaketeam thisliarisonfire thistimeistayed tippithebird tobycavanaughty tobys-buttchin tobys-durag tremolux troiancoolsario welcomebackmona prettylittleliarsxxxx prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop thelastsecrett

I appreciate each and everyone of my followers I love you all so much, you guys make my day so much better when you

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Thanks for 1000!

Here’s my follow forever to say thanks for 1000 followers!

#-a-b: 6plls a-lovebug74 a-theoryposts alisonddilaurentis alisonredcoat alisons-prettylittleliars alisonshaleb alittleliarsmom another-prettylittleliar asprettylittlelies bethanyisbiga bitchcantseeyou 

c-d-e: cavanaughty charleswkingston courtneydrakes crazylittlemona dilau-wren-tis ezrandamonmyloves ezras-baby-nuts

f-g-h: fortheloveofprettylittleliars game-on-bitches–a hannascheesefries he-she-it-bitch-a him-her-lt-bitch

i-j-k: intoxicatedliars itall-happens-inrosewood its-immortality-my-darlingsx its-immortality-my-darlings-x itspencerhastings jasondi-laurentis katelovespll kissbythebarn

l-m: letsplluniverse liars–pretty–liars liarsarenotpretty littlebookliar mrs-hannamarin myprettylittlehints 

p: pepelovestippi phillylittleliar pll-aisforanswers pll-iseverything pll-kisses–a pll-mastermind pll-speculations pll-theory920 pllandwttc pllbestatheories pllcrazyness plldotcom pllexplained pllmama pllmysteries pllobsessedfreak pllrosewoodbae pllsphere pllspanna plltheoryblog plltheorygang plltherory-addict pllunatics plttheorieswithdani pretty-little-benzo pretty-little-hastings pretty-little-liars-hints pretty-little-pretty-little pretty-littlemontgomery prettyandlittlesecrets prettyassumptions prettyliarsrosewood prettylitt1eblackwidow prettylittiealison prettylittleam prettylittlebigliars prettylittlecandylie prettylittleforum prettylittlehopeful prettylittleinvestigators prettylittlekatie prettylittleliaraaa prettylittleliars-11 prettylittleliars-bitches prettylittleliarsbae prettylittleliarsfans-a prettylittleliarsspoil prettylittleliarsxxxx prettylittleliartheorie-s prettylittlelogic prettylittlepickups prettylittleplayer35 prettylittleravenswoodliar prettylittlesessions prettylittlespobyyy prettylittletheorists prettylittlewrencer prettylitttlelovers prettysketchyliars

q-r-s: q-u-e-e-n-a-r-i-a queenbeemonadilaurentis reaganoxoxox rednailsblackveil revealingpll rosewood-pd rosewoodliaries rosewoodspy rvsewood sadouz sashaslies sweetlittlehale 

t-u-v: thebestplltheories thefourplliars theliarsguide theoryfreak therosewoodlies tokillamockingliar tremolux ultimatepll vanderyeezus vdarkbloomblog

w-x: whatwouldspencerdo whothefckischarles wrxnkingston x–pretty-little-liars–x xxxxxprettylittleliarsxxxxx

These are all of the blogs I follow so please check them out! I would love to do shout-outs to my followers but 1000+ of you (ahhhhh!) would take too long, so just know I love you all and thanks so much for following and reading my theories and reblogging my posts. I appreciate it a lot. Much love. xxx

Follow forever - 500 followers!

I can’t believe I just got 500 followers! Thank you so much, guys!
Because of this special day, I want to show you my list of the best blogs here!

@2cankeepasecretifoneofthemis @6plls @adoringezria @allhalefitzharding @ariaxmona @bitch-chipped-us @bitchcankeepasecret @blackveilsociety  @cavanaughandhastings @chickpeasandboysenberrypie @checking-into-radley @chxrleskingston @countryhale

@ems-eggs @exriaz @ezrafitzgerld @ezraschickpeas @ezriaxsparia @ezria-b26-pll @ezria-harding-hale @ezriaforlifexxx @ezriagame @ezriaisbaepll @ezriapiespll @ezriasupport @ezriavslucian @fancyfitz @fitzandmontgomery @fitzgomerymania @fitzmontgomery-addict @gallifreyancameos @hotdogfitz @hushxhushxsweetxliar @ian-hrding @immortalitymydxrlings @itsalwaysprettyinrosewood @just-assume-its-sparia

@legenmarriedsoulmates @lieskeepsusclose @lily281 @little-addicted-liars @littlebookliar @livingthemnnice @manna-vandermarin @missariaiskiller @mysteriouspll

@pieandpoetry @pll-215-owls-b26-paris @pookiebearandz @pookiebearz @pretty-little-heart-surgeon @pretty-little-misery @prettyliars-and-vampires @prettylittle-storyteller @reckless-harding @redcoatblackveil @rosewood-fever @rosewood-pd @rosewoodsblackwidow @rosewoodspy @secretfitz @sherlockgasm @sjelllovespll @sleepintheharding  @slightly-addicted-to-pll @spezriona @sponahastings

@takeanempanada @tokillamockingliar @thisisliterallyjustezria @trustnoone-a @typicalrosewoodliars @whatsgoingonwolfgang @x-crush-on-mister-fitz-x @xxariax

And the most important thing. I want you to know, I have one special person, who is my sunshine, my gaaaarl, my Spencer, my big sistah and my freak. @futuremrsfitz, my lovely Mar Mar, thank you for every minute we spent together. You are my best friend and I’ve never met anybody, who would support me like you do. I’m glad we met each other – my world is much better with you!

So, now you can go follow all these precious cupcakes! Love you!

Today I reached 700 followers and that’s so special to me because I love Tumblr and I love being part of the PLL fandom and here I found amazing and lovely people, thanks for all, seriously.

Thanks to the persons that I’ll always talk to because they’re amazing, you need to follow them: mrs-hannamarin takeanempanada littleliardiaries, thanks for all dolls, you’re the best!

Thanks to the people that I admire so much and I love their blogs because they’re amazing: megsjauregui 3facedmirror addictedtoprettylittleliars hashtagpll 6plls dilaxrentis welcomebackmona hannabananasundae prettylittleliarsbiga prettylittleobsessedfans rosewoodspy spencersarcastic vanderyeezus whothefckischarles, I’m always stalking you guys, I love your blogs!

#: 4littlelyingbitches

A-D: a–squad alisonddilaurentis alisondilaur alisondilaurentistheliar alisyellowtop alivemona allaboardhannaexpress amynicole0116 anotherlittle-liar ariamontgem ariathekiller benzburn bethanyisbiga bitchcankeepasecret buttahbenzoandpieterse charlesandmona confusedpll countryhale crazylittlemona crazyplltheory dilaurentisfields doppelclones drinkyoursauce

E-H: emilyandali emisongray everybodyliesinrosewood ewmushysquash ezra-fitzturkey ezrafltzgerald ezras-turtleneck ezraspies fadedwhitelies falalaemison fiverosewoodliars fortheloveofprettylittleliars fuckkyeahsparia fuckyeahprettylittleliar fuckyeahqueenalison fuckyeslittleliars game-on-charles glamygirlhotmess gotasecretliar hannaandthepinkfurrylamp hannamarinsgrandma hannas-pinkdrink hastings-troian hell0deary hope-breeds-eternal-misery-901 houseofhastings

I-L: i-bet-you-remember-me iansgoose intoxicatedliars its-immortality-my-darlingsx itsalwaysprettyinrosewood itspigtunia iweararedcoat jenna-cant-hear-shes-blind kissesfromrosewood lieskeepsusclose littlebookliar lucy-in-the-sky-with-troian

M-P: manna-vandermarin monasvanderballs monavanderjesus my-pr3tty-littl3-th3ori3s n0sey-b1tches-d1e obsessedpllth30ry omgplltheories pepelovestippi pll-215-owls-b26-paris pll2spooky pllanalyst pllandwttc pllemisonsparia pllexplained pllguy plllogic pllmysteries pllobsessedfreak pllrocks pllrose pllsphere plltheorygang pookiebearandz preciouscupcakemontgomery prettiest-liars prettyandlittlesecrets prettylittlecharles prettylittleemison- prettylittleforum prettylittlehanison prettylittlehopeful prettylittlehorcrux prettylittleliarsbae prettylittleliarsreign prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop prettylittlelogic prettylittlesessions prettylittletheories-a prettylitttlelovers princessvanderwaal

Q-T: queenshastings redcoatblackveil redcoatisblackveil revealingpll rosewoodclown rosewooddetective rosewoodzs shesbetternow solvingprettylittleliars sp0na spariaswift spenceradley spencers-bleeding-purse spencerslakehouse spezria-cobra-awesomeness thefaketeam thelastsecrett theradioactive thingpll thisliarisonfire thispllisburied tobycavanaughty tobys-buttchin tremolux typical-rosewood-liars 

U-Z: unleashing-a unlikedly unmaskeda unmasking–a vandergomerys whitemothtoaflame wrxnkingston

So many accounts, but I wanted to thank you all so much because you make my days complete, when I’m sad, I come to Tumblr and I see you all on my dashboard and you make me smile, thanks for all and I love your blogs!