Coastal scents 6-Contour Blush pallete.

Another wish of lists Item..

I used to have this pallete a long time ago when I was freshly onto the makeup scene a bit. All stary eyed and watching reviews of the big shot makeup artists reviewing products to be the /best/ and than of course me wanting them desperately..Because I was absolutly infatuated with the idea of contour and highlight..From what I can remember it was a fairly good product..And extreamly versatile.. And could be used on any skintone to bone pale to rich dark depending on how much you used.

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 The blush was always my favorite..As I remember it suffered several almost fatal drops that broke all the pots into little pressed powder shards that I sorrowfully collected up into little bags and used them that way. I think it was my fault and a few others for knocking my stuff around. But I will say if I get this again I will be much more careful with it. 

Its an amazing thing for $18.95. And if taken care of..(not dropped, or overused) It could last a person for ages.

Ill will get this soon.