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BEST of 6nin NEWS: Fighting Man

The second song that we chose for the BEST of 6nin NEWS project is Fighting Man. It was the last single that they released before the two members left. Looking back, this song had totally different impacts before and after they left. 

Before they left, Fighting Man was a promise; a promise that NEWS will keep working hard together to be able to continue bringing smiles to our faces. On the first weeks after they left, frankly, we just felt disappointed and a little bit betrayed. It was as if the promises they made to us meant nothing. As if they never even happened. I think we can all agree that it came as a shock to see Ryo and Pi leave and because of that, we couldn’t help but question the meaning of the song. 

Now, however, we realized that they are still keeping that promise. That they are still fighting despite all the things they’ve been through. They may not be together in one group, but all of them are still doing their best for us. Just as before.


I Wish, You Wish For NEWS 「私達がNEWSに希望する事」 (by newsuje)

Note : It is translated ^__^, all you have to do is switch on closed captures (by pressing CC button) to make Japanese subtitles appear ;)


This is the real power of NEWS ^O^,gathering the hearts of fans all over the world,they will always be that amazing light that bright up our days ^__^

You are really great NEWS Fans <333 ,you never stand still,and always trying your best to make your voices heard,and you once again touch my heart & make me cry,i really miss those boys <3,and i’m so proud of you & them too ^___^,i’m sure they’ll not let us down no matter how long it’ll take,I trust them & i’m sure they are doing their best too ^O^

*Never Ending World Supportive (N.E.W.S.) Fans Project *

Miss NEWS? Would you like to send them a personal message? Well this is your chance to let NEWS know how much you love and support them.

What ? : 

* collecting short messages from fans like you and we’ll send them to NEWS 

How? :

1.Post your message under note titled “N.E.W.S. Fans Project” HERE , NOT on the main page’s WALL please.

2.Message should be no longer than 200 characters. Any message longer than 200 characters will NOT BE INCLUDED in this project.

3.You can send up to 2 messages total (one for NEWS and one for your ichiban member). But we will NOT include your message IF you only have a message for your ichiban member. The first message should be for NEWS.

4.NO double posting please.

5.Let us know which country you are from so we can let NEWS know just how diverse their fans are.

6.Don’t know Japanese? No problem. You can write your message in English and Admin Lichan will translate them to Japanese. We will include BOTH original messages (english) and their Japanese translation.

When ? : 

You can  participate now,but please note that The DEADLINE before stop receiving any messages  is :  December 01, 2011 at midnight pacific time

Want to help make this project a success? Spread the word.

Minna-san, let’s send NEWS our love through our messages.


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N.E.W.S ❤

“ This [N]ever [E]nding [W]onderful [S]tory won’t stop..so please [N]ever [E]nding [W]aiting and [S]upporting for NEWS. BELIEVE ❤ "  ^___^

Quote Credit to kane_0306 @ LJ


Through all this years you make me stronger,and never failed to make me smile even through tears ^ ^,for you i’ll stand up to everything around me & i’ll never let you go <3,My NEWS Arigato ~ ,Zutto i love you <3

كما يقولون ما لا يقتلك يجعلك أقوى ^^ ..فخورة حقًا بفانز نيوز لأنهم كالعادة أثبتوا أنهم أقوى وأفضل من كل شئ ..وأن كل ما يجري لا يزيدهم سوى قوة وعزيمة وحب لنيوز^___^..