At around 11 PM, Gasol offered some great words for his teammate and 6MOTY, Lamar Odom.

Great words from Gasol, who was congratulating his teammate on his accomplishment. Words that he probably didn’t have a chance to say to Lamar directly because of some other personal obliga-wait, what?

So I’m going to assume that Gasol never said anything to LO at the ceremony?

Going to the award ceremony and then tweeting a congrats would be like going to friend’s birthday party and sending a birthday card through the mail the day after.

And seriously, way to dress for the occasion, you guys. You’re telling me that just because you weren’t receiving the award, you couldn’t even bother to wear something with a collar? And why is Kobe dressed like a work-at-home mother who’s just going out to get some groceries? And why do I get the feeling that Shannon is just thinking about how he can fuck the offense up even more next season in an attempt to hold that trophy in 2012/2013?