Now on to the Power Tubes!!! 6L6’s are some of the most widely used and most popular power tubes used in Guitar amps today. Again there is a lot of confusion about what the differences are. This is a full comprehensive break down about the different tubes and their characteristics that will hopefully help you my fellow musicians make a better choice for your own style and sound to develop your tone the way you want it to be not just based on what your friends say. 


Also check out the blog i wrote about the different types of amps and how they are biased as well it answers a few of the most common questions I get about biasing an amp for the power tubes. 



Mitch’s Alamo Paragon Bass, a Fender Bassman clone. 110 watts.

Had an arcing power tube causing pops and some real nasty sounds.

Replaced the bad tubes and changed the cathode resistor to set an appropriate bias.

Really great sounding amp, hoping he falls on hard times and sells it to me to make rent.