honestly though like ghostbusters was so refreshing? I know it isn’t the first movie to do this but it’s so rare to have huge budget films portray women in the way ghostbusters did. the women in this movie got to have dramatic battle montages and scream and slap each other and shoot lasers and get covered in ectoplasm and get dirty and gross and tired and have sweat stains on their clothes. they got to have weird expressions and fat rolls and double chins and awkward angles and unflattering positions and clothing without any “hahahaha it’s okay we’re actually supermodels!!!” moments. they were shown as literal geniuses!!!!! as smart and capable and strong and none of it was backed up with “I have seven brothers” or “I had [male mentor] teach me everything I know.” the entire premise was based on incredibly smart and ambitious women who had nothing they did defined by men (even the ~romantic subplot~ was played for comedy and hardly even considered romantic). this movie is so important and I’m so glad it’s been made.