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Its ya boy
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So, Ultra Sun and Moon is released tomorrow ... (Story time !) c;

Pokemon Sun and Moon means a lot to me, so now that USUM is being released I thought I’d muse over a little story for those who would like to read it c’: Here’s some of my experience with SUMO, it gets a little bit personal for those of you who’ve ever wondered who’s behind this blog ! A lot of stuff will be revealed 🤔

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Shiny pokemon requests (Updated)!

that’s right! You can have the shiny pokemon/event pokemon you always dreamed of! The update is sudden but once again, this is completely optional! Free giveaways will still go on, but I’m doing this so that I can put money towards savings in case of emergency, such as hospital bills, a sudden need to move, job loss, etc.


All default pokemon with no specification for EVS/IVS will all be 6iv

  • $1.60- Individual Pokemon, Shiny or Event, Nicknamed (if wanted) with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like, as well as a held item!.
  • $5- 3 pokemon, shiny or event, nicknamed (if wanted),with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like, as well as held item!
  • $10- A full team of shiny or event pokemon, nicknamed (if wanted),with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like as well as held item!
  • $20- Two teams of shiny or event pokemon, nicknamed (if wanted),with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like as well as held item!
  • $30- 3 teams of shiny or event pokemon with a bonus event to add to your team! nicknamed (if wanted),with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like, as well as held item!
  • $50- Full box of pokemon, with bonus event or item! Shiny or Event, nicknamed (if wanted),with whatever gender, ball, and nature you’d like, as well as held item!

Extra services (for your own pokemon):

  • $1- Pokeball held change, IV and EV edits, Pokemon ability change, Nickname change
  • $0.50 ea.- Move learning request (within reason)

Thank you for your time! I know Ive been reblogging around the other post but I thought i should update it with some better presentation and pricing for other options!

BR/Breeding BoxKit: Reblog Giveawy!

This is a Boxkit with everything you need to breed your own *Legal*?, competitive Pokemon teams for VGC.

(Or just kicking butt)



The rest of the mon’s are holding beneficial battle items

Make sure to follow my blog for more GA’s

This time around lets have 1 Grand Prize Winner receive the boxkit

2nd place gets a custom team built to their specifications

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th get two Dittos: A 6IV, Destiny Knot, Shiny, Japanese Ditto.As well as a limited edition English VERLIS Ditto from our buddy Verlisify. VERLIS Ditto is 6IV, Shiny, Destiny Knot as well

That’s 6 winners! WOW

that’s a lot of winners, I hope you’ll will be patient as I disperse the spoils

To Enter: Like and or Reblog as you wish.

I draw the winners using a random number generator.

End date is: 12:00 AM February 5th,  winners will drawn and contacted at closing.

If you are reblogging but not participating; it will help me if you wrote *Boost* in your reblog

Both Dittos are available from me on the house if you need one!

All you have to do is get in touch with me @articuno-giveaways

So.  Question.  About shinies and eggs in Pokemon.  I just accidentally hatched a shiny, 6IV Jangmo-o.  I just wanted to make eggs for the Ultra Moon run.  Anyway, if I soft reset with the egg yet unhatched, and trade it over to Ultra Moon, will it still hatch shiny?  Because I would love that.

When people get pissed over receiving crap over Wonder Trade.


Yes, it’s not fun getting uncool-things over WT, but getting fucking shit-pissed off about it and ranting angrily about it doesn’t help. People on the internet try their hardest to make Wonder-Trade a better place, we all are in a way, and I think that’s beautiful. Ranting about it is as silly as buying a lottery ticket and complaining when you don’t win. 

Wonder-Trade is not about GETTING SOMETHING AWZUM. It’s about making someone else’s day. Of course I am bummed when I get another Luvdisc, but heck, they got a 5IV - HA - Growlithe, I’m sure they got happy (: 

Reaons why WT never will be fair:

  • 7 yearols and UP (and even younger) are playing Pokemon, do you think they care that you bred a 6IV Shiny and thew it on WT? Yes, you made their day, but they don’t care what they traded you, it was their win. 
  • Wonderlocke-challenges and other kinds of these.
  • PERSONAL OPINIONS ABOUT POKEMON (this includes me being happy whenever I get a Scatterbug while you would cry and pull your hair). 
  • People who simply just do not care. 

Wonder Trade will never be perfect, and if you can’t handle getting a Froakie, Eevee or a Charmander, I simply ask you to stop Wonder Trading, because getting fired up about it is not healthy and the amount of Froakies and Eevees might actually kill you. 

Have a nice day. 


I’m hatching shinies here, right? That’s what I do 80% of my pokemon playtime. That’s my thing.

Ok so
I’m breeding my shiny Miniors alright.
Switched up the nature just a few patches back when I realized Jolly may get burned and Stone Edge is not reliable, so I made it Naive so I can run Power Gem or something.
And I was worried I’d get the shiny while the IVs are still bad after using a crappy ditto, right?


Just now THIS guy pops up

Great, right? Great is what I said.


No, I’m not mad about getting a perfect shiny. I’m not mad that I possess the single rarest and most wanted thing in the pokemon universe, a single mon I believe NO ONE ELSE has gotten so far in legit ways. Hackers sure, that’s obvious, but this? This shit right here. This goddamn piece of– SEE? I’m mad. This spiky black ball of love, of gorgeousness, of perfection - this shiny mon right here is going to be my downfall. Is no one going to believe me? No. Is no one going to believe I got this one just days after ANOTHER 6iv shiny? No. No one is going to believe that. I know I wouldn’t. If a guy came to me in a con or something and said “yo this shiny right here is the second 6v I hatched in a row” I’d laugh at his face and throw his DS across the room into a wall - hackers don’t deserve to play. But now I could be that guy. I could be the player with 6v shiny in her team and another in the box. I mean no one is going to have any respect for me as an anti-hacker anymore. NO ONE. Not even myself I mean this has to be a mistake! Surely it’s gonna turn into a 3v or something overnight right? RIGHT??

I’m so done right now. So goddamn done.

Infinite High IV/Shiny Ditto Hunting Tutorial

I’ve seen this floating around on Youtube and Reddit but not yet on Tumblr.
It’s basically a super fancy SOS chain that can go on literally forever, gaining you infinite EXP (albeit 100 or so at a time, and some people even suggest turning off your EXP share to make the battles go a little faster), dittos with perfect IVs (great for competitive breeders), and maybe even a lovely shiny Ditto for the shiny hunters.

It takes a lot of setup and planning, but once you’ve got the chain going, nothing can stop it, and keeping it going is so incredibly mindless that it’s basically AFK.

What you’ll need:
- A Pokémon that knows Recycle and NOTHING ELSE (This is CRITICAL), preferably one that’s low-level. I got this by getting a wild Smeargle to Sketch the Recycle one of my Pokémon used, but it’s also possible to just get a Poké with Recycle and use the Move Deleter to remove the rest of their moves. This is your Recycler.

- A Pokémon that knows Switcheroo. Dhelmise is a good candidate for this, as it learns Switcheroo at level 1. Catch a Dhelmise and bring it to the Move Reminder and it’ll just be there. This is your Switcher.
Now, have your Switcher hold a Leppa berry.

- A Pokémon that knows the move False Swipe. This can also be your Switcheroo ‘mon, but mine isn’t. This is your False Swiper.

- A high-levelled Pokémon that meets two conditions:
1. Can 1hko a lvl 25-ish wild Ditto
2. Does NOT know any moves that damage its Ally (such as Discharge or Earthquake). I learned this the hard way.
This can also be your Switcheroo/False Swipe user, which would make things very efficient. Mine are not all the same Pokémon since I basically just used whatever I had on hand.
This Pokémon is your Sweeper.

- Adrenaline Orbs, which is what you always want when SOS chaining. They make it more likely for a wild Pokémon to call for help.

- You’ll also want a ton of Leppa Berries/Elixers/Ethers/PP-Restorers for your own Pokémon if you want your chain to last a while.

- Timer Balls might be a good idea for when it’s finally time to catch at 6IV/Shiny ditto.

- Some method of counting the number of Dittos you’ve encountered, if you want. This makes the chaining slightly less mindless, though.

What to do:

1. Put your Recycler in the first slot of your party.

2. Find a wild Ditto; they’re found in the patches of grass on Mount Hokulani. Have it Transform into your Recycler. The wild Ditto now only knows Recycle, a move which will allow it to re-use whatever berry it’s holding, even if said berry was already eaten.

3. Switch your Recycler into your Switcheroo-er. Use Switcheroo.

I’ll pause here to explain exactly what you’ve just done and why it’s an infinity setup.

Switcheroo swaps your item with the opponent’s, so what you’ve just done is given a Leppa berry to the Ditto which can only use a move that will let it get its Berry back.
Leppa Berries restore 10 PP to of one Pokémon’s moves.

You’ve now trapped a wild Ditto in a setup that will let it use Recycle infinitely. All this Ditto will do is use Recycle until it’s low on PP, then eat its Leppa berry to restore PP, then use Recycle to get its Leppa berry back, repeat. This can and hopefully will continue indefinitely.

You don’t have to worry about the Ditto using Struggle and knocking itself out and you don’t have to worry about taking any damage at all until Dittos with Imposter start showing up and maybe not getting 1hko’d immediately.

Moving past here it’s exactly the same as your normal SOS chain setup.

4. Switch your Switcheroo-er into your False Swiper (if necessary). False Swipe the wild Recycling Ditto. This will get it to 1hp exactly, or at least very low. Then, use an Adrenaline Orb. Now the Recycling Ditto will be calling for help almost every single turn.

5. If your Switcheroo/False Swiper isn’t your Sweeper, switch into your Sweeper now.
(Note: Bonus Points if any of the Pokémon you’ve used have the ability Intimidate, since Intimidate makes it even more likely for wild Pokémon to call for help!)

6. Wait for the Recycling Ditto to call for help. If it doesn’t, go to your bag and “use” another Adrenaline Orb, or “use” something like an Antidote/Paralyze Heal/Awakening on a Pokémon that isn’t Poisoned/Paralyzed/Asleep. This will use your turn, but it won’t use up your item!
Later in the chain, if the Recycling Ditto doesn’t call for help, that’s when I start restoring HP/PP to my Sweeper, if it needs it.

7. 1HKO the Ditto that was called as help. Be super careful to not accidentally hit your Recycling Ditto, so no moves that hit everyone on the field and no moves that hit both opponents at once. Don’t even have these moves on your Sweeper at all.**

8. Wait for Recycling Ditto to call for help again. 1HKO the help. Recycling Ditto will call for help. KO. Help. KO. Infinitely.

I don’t know exactly how many Dittos are needed before their IVs are perfect; all I’ve heard is a vague “30 to 40”, but I have gotten a 30+ chain this way and caught a Ditto with 4 perfect IVs, so it really does work and it’s actually pretty fun, if grindy, but it’s incredibly, INCREDIBLY useful to Shiny hunters and VGC competitors alike. Go out there and chain some Dittos; you won’t regret it.

Also, I just realized you could hypothetically get this same chain with wild Smeargles, if you want a shiny Smeargle…

**When I did my first chain, my Sweeper was a Magnezone who knew Discharge, which damages every Pokémon on the field, including your allies. When the chain was just starting to get good, a Ditto with Imposter appeared and immediately transformed into Magnezone. I didn’t get a 1HKO, wild Ditto used Discharge, knocked out my Recycling Ditto, and the chain was over.
Don’t make the same mistake I did. Keep Discharge and Earthquake out of your Sweeper’s moveset.

This is Raichu. I first caught him in the safari zone in Emerald around this time in 2007. After immediately evolving him I fell in love with and he became the first ever Pokemon I leveled all the way up to 100. He’d mastered the cool contests in Hoenn and was the ruler of the Battle Frontier! Later that year he moved on to Sinnoh to top the contests and beat the battle tower’s butt! 3 years later he went to the Johto region and joined me every day in school on my Pokewalker. He was there through all of my highschool dramas and achievements! And then in 2011, he came over to the Unova region where he met all kinds of awesome new Pokemon! Where also learned that there has been a bit of a power creep and he’s not as strong as he used to be. But he sure as hell knew how to show off on stage in the Pokemon Musicals, rocking a top hat and cane!

And now, after a long 7 year journey, he’s moved over to the Kalos region ready to start adventuring with me again. He may not be 6IV, shiny, rare, nor have a useful moveset, but he’s been a better buddy to me than most humans I know.

anyone want murkrow?

for sun and moon only!

im breeding for a 6iv murkrow and a shiny murkrow with a 6iv ditto from my friend, and so ive got quite a few murkrow sitting around with good ivs. all of them are named Yarn, but i can customize the name for you if specified and i take literally anything in return! most also have the super luck ability, but some have insomnia so please lmk if you want a superluck or insomnia. hmu if you’d like one of my special little darlings!!


These were so popular during my first SuMo Giveaway that I just had to do a round two! 

Each one packs a Destiny Knot, and is ready to start breeding!

Here’s how you can get one!!


  • Deposit a FEMALE Ledyba named “Hapulooza” into the GTS. I will not accept anything else, except for Female Surskit. (If you deposit Surskit, you must let me know that you deposited one!)
  • You may only deposit for ONE Ditto. If I catch you double dipping, you’ll be thrown on the Blacklist.
  • Level Lock to avoid sniping if possible. Wrong level lock = NO TRADE. No exceptions.
  • Wrong nickname = NO TRADE
  • This Giveaway ends once all 60 Ditto are given out!! I will not do holds, and I will not clone more.
  • Be patient. You complain or tell me about your deposit when I haven’t gotten to you yet, expect a smartass remark. 

Mind if I get a boost? @arcygiveaways, @duckgiveaways, @cynthiaofsinnoh, @sawsbuckgiveaways, @tapugiveaways, @ninjaskueen, @profsycamore, @seren-giveaways, @golden-tree-giveaways


SHINY GIVEAWAY (I am doing this on mobile so sorry for the bad formatting)

We’ll yea I said I was going to do one we’ll here you go all of theese pokemon will be in the giveaway all are shiny 5/6IV all are Kalos bred pokemon

Rules :

One like and one reblog (unless you follow me you get two reblogs)

No giveaway blogs I will check

Must have x/y

I will choose from a genarator who wins


The winner will receive 15 SHINY 5/6 IV POKEMON OF THEIR CHOICE FROM HERE


This week’s @wondertag pokemon is Emolga, so here is a shiny, 6IV, 4 egg move, Hidden ability emolga. Perfect for breeding, or cloning and trading out on Wednesday. (I forgot to nickname it again…)

To get one, deposit a wingull into the GTS with the message “PKMN Emerald.” asking for a level 1, female emolga. You can have as many as you want. I can always clone more.

Do not snipe people, it will not increase your chances of getting one, in fact it will decrease your chance as I will ban you. Sniping is sending a non-shiny pokemon (in this case Emolga) to another person participating in the giveaway to prevent them from getting the pokemon. If you are sniped, send me an ask with the IGN (in game name) of the person who sniped you and their avatar (female ace trainer, for example). To prevent being sniped, you can put all the details listed above into your request (gender and level).

This giveaway will end at Midnight Colorado Time (2AM EST) January 5th some time on thursday, check the status at the bottom (of the source, so it is up to date) to get a time remaining estimate. So long as you get your wingull up in time I will get to you.

When you put your wingull up, reblog this post please so I know to check the GTS and so that other people can get Emolgas too.

If you have not encountered an Emolga, scroll down to the bottom of the pokemon selection menu on your request and select “What pokemon?” you will be able to type in the name of the pokemon (Emolga), be sure to spell it correctly, or I won’t be able to find you!

I will be giving you opportunities to earn other pokemon as well to go along with it. These include a nickname contest, and a Post-a-pic prize.

To win the nickname contest, you just have to deposit a wingull with a cool/funny nickname, I will then choose my favorite. To claim your prize, I will post the nickname of the winner, and you must send me an ask with the OT of the pokemon, and your IGN (if they are different) within 24 hours, I will publish the winner within half an hour of the closing of the giveaway. You can then choose from one of several valuable pokemon that I will let you choose from then. (One winner)

The Post-a-pic prize will go to anyone who takes a picture of the pokemon they received from me to their tumblr, and tag me in it. I will then reblog it with instructions on how to collect your prize. (Multiple Winners)

Status: Closed

Remaining: None


I’m doing a Shiny Eevee Giveaway.
I have 2 6IV Shiny Males and 6IV 2 Shiny Females
Both natures are Modest, Hidden Ability
Each with a different set of egg moves
Sadly neither can be nicknamed.
There will be 2 Winners, Each getting a male and female. 
Likes and Reblogs count.
Deadline is March 24th, 2014.

Must have Pokemon X or Y
Inbox needs to be open
and you must reply to me with your friendcode in 24 hours

Or I will pick another winner

Let it begin


So this weeks wonder hunted pokemon is Duskull! That means we will do the first ever wonder hunted pokemon giveaway tonight! But there is a twist! It is a GTS race giveaway between gaymer-maid and flarepix

We are giving away a Female level 1 HA shiny 6IV Duskull (aka you’re breeding buddy). To get one, deposit a Zigzagoon into the GTS (female at your own risk). YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN DEPOSIT FOR! It is a race between Ami and Myself to see who can trade the most pokemon in a span of 3 hours (ends at Midnight EST). So no different deposits, it has to be a Zigzagoon. The codes will be “Team Flare” or “Team Ami”, which ever one you want to win, but just so you know you could get traded by either of us. 

So get as many Zigzagoons as you can! Our GTS race starts now! And remember to breed some Duskull of your own off this one for WonderTag this week! -FP