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BR/Breeding BoxKit: Reblog Giveawy!

This is a Boxkit with everything you need to breed your own *Legal*?, competitive Pokemon teams for VGC.

(Or just kicking butt)



The rest of the mon’s are holding beneficial battle items

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This time around lets have 1 Grand Prize Winner receive the boxkit

2nd place gets a custom team built to their specifications

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th get two Dittos: A 6IV, Destiny Knot, Shiny, Japanese Ditto.As well as a limited edition English VERLIS Ditto from our buddy Verlisify. VERLIS Ditto is 6IV, Shiny, Destiny Knot as well

That’s 6 winners! WOW

that’s a lot of winners, I hope you’ll will be patient as I disperse the spoils

To Enter: Like and or Reblog as you wish.

I draw the winners using a random number generator.

End date is: 12:00 AM February 5th,  winners will drawn and contacted at closing.

If you are reblogging but not participating; it will help me if you wrote *Boost* in your reblog

Both Dittos are available from me on the house if you need one!

All you have to do is get in touch with me @articuno-giveaways

Keep In Mind

People doing SuMo giveaways through powersaves - on top of what they paid for their powersaves - had to spend money to access the codes early. They are literally spending money to get you shiny 6IV battle-ready pokemon.

Be fucking kind.

anonymous asked:

Tbh I always feel bad when I participate in wtw because I don't have pkhex of powersaves and I don't have the patience for breeding, so I'll normally just catch a bunch of rarer vast poni canyon mons and have them hold rare berries. I feel like a bad person cuz I'm not giving away shinies or 6iv pokemon :(

Don’t you be feeling bad about that!!

Some people may appreciate getting a Jangmo-o with a Rare Berry since Jangmo-o itself is hard to find and catch.

If it is something you would feel happy getting, then you should send it.

Hey Trainers! To kick off the Poke-League’s launch, we’re gonna be holding an event that’ll last until we run out (which could be awhile). As a thank you for being part of the Pokemon community, we’ll be giving away Perfect 6IV Shiny Japanese Dittos! They are superior breeding partners, and they’ll help you raise a battle-ready competitive Pokemon team in no time!

To participate in this event, Trainers must submit a challenger form and join the league, then battle four of the many skilled gym leaders we have here and win. After the win is confirmed, contact Elite Four Lamarr for details on how to obtain the Ditto.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Think you can survive the league? Then bring it on!



So this weeks wonder hunted pokemon is Duskull! That means we will do the first ever wonder hunted pokemon giveaway tonight! But there is a twist! It is a GTS race giveaway between gaymer-maid and flarepix

We are giving away a Female level 1 HA shiny 6IV Duskull (aka you’re breeding buddy). To get one, deposit a Zigzagoon into the GTS (female at your own risk). YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN DEPOSIT FOR! It is a race between Ami and Myself to see who can trade the most pokemon in a span of 3 hours (ends at Midnight EST). So no different deposits, it has to be a Zigzagoon. The codes will be “Team Flare” or “Team Ami”, which ever one you want to win, but just so you know you could get traded by either of us. 

So get as many Zigzagoons as you can! Our GTS race starts now! And remember to breed some Duskull of your own off this one for WonderTag this week! -FP