Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 6

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Derps: And besides, if he does take over Equestria, as long as he doesn’t ban video games or somethin’, I’ll be okay with him as ruler.

Unnamed: Well you’re obviously not going to help me stop him…

We’re (slowly) doing a thing over on dA >w>;

For this I had in mind logo designs from baseball, football and other sports, I quite like how it turned out, so I’m posting it here too .w.

For anybody interested/who knows what this is for, don’t get too excited, it’ll be a while before we open .3. so ya.

So Gomis did these cool lineups she posted on dA ( btw you should check them out ) a few days ago and it totally got me inspired to actually come up with some sort of rough design for Simorghmon ;3; heck I even (half-assed-ly) ripped off her layout idea ORZ.

And yeah, you’ve seen almost all of these before, but I wanted to put them all in one file so I could better assess the designs and nitpick at a later time. But for now… YAY FLAMIN’ PEACOCKS!


I did the thing again. .w.

Also I hate how tumblr resizes things :U so have the perfect and ultimate separately cause they’re the only new ones here.

They kinda look like something out of Warcraft but I’m okay with that - I was aiming for something long those lines.