Spirit Deer Pokemon

Type: Ghost, Fire

So I stumbled upon THIS COOL THING and I had to draw it cause it’s super awesome. I only took some minor liberties with some of the details, like the insides of the ears, antlers and such. You can also see the original splice sprite in the upper left of the image (:

Sorry for the lazy bg, this was initially supposed to be only a sketch XD;

We’re (slowly) doing a thing over on dA >w>;

For this I had in mind logo designs from baseball, football and other sports, I quite like how it turned out, so I’m posting it here too .w.

For anybody interested/who knows what this is for, don’t get too excited, it’ll be a while before we open .3. so ya.

So Gomis did these cool lineups she posted on dA ( btw you should check them out ) a few days ago and it totally got me inspired to actually come up with some sort of rough design for Simorghmon ;3; heck I even (half-assed-ly) ripped off her layout idea ORZ.

And yeah, you’ve seen almost all of these before, but I wanted to put them all in one file so I could better assess the designs and nitpick at a later time. But for now… YAY FLAMIN’ PEACOCKS!

Happy (belated) birthday @garmmy !! ;w; Hope you had a great one!

I drew this adorable character of yours, I’m really looking forward to more of them when and if you have more time or plans to do anything with them <3

Hope you like it!


I did the thing again. .w.

Also I hate how tumblr resizes things :U so have the perfect and ultimate separately cause they’re the only new ones here.

They kinda look like something out of Warcraft but I’m okay with that - I was aiming for something long those lines.