Baby I | Slime | No | N/A

A Digital Monster that was born just recently. On the surface of its slime-shaped body, it has grown thick, black fuzz. It is unable to battle as it has just been born, but it can produce bubble-like objects from its mouth to intimidate the enemy.


I love how all the baby digimon are useless in fights according to their entries, but on hard mode in Cyber Sleuth they kick you in the nuts so hard at the beginning of the game.

So we RNG-ed some characters to play DnD. I got this guy :D a drow sorcerer who grew up on the streets of a major city, away from regular drow society. He has a mouse named Spud… h-he mistook it for a potato when he found it hence the name. XD;

So Gomis did these cool lineups she posted on dA ( btw you should check them out ) a few days ago and it totally got me inspired to actually come up with some sort of rough design for Simorghmon ;3; heck I even (half-assed-ly) ripped off her layout idea ORZ.

And yeah, you’ve seen almost all of these before, but I wanted to put them all in one file so I could better assess the designs and nitpick at a later time. But for now… YAY FLAMIN’ PEACOCKS!