KHUx Guide(Tips and Tricks!)

Alright, with the North American release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, some of you may be at a lost on how to play/what to do to make your life easier in the game. Here are things I have learned myself.

  • Save your jewels, do not spend them on outfits or things like that. While spending them on the daily deal can be tempting try to hold out for the ten medal pull, you’re always guaranteed atleast one 5 ☆ medal which is really helpful!
  • Focus on upgrading your Starlight keyblade first, it is your all arounder keyblade while the others focus on their individual attributes (Power, Speed and Magic)
  • For the month of April, all quests cost HALF the AP they will normally, so a quest that costs 10 AP now costs 5. Use this to your advantage to get ahead in the game.
  • 1 AP fills every three minutes.
  • With that being said you will level up REALLY fast, so to not let all your AP go to waste, make sure you do one special quest, the lowest ones usually cost about 12AP so you do want to get to a high enough level so you can do the one special quest and have atleast 6AP leftover so you can level up and do it over all over again.
  • When doing quests fight ALL the heartless, don’t go straight for the target. Also, the levels are made with secret paths that usually have gold chest boxes or extra crafting materials lying around. You want these. Spend your time exploring the level finding all the chests and sparkles on the ground before fighting the target, once you fight them you cannot go back for anything you left.
  • Do you hate mimic chests? Me too. To find out if it is a mimic chest or a real one when you enter a battle if the chest disappears then it is a mimic, if it stays then it is real.
  • Huey, Dewie and Louie medals are only used for adding mass amounts of experience to your other medals, use them wisely. 
  • Moogle medals only purpose is to be sold, as soon as you get them sell them cause they will easily overtake your inventory space.
  • Speaking of inventory space you can add more space to your inventory by spending 100 jewels in the shop section, though I suggest waiting till after you do your 10 pull to do this.
  • Cheshire, Merlin, Fairy Godmother, Yen Sid and Fantasia Mickey medals are needed to evolve your medals, all medals that are not support ones can become 6 ☆ medals, do not sell these medals. (Unless you’re at a point where you don’t feel like you need them anymore)
  • The three fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather) are also support class medals. You need them to upgrade four star and five star medals.
  • Make sure you check the special missions now and again, occasionally there will be a Munny Medals event that lasts for only thirty minutes and it gives out nothing but Moogle medals which will then give you LOTS of munny, you need munny to upgrade your medals and level them up.
  • You can upgrade the skill of your medals by using the same medal on them. So if you have a 4 ☆ Stitch and another 4 ☆ Stitch, use one of them on the other and it will upgrade its skill. Though using a 3 ☆ Stitch on a 4 ☆ Stitch will have no effect. You can only upgrade the skills of medals that are 3 ☆ or higher.
  • Each medal you get from the main story quest has a stronger jewel scouting counterpart, Auron is the stronger version of Yuna, Cloud is the stronger version of Hercules and Leon is the stronger version of Selphie, etc.
  • On the Avatar Board try and get all the STAT boosts first!! Clothing is nice but upgrading your health, AP and keyblade costs should be top priority. No matter what gender you picked at the start you can still use your Avatar points on male or female clothing, so make sure you’re using your avatar points on both as you progress.
  • What is keyblade cost? Keyblade cost is basically the amount your keyblade can hold. you can see the cost amount when you look at your different keyblades, the keyblade cost limits you from having all 6 ☆ medals right away. For example a 2 ☆ medal cost 2, while a 6 ☆ medal cost 46. You want upgrade your keyblade cost so you can have higher level medals on your team.
  • Join a team ASAP. They will assist you when you run into raids, if you die during a raid, wait a minute and your team will stun it. Don’t wait too long though cause if you want to fight the raid again your team may have killed it already, Which is okay, you will still get rewards from the raid. 
  • Alternatively when you see “WARNING active request” that means someone needs your help with a raid, it costs 10AP to help so make sure you can work with that. Anyone who helps with a raid gets rewards, this is a good way to get those support medals you need to upgrade your medals early in the game (Fairy godmother, Yen side, Merlin, etc.)
  • Make sure you “Share” your strongest medal so your team can use that when they fight, to do this click on the medal you want and click the orange share button.
  • The game plays sorta like rock paper scissors as to what attribute is weak to the other. Power > Magic/ Magic > Speed/ Speed > Power. If you ever forget this there is a diagram of this in the bottom right hand corner when you’re fighting. 
  • You will get oricalcum every 25 missions! You need this to upgrade your keyblades into their next forms, use them wisely. Alternatively you can get them from the Power event later on.
  • With special events you will notice only certain ones are available each day, plan out what you need in advanced, if you need evolve medals make sure to play on the weekend/Friday. The weekend is also the best time to get lots of Mythril items that you also need for your keyblade because “Mythril Madness” is happening. 
  • Now, this game can be free to play, though if you wish to upgrade your medals faster there is a way to unlock all the special missions so you don’t have to wait for that day to play them. You can either use your jewels to unlock them all from the special mission menu or you can buy the discount 3k jewel pack for $15 USD. The pack gives you 3K medals (enough for a 10 medal pull) and it unlocks all the special missions. Though if you do this, make sure to buy the pack on Monday cause the pack will only keep all the missions unlocked till Sunday, then it will expire.
  • If you want to, you can link up your Facebook account to your game, this is the only way to recover your game file if your game crashes or something happens to your phone. It will display your profile picture for others to see though! It does not display your name or the URL to your page though, only your picture.
  • For the more hardcore players there is a ranking and ranking rewards! You will get rewards for being a certain tier. Individual ranking tier 1 is top 25 players, tier 2 is 26th - 500th and tier 3 is 501st - 5000th. There is also a ranking for whatever group you’re in. Tier 1 is 1st-50th, tier 2 is 51st - 300th and tier 3 is 301st - 2000th. The higher the tier, the better awards you will get.
  • Also for hardcore players, the mission cap for this initial release is 200! More missions will come with further updates.

Happy playing guys! Hope this helps anyone out there who was having trouble!