The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 3

In comes episode 3 and the introduction of Yuuri’s Eros! There’s actually a wide variety of expressions in this one so I attempted to go for a more un-commonly giffed moments theme. It was really hard to settle for just 10 though (there’s just so much Yuuri)… And some of the more well known moments I just couldn’t leave out (like the irony of Eros Yuuri in the onsen wondering how he could possibly exude Eros)!

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Bonus because I just love the duality of Eros and innocence in this clip:

The whisper Part 7

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You find yourself pregnant with Idol Park Jimin’s baby. You knew no one in their right mind would believe you but you needed to tell someone. What you didn’t expect was for someone to start messaging you, and helping you? 🤔

I put my phone away, nearly jumping out of bed and walking into the bathroom. I stand sideways in front the mirror placing my hands on my belly smiling.

“IIIIIIEEEE!” I squeak excitedly. I took a few more pictures and sent them to mom, knowing mom would be less mad than dad. I hadn’t spoken to them in the two months I had been staying in the hotel. I was not going to take the first step when it came to talking to them. Sending a picture of my belly is not talking to them, and they can send me all the messages they want but if they don’t apologize to me in person I am not talking to them.

“Y/N? Are you awake?” I heard, Nari, the girl who brought me my breakfast every morning.

“Yes, Nari, you can come in,” I said from the bathroom. Soon enough the door opened and she came in with a tray.

“How are you this morning, Y/N?” she asks walking past the open bathroom door to place the tray on the table.

“Good morning, Nari!” I said excitedly as I walked up to her, my tank top still up, showing my belly. She turned around after she finished setting up.

“Oh, Woah, you’re showing,” she said with a shocked face.

“I am! I’m so excited,” I said stroking my belly looking down at it.

“I said this many times before, but I am very proud of you for doing this on your own.”

“Thank you, but I’m not really doing this on my own,” I mumble sitting down on the edge of the bed as Nari sat down next to me.

“Right, this guy, Jae-Hyun is helping you right?”

“Yeah, I never expected any help what so ever, and there he is, so sweet and constantly helping me.”

“Aren’t you a little scared that he’s a creep?” Nari asked, taking hold of one of my hands. Nari is in her mid-forties, she’s worked here from the first day they opened the hotel and apparently, I am not the first girl to get here, pregnant and with the help of a stranger. So she was cautious about my situation.

“I know, I am still trying to get him to meet me,” I tell her. “But I can’t go home, mom and dad want me to get rid of the baby, I’ll have to wait two more weeks because it’s 1 illegal to take in abortion after 16 weeks and 2 it’s not safe to get an abortion after 16 weeks.”

“I know, we will talk about it again later, alright, eat breakfast and get ready for school,” she strokes my hair before standing up and leaving my room.

To be continued…

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My Husband, Kim JunMeow

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Chapter o8. Transformation  

“Suho!” I jolt up in bed and shout.  

Instantaneously, my eyes complain about the merciless sun.  It is morning…I twist my body from left to right in search of Junmyeon.  Instead, it’s the loving cat, who I yearned for, in my sleep, who waddles his way from the head of my bed to my lap.  He licks his paw and tilts his head to gaze into my puffy eyes.  It’s strange.  Similarly, my heart grows sore under his presence as it normally does when I’m with Junmyeon.  It’s so silly to say…I think I love them both.  

“Welcome home, Suho…” my voice trembles as my precious cat throws his paws around my neck.  As I stroke his back, he starts to weep this heart-clenching cry that summons rivers under my own eyes.  “I’m so happy to have you back…”

“Meoooooooooow~” he wails.  He’s been waiting for two decades to hear these words again.  

Sniffling back tears, I lightly smack his bum and tease, “You, Big Baby…”

“Meoooooooow~~” he sobs out happy tears.  

Chuckling, I pull him away to take a better look.  Just like when he was a baby kitten, he sports a gorgeous white coat of fur that almost refracted Heaven’s light.  Under the sun, certain angles create rainbow streaks.  Even his pink nose is the same that it baffles me how long it took to recognize him.  The prolonged fever, during my childhood took away my memories but the fever, produced by love, had brought it all back.    

With a beaming grin, I bring his paws up to wipe his own eyes.  “I love you, My Suho,” I sweetly say and lean in to kiss his nose.  He returns the affections by licking my lips.  My giggles cause all the cells in his small body to prance around.  “Don’t run away anymore, okay?” I pout and hold out my pinky.

“Meow~” my cat wraps his paw around my finger and promises.

That’s when my vision lands on the shining gemstone band around my finger.  “Heh…” a wide toothy grin spreads from ear to ear.  “Junmyeon got me this,” I explain and hold it up to Suho.  “Isn’t it pretty?”

“Meow,” Suho’s neck fur puffs up and he proudly holds his head up.  

“I think I’m in love…” I shyly admit as I rock backward and lie back onto my bed.  Habitually, Suho starts to knead my stomach but I bring him up to rest against my chest.  “He’s kind of strange…in a way…” I softly giggle.  “…but every time I’m with him, I feel so safe,” I daydream.  “For a while, I just wanted a man to just…take my virginity…”

A low grumble croaks from Suho’s throat.

“…with Junmyeon, I want to make love…”

The sassy cat covers his burning cheeks with his paws and rolls into a shy ball.  

“I love him,” I confess.  Suho peeps his head out.  Flexing my abs, I tilt my chin up to look at the cat.  “I’m going to marry both of you!” I conclude.  The surprise cat chokes and starts to hack out coughs.  His body bounces up and down to the vibration of my tummy as I laugh.  “What?” I chuckle and pet his head.  “No one said a girl can’t have two husbands,” I joke.  Extending my arm out, I take his old collar into my hands.  I remove the name tag and bell and slip it through his new collar.  

“There,” I marvel at the perfection.  “Now, everyone will know you’re mine!”

“Meow ꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩” His little paws play with the bell, causing the jingle to create sweet melodies into my ear.  

“…and your lover can’t take you from me,” I finish my joke with an evil cackle.  

Suho gives me an unimpressed look.

“Either way, vet called.  After a second opinion, they recommend I get you neutered.”

“MEOWEIOIOWERWIRUOIWUROIUOIWRUO,” the cat thrashes around in opposition.

“What?” I giggle, “Silly Bean, it’ll help you live longer!”

It’s been a week…and then two.  Junmyeon is nowhere to be seen.  I searched the entire apartment in case the note he may have left got blown off somewhere by the wind.  Nothing.  Suho pounces around the room like the happy kitty he is.  Though he doesn’t know what I’m trying to look for, his little paws try to mimic my ravage search.  I can’t help but laugh.  

With a defeated sigh, I slouch over the side of my bed.  “I miss Junmyeon…” I admit.

“Meow Meow,” Suho tugs my sleeve as if saying, “Loook at meeee.”

“Heh, you Goofball,” I ruffle his fur and jolt up.  “Time to go to the vet!” I announce.

“MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!” my kitty squirms in my arms but I grip onto him tightly.  “Don’t scratch me, Crazy Cat,” I quip.  The memories of once causing me a fatal injury burns into his heart and he settles down.  

“It’ll be done in around ten minutes,” the vet technician states and hands me forms to fill.  They take Suho in for a quick examination.  

“That silly cat…it’s not that big of a…”

The tip of my pen drags along paper as a sudden flicker of a scene replays in my mind.  Blurry but defining, I recall Junmyeon lowering himself and me onto the bed.  His cuddle is firm and warm against my feverish body as he whispered, “I love you…” into my ears.  Then suddenly…the weight from his hold diminished and the blurry image of white fur settled in.

“How did you get in here?“

“I never left…”

Fish.  Fish.  Fish and chicken.  Allergic to chocolate and tomatoes.

Old conversations bring themselves back to light.  My eyes dart out and stare at nothing in particular as if I’m being hypnotized.    

“I’ve never seen my father before and I was striped from my mother at 8 weeks…”

His tendency to show up out of nowhere and naked

“He loves you so much more than you’ll ever know, that’s why he came back to find you even after all these years.”

My twin orbs grow glassy.

“He wants to stay by your side and protect you…”

I cup a hand over my mouth as an out-of-the-world analysis forms in my mind.  JunMeow is Suho…and Junmyeon is JunMeow…which meant…Junmyeon is my beloved Suho.  The circled words “Neuter/Spay” on the form against my lap, jeers back at me.  With eyes widened into golfballs, I storm pass the front desk, ignore the shouting receptionist, and sprint into the back clinical rooms.  

“SUHO!” I shout as I swing the doors.  Panic drives my soul; if Suho gets neutered then Junmyeon…

I almost get an heart attack at the thought.  On the third door, I discover a vet and a tech holding down the white cat.  An empty syringe stares back to me; Suho’s head totters and his eyelids twitch.

“NO!” I bellow.  

The professionals in the room stare at me with puzzlement.  Without explaining myself, I grab my Suho and rock him in my arms.

“You guys didn’t do anything yet, right???” I question in a frenzy.  Saliva drains from the kitty’s mouth as he refuses to fall asleep.

“We just gave him a dose of anesthetics.  Don’t worry, Ma’am, the surgery will be completed really quickly,” the tech briefs and tries to take my cat from me.

“So you didn’t castrate— I mean neuter him yet, right?”  Gibberish grumbles from Suho’s throat as I place his dangling head against my chest.  

“Correct…but ma’am it’ll be qui—“

“No!  I changed my mind!” I must have sounded like a crazy lady.  “I’ll pay for  the procedure but I’ll be taking my cat home now.  I greatly apologize for the confusion.”  With that, I bow and head out the door.  

“Suho…Suho…my baby…I’m sorry…” I apologize as I try to awaken the cat.  Shaking him wasn’t working and feeding him water wasn’t either.  Passerby on the street stare at me as if I had just abused my cat.  One even asked if I needed to call animal rescue.  

It isn’t that I couldn’t wait it out, but the pain written on his face broke my heart.  He must have been so scared, thus, to this moment, he’d rather drift in half-consciousness than to fall asleep.

“Honey, take a nap, okay?  When you wake up, everything will be okay.  I won’t get you neutered,” I stroke his head and coax but his head continues to totter around.  

Flattening my lips, I head into a local gas station and purchase a large water bottle.  I place the intoxicated cat against the cement ground of the parking lot and hold the water over his head.  Gush of water splashes down, drenching Suho from head to toe.

“That should do the trick…” I proudly dust off my hands and prepare to dry the cat with my hoodie.  But the scene before me seems straight out of the comic book.  I’m so ridden in shock that I can’t even blink.  Fluffy white fur rescinds back into the epidermis, stubby limbs lengthen, Junmyeon’s boyish features start to form…  It’s the same scene I had witnessed that night I fell ill, just this time, everything is crystal clear.  Cupping my hands over my gaping mouth, I lose my balance and fall backward from my squat.

Human voices from behind reawakens me.  Gasping, I immediately rip off my hoodie and tie it around Junmyeon’s hips to cover his goods.  A few slaps against his cheeks doesn’t seem to do much and I can’t bear to hit him anymore so instead, I lift him up and throw his arm over my shoulder.  

“Junmyeon-ah…” I soothe.  “Le-let’s go home…” I grunt.  

Though, Junmyeon is quite skinny for a guy, he built still towers over my smaller frame.  In addition, the fact that my lover’s almost bare body is being paraded in public makes me anxious.  I stumble down the street carrying the drugged male.  A groan evokes from the man’s throat and he thrashes around trying very hard to shake off the effects of the anesthetics to no avail.  His slurred movement only causes the journey back home to be quite the struggle.  Now, instead of a knocked out cat, I am hauling a full-grown, naked man.  

“Is he okay?  Do I need to call an ambulance?” someone passing by offers.

“No,” I quip.  “He’s my husband; he just had too much to drink at his party…” I lie and nervously laugh.  

“I think you’re sexy too!” Junmyeon suddenly shouts, lifts his arm, and smacks my bum.  With widened eyes, I cover Junmyeon’s face and lower my head out of embarrassment.  People on the street muffle back giggles.  Some start to disperse after acknowledging that I didn’t kidnap this man and that I’m merely a tormented wife trying to carry her delirious husband back after his wild company party.  “I want to make love to you too!” my said husband makes another public announcement.  

“Junmyeon!” I hush as my face paints in beet red.  

Someone whistles, “Get that pussy, Bro!”

Separating himself from me, he points in my direction and confesses, “I love her!”    

“Junmyeon-ah!” I throw both of my arms around him and drag him off.

“I will protect her with my life!  Don’t you bad people dare try to hurt her!” he innocently warbles.  

By the time, I haul him up the stairs and get my way into the house, I’m completely depleted of battery.  With one last grunt, I toss him onto the bed but my lack of balance causes me to topple over and land on top of him.  I groan and try to get myself up but Junmyeon tosses his strong arms around me.  

“Don’t…leave…” he begs in his sleep.  I melt back against his chest.  Thoughts rush through my mind.  It feels as though I’m in some sci-fi movie.  My brain questions his devotion but my heart acknowledges it.  

“I won’t…” I promise and round my arms around his torso.  For the first time, I don’t have any sensual desires as I lie with him on the same bed.  Instead, my kiss against his dry lips is delicate and innocent.

A/N: Finally, she knows!  Next chapter is the one everyone’s been waiting for hahaahahaha.  If you know what I mean…

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Taemin Han (from @myetie AU)


By a Thread (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApocalypse!AU: As you go into the theater you begin to try to search for Zen, alive or otherwise.

Word Count: 1002

hhhhhaaaaaahahha I’m sick yay. Anyways, thank you and have a lovely day! Thank you! <3

I’m sorry if this isn’t good I tried

This is an ongoing storyline, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this

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You watched as military passed along theater, yelling orders to and fro, the last bits of people making their way along. 

And somehow they were stone-faced.

The only time you would see their expressions contort was to yell at one another, their words loud and booming. 

Jumin pressed his side against the wall, brow furrowed and scowls engraving his features, pulling you closer as the steps of their boots burst against every inch of the building. 

They almost sounded like beasts. 

And while you tried to deny it, there was nothing going against that idea.

Yet eventually they disappeared farther down the roads.

And you rushed forward.

For there was no noise inside. 

You caught sight of all the bodies littering the ground, finding that they were all actually dead at this point, their eyes peeled back with gaping jaws. 

None of them looked like Zen.

But they still seemed to be absolute nightmares

“Aren’t they’re only two floors?” Jumin asked, lining a hand over the railing of the stairs, the ornate towering walls clustering about you.

“Yes, sir.” 

“Jahee will you be fine on your own? I’d like to explore the first floor with MC while you search the second.” 

“That sounds fine,” She nodded in agreement, walking up the first couple of steps. “I’ll give a holler if I find him.” 

“As will we.” He dipped his head softly, watching as she faded away with her heels clacking against the wooden floors. 

And it was simply the two of you.

Jumin approached you carefully, the two of you beginning to make your way down the halls.

And Jumin started to speak.  

“Darling, I know you’ve seen a lot today…we all have. But I wanted to know if you’re truly doing okay.” He murmured, looking to you. “Today has been a hard day for everyone but I can’t help but think you’ve received the blunt of the blow.” 

You sighed, folding your lips. “It’s been…hard but there’s only one thing I’m truly scared of.” 

He tipped his head confusedly. “What’s that?”

“…Losing you.” You replied, stopping along the hall tensely. “I just don’t know what I would do if that happened.” 

Tears began to brim in your ideas from the idea, heart speeding by the second as your breath got caught in your throat. 

Jumin took your arm and pulled you to him, pressing a kiss to your temple fondly. “MC, I’m not going anywhere, I can assure you that.” He hummed. “And nothing is going to happen to you either.” 

“But everything could go wrong so quickly…what if one of those things bite you…?” You sank against him, tightening your hold on him. “W-What if I have to kill you?”

“That won’t happen love.” 

“What if…What if I get bit?” You glanced up to him, lips folded. “What’ll you do?”

“Turtledove, look at me.” Jumin turned you to face him, cupping your cheek in his hand, eyes wide and serious.

“I won’t let anything happen to either you or me. We are going to get through this together, and I will do anything to keep that so.” 

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, feeling as he embraced with tenderly, like a dream he never wanted to end. 

“I’m sorry…” You said weakly, sighing.

“Don’t be,” Jumin replied, his words oddly quiet. “To be perfectly honest I’m terrified. I’m so scared of something happening to you. I’d be losing…everything….I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” 

“What’re we going to do after this?” You peered upwards, scrunching up your nose. “Is there even going to be an after this?”

“There will be,” He cooed. “And I can promise you it’ll be utterly wonderful-”

Jahee’s astounded shriek erupted throughout the building, the two of you snapping back and racing up the stairs towards her.

And what you found, nearly caused the same thing.

But instead, it was laughter, full of joy and wonder.

It was Zen.

He was alive. 

But his arm was dangling by a thread. 

blood soaked his clothes and the floor against him, a pitiful wheeze escaping him as he tried to keep his arm in place.

But there was no chance of it staying. 

The muscles and flesh were practically hanging, only held together by a few pathetic strands of blood soaked skin, the bullet long gone but its effects clear.

“Zen!” You cried, kneeling down, with wide eyes. “Zen you’re okay!” 

He gave a crooked grin, shrugging, only to sputter up raspy breaths. “I’ve been better but yeah…I guess I am.” 

“Hello Zen, I’m glad to see your alive.” Jumin knelt down beside you,  his brows raising. 

“I’m almost glad to see you too.” 

He burst into strained coughs, crimson sputtering from his mouth as he clamped onto his arm.

“Jeez, they did a number on me…” He huffed, his breaths ragged. “Do you think there’s anything we can do…? A hospital nearby?”

“None of them are close enough here. Your wound would be infected by then, We can’t just point ointment on it and call it a day. It’s already infected, we can’t let it spread.” Jahee exclaimed, folding her arms across her chest.

“You know what we have to do don’t we?” She questioned, any delight being snagged from the room.

Jumin nodded.

“Yes, I do.” 

And before you could even ask, you watched as they pulled out a pair of knives.

And it clicked in your head.


Spots off, Claws In

Part 13 (Part 12Part 11, Part 10, Part 9, Part 8, Part 7, Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1)  

(The colours are awful again, sorry, that it took so long and it still looks wrong, but I did my best, really! *sigh*)

(I wanted to try for Adrien some outfit a bit easier to draw and before someone would complain - Plagg is in Adrien’s breast pocket. I’m sure he could fit in or make himself fit in, he’s kwami after all not a plushie right? :) )

It is a reveal story that I had in my head since about November, so now I’m finally starting to post it. It is my first ever try to make a comic so I guess there gonna be some offence against comic rules here and there (also my poor editing skills), still I hope someone will like it and enjoy as I am when drawing it.

It is my version of possible reveal story and though I haven’t actually read any (fanfiction nor comic or so) I guess there’s lots of them around so I guess it’s possible there might be some similarities, but if so, it wasn’t intentional, right?

Still - Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow, I’m putting lots of effort into it and I want to decide myself where and how would I present it. Thank you.