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At first I thought “WTF! Someone’s stuck Robert Smith’s head on a photo of someone up a tree from the late 80s”.  So I zoomed in and couldn’t see any obvious photoshopping.  Then I did some research and confirmed it.  Yes, yet again we have Robert Smith up a tree. 

He’s looking significantly less goth than in the first photo I published, to the point that I feel like I’m cheating slightly by posting this.  HOWEVER, this IS Robert Smith who some people call the ‘godfather of goth’ (looks like it’s a title he shares with Peter Murphy from Bauhaus but I suppose you can have two godfathers if you’re lucky and your parents like sharing the title around).  This is an older, happier version but it’s still him, damnit. What is going on with those hightops?  At least he has black jeans on and his hair has remained awesome. 

He’s not very high up the tree, he’s smiling and it’s daylight.  I’m shocked.  I’m going to have to bump up his score because IT’S ONLY RIGHT.

4.5 out of 5 - Come closer and see, see a happy Bob up a tree (damn, that didn’t work)