6:30 am nya

Can I Rant Please? :3

Am I allowed to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed EVERY SEASON of Ninjago, even if I’ve come to terms with the “irrelevence” and “mistakes” that the fandom has pointed out?

I’ve been watching this show with my younger LEGO-loving siblings and cousins since before it even came out in 2011.

Maybe it’s just me, but you gotta realize that there are REASONS a lot of the “irrelevences” are in this show. This show. It’s based off of a line of LEGOS, for goodness sakes. There is no other reason why the show’s themes follow under action and good ol’ good vs. evil. It’s all in the spirit of adventuring and defeating the bad guys that LEGO is mostly all about.

NO, season 6 wasn’t just all about getting Jay and Nya getting back together. Holy cow, why would it be?! Season 5 isn’t just about Cole and Lloyd suffering for no apparent reason. Season 4 isn’t about getting Zane back just to have him back. And season 3 isn’t just about Pixane, which I am totally in love with.

It’s about Ninjago being resolved, like it always is. I honestly adore season 6 and all the other seasons for different reasons.

But they all have something in common. Every season, no matter how it progresses, makes it prominent who the good guys and bad guys are, along with wise mentors and strong morals about faith, teamwork, and keep a sharp mind and perspective. Honestly, you don’t get that out of a lot of other cartoons these days.

And that’s why I love all the seasons, even if, yeah, there are some fluffy parts (love triangles, anyone? :3). As a whole, the show’s morals never stray from its “doing-what’s right-and-always-improving” standards. It’s not about the theme (ghosts, pirates, etc). It’s about the lessons learned. Because ninja are disciplined and LEGO has proven that since 2011.

(Disagree with me if you want, ha ha. XD I respect your opinions too!)