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.. Today is Sue's bday? Or was it later when they visited Arizona?

Yesss, Sue’s birthday is tomorrow., March 25th  The Klebolds went to a fancy restaurant the evening before on March 24th and then they got up super early the next morning to drive down to Arizona on her bday to check out UoA’s campus. :) 

Sue snapped this pensive shot of Dylan at the restaurant they went to for her birthday dinner. 

So, tomorrow, Saturday, March 25th (1949), Sue will be 68 !   (She is an Aries, as is her ex husband, Tom.)  

I will probably post something in her lovely honor. :)


One thing I’ve always liked and respected about Luffy the most is that he always respects his nakama’s freedom of choice.

Luffy is never going to “force” Sanji to come back, just like when he didn’t recruit Sanji on the Baratie until the cook himself offered to join.

Back then Luffy probably knew Sanji wanted to join deep down, but since he respected Sanji’s love and sense of responsibility for Zeff, he chose to step back.

Just like then Luffy knows Sanji wants to come back, but he’s going to “wait” for him to take care of things and make up his mind.

So in both cases, what matters the most to Luffy isn’t his desire to keep Sanji by his side; it’s Sanji’s wish, Sanji’s choice that matters.

We’re once again reminded in this arc why Luffy is a GREAT captain, who truly deserves to be the future Pirate King.