Alright, so as I got 1000 followers; I have a surprise for everyone



We were $155 short so I’ve put it all in out of my own account because I’m sick of waiting!

The new server will allow us to have a increased player slot, lagg free environment*:3

I’m sorting out the OS and bits and pieces right now, so hopefully we’ll be all systems go by at the latest, this weekend!

So; like. people who donated & supported us to make this possible:

YOU HAVE FUCKING HUGE HEART FROM ME <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And just to flaunt it; Server Specs:

Dell PowerEdge 6850 (Cost us $600 NZD)

32Gb DDR2 Ram
900Gb HD (4 disks)
2x 250w PSU’s
Xeon Core (unsure on the specs of it, I’ll check when the OS is installed)

Our server will be boosted to 25 player slots for now… probably more in the future even!

Again, thanks to all the followers, supporters, server players and all the rest of you, hell THANKS NOTCH you all made this possible :)

*can't guarantee 100% no lagg because internet speeds play some part in it…

dogtheory  asked:

Do u have any good russiame fics u know of

Some of my favorites?

Well, there’s

Sweet Nothingshttp://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/6850.html?thread=10416322 (American thinks Russia is calling him dirty names. Some smut is there.)

Extracaricularshttp://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/78769.html?thread=509627825#cmt509627825 (it’s unfinished, but great. Ivan has social anxiety.)

3 AMhttp://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/81660.html?thread=495920892#cmt495920892 (Russia comforts America.)

Achilles’ Heelhttp://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/11813.html?thread=26218277#t26218277 (Russia shows America his scars.)

Pininghttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/11015379/1/Pining (Ivan is in love with Alfred, but Ivan doesn’t think he’s loved in return.)

Sunrise from Spacehttp://archiveofourown.org/works/1353859/chapters/2825761 (Alfred is a space commander, but Ivan is his pilot.)

There are probably a lot more, but I can’t think of any right now.