68 kilos

Picture on the left was me two years ago at my heaviest, 98 kilos. The picture on the right is me now, at 68 kilos. It’s still a shock to me that I was ever that big, and that I have lost that tremendous amount of weight. I am in no way a fitness freak, but I have fallen in love with hiking, running and daily yoga practise. That and switching to a strict vegetarian diet (and transitioning to a vegan lifestyle) really helped me to lose the weight. I’m proud that I’ve come this far.


Hi everybody! My name is Oscar and I am 15 years old. The left photo is me at my highest at 83 kilos the right is me at my current of 68 kilos, my goal, is to be between 65 and 60.
All my life I have been a chubby kid, since my early years a lot of people would tell me that I would grow up and stop being like that, but the past year i gained lots of weight because I had that mentality. Att the end of October I decided to stop waiting for that change and make it by my own sweat and hard work. I started eating clean and doing lots of cardio and a little of weightlifting. My current routine is an hour of cardio and 40-50 minutes of weightlifting.
Now I am a lot more confident and strong.
P.s. I am mexican so if there is any grammar mistake I am so sorry. 😁