Landnahme mit einer islandändischen Fahne in den Westfjorden, am Gálmaströnd an der #68 am Steingrímsfjörður. Die Strömung bringt das Treibholz von Russland über die Grönlandsee bis nach Island. Dort bringt es die Flut sehr zur Freude der Einheimischen an Land.

Land conquest with an Icelandic flag in the West Fjords, the Gálmaströnd at the #68 in Steingrímsfjörður. The flow brings the driftwood from Russia via the Greenland Sea to Iceland. Much to the delight of the locals the tide brings it ashore.

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The succession of whistles arriving from the other margin made Alvar realize that the factories must be having their change of shifts. No longer familiar with the noises from the city, and having never worked himself, the life of commoners, its signs and interpretations escaped him. Having just evaded Death, he then considered the living to be a lesser problem.

“Mr Dickerson!” He shouted, without worrying now that strangers might listen and intrude. His raggedy voice gave in the extent of his pain.

“Mr. Dickerson!” He tried shouting again, two steps higher, when the first rays of light, having broken through the mass of clouds lingering on the horizon, hit his face. It illuminated the boy’s countenance too, and in lending a golden tone to his lifeless immobility, inspiring hope. His light green eyes sparkled like gems, making it harder to believe that the boy’s stare was fixed on Death – his Death, that Alvar could not perceive. He thought a good omen that Apollo, the Sun god, shone his glory directly on the much lesser, stranded, human Apollo in his arms.

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Fathers Day ~S.W.~

Summary: you spend Father’s Day with daddy

Requested: yes

Warnings: smut, daddy kink

“DAMN IT I’m wet.”

“Already babe?”

“Samuel shut the hell up. Not like that. You’re not that good. The dishes splashed me.”

I was cleaning up the kitchen while Sam was doing god knows what. We had just had his parents over so our daughter could spend Father’s Day with with her dad and grandfather. She just went back with her grandparents leaving me and Sam alone.

“Are you sure babygirl?” Sam says coming up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. He pulled me tight against him and began kissing my neck.

I was already moaning at the feeling. It had been months since Sam and I had sex. Our daughter was always needing something just like Sam.

Sam spun me around and pushed me on the counter and grinded our hips together.

“Babygirl I need you so bad” Sammy whined into my neck.

“Have me daddy” I say in his ear. I hear him growl and he throws me over his shoulder.

“Damn babe. Your ass is amazing.” Sam says kissing the side of my thigh.

He goes into our room and kicks the door shut. He throws me on the bed and pulls me towards the edge by my ankles.

“Sam!” I say laughing at his neediness.

“Oh this is funny? And my name is daddy” he says ripping my underwear off. He tugged off my dress. And began sucking and biting my nipples.

I was moaning daddy but I’m not sure Sam could hear. He was too busy growling and slurping and kissing at my skin.

“DADDY PLEASE DO SOMETHING” I scream at Sam who was completely ignoring my exposed pussy.

“Patience princess” Sam says kissing all they way down to my hips. I was trying to move my hips up and push his head down but he just chuckled.

“Babygirl, if you keep this up you won’t get anything.” Sam says looking at me.

“I’m sorry daddy. But you’re babygirl is soaking wet and she needs to feel your amazing tongue inside her tight little pussy. Please.” I say biting my lip. Sam loved when I bit my lip and begged.

Sam dipped down and went absolutely savage. I could barely breathe. He was holding my hips down but I was still thrashing. I was no doubt screaming and I was glad our neighbors were far away.

“DADDY. FUCK SAM IM CLOSE. SO CLOSE” I scream grabbing his hair.

Sam moaned causing vibrations to shoot through me. I let out one more scream before coming on sams tongue. He licked up all my juices and kissed me.

I pulled off Sams shirt. I didn’t even notice he pulled his pants off until I felt his tip teasing me.

I throw my head back because I’m still sensitive.

“Ready babe?” Sam says kissing me again.

I nod my head and grip onto his neck and bicep. He slowly slides into me and drops to his elbows while watching himself go into me. I groan at the feeling of being stretched out.

Sam starts slow but deep. Thrusting into me in rhythm like there’s a song playing in his head.

After many minutes of moaning and Sam whispering dirty words in my ears, I needed more.

“Daddy please go faster.” I say pulling Sam closer to my sweaty body.

Sam began thrusting at an incredible speed. I could barely think but I knew it felt amazing. He was thrusting so fast and deep. I could hear and feel the bed being thrown into the wall. My entire body was jolting up and down.

I was growing closer and closer with every thrust.

I felt sams hand go down to my clit. As soon as he put pressure on it I screamed in pleasure.


Sam came while groaning in my ear. I never thought something could be so damn sexy. He kept thrusting until I came again.

He slid out of me and laid beside me.

“You know I love you a lot” Sammy says wrapping his arms around me. I was too tired to respond so I just grunted and smiled. I kissed sams chest and fell asleep.