John: Mary, you look ravishing this evening.

Mary: Aww, thanks.

Sherlock: Molly, all your facial parts are in the right spots.

Molly: Thanks, Sherlock.

Hernando : It’s too tight - you need to use more force. Really get in there.

*grunting noises*

Lito : You’re getting soaked, love.

*gasping noises*

Hernando : I think we should ask someone to join us to hel-

Daniela : (unexpectedly bursts into the bathroom, ripping off her clothes and wearing an excited grin) I volunteer!

*Lito and Hernando exchange bewildered looks as they hold wrenches while standing underneath a burst pipe in the shower*


In March of 1968, the Tienerklanken music show in Belgium broadcasted a Pink Floyd television special, featuring mimed performances of Astronomy Domine, The Scarecrow, Corporal Clegg, Paint Box, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, See Emily Play, and Bike (Bike was the only song that had a picture montage play with the music instead of a mimed performance from the band).

*A loud crash is heard throughout Scotland Yard*

Donovan: *runs in* What was that?

Anderson: My shirt fell.

Donovan: It sounded a lot heavier than that.

Anderson: That’s because I was in it.