The whole episode was a simulation she only imagined sleeping with root and being in her house. She shot herself in the head 6,741 times, approximately 25 times a day, to save root. I’m litterally crying because I thought person of interest just did a jrat but they didn’t!!! YES!!


That’s a fucked up situation… After so much time we’ve not REALLY talked anymore you’re still so fuckin important to me. You’re like a wound that’s healed in a wrong way. You’re still there, the unsolved case. That wasn’t supposed to and up that way. And still, I can’t talk to you either. Besides this all, my life still doesn’t make sense. I’ve no passions, no friends, I’m lazy and easily get depressive. I’m ashamed of myself.


Awww hell yeah! One breeding/geneing project down! (Though I haven’t been this poor in a while) ;u;

Abyss/Azure/Rasberry with Skink/Saturn/Spines! Aahhh such a good. I decided to go with Arcane eyes instead of Lightning in the end because, gosh, I have too many Lightning dragons/projects (what can I say, those cyan eyes are amazing), but those Arcane eyes go wonderfully with Skink’s complementary color!

By some fortuitous luck, the breeding pair I used to get this dragon tossed me two identically colored hatchlings, one male and one female. I’m keeping the female Guardian (because F Guardian pose is A+), but if anyone else is interested in this coloration and wants a geneing project for a similar dragon, the male is available!

He is currently Guardian Abyss/Azure/Rasberry with Clown and Seraph. I’ll be selling for 35 gems, 30K via CR. Otherwise he’ll be exalted once he’s grown.

ErsatzLace ID#6742

Pomona’s DA!


Pomona finally has a dream address! This can be rather confusing, since I have two towns both named Pomona with Mayor Jeff, BUT! This is for my personal town! (My cycling town doesn’t need a DA anyways.)

Feel free to visit (I would love you to, take pictures and post and ref back to me and all!!) even if there is literally nothing exciting there. Once I get all the QR codes I want in town, I will be making sure they are linked back to their sources because they are all beautiful and need to be credited.

Overall yes! I’m looking forward to working on landscaping my town so the dream address is far more interesting to visit.