67 chevelle

Just Beg Me To Stay

A/N: It’s been a rough week and I just really need to write something so this is what came out…it’ll probs be 2 parts… I also haven’t written something legit in what feels like forever so please bear with me :) 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing

Word Count 900+

“Y/N! Pick up your goddamn phone or I swear –“ you could hear the deep shaky breath he took before continuing, “please just pick up, we need to talk.” The voicemail ended with a harsh curse before abruptly going silent. It had been one of many voicemails that Dean had left you, progressively growing more and more desperate the farther you drove away from Lebanon.

One minute you were wrapped in Dean’s arms with a silly grin on your face and the next thing you knew, your duffel, stuffed with your possessions, was thrown into the backseat of your red ’67 Chevelle and you gunned it the hell out of there.

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