Sapphire Brooch given to Queen Elizabeth II commemorating her Sapphire Jubilee from The Canadian people, July 19, 2017.

The Sapphire Jubilee Brooch was made in Canada by Hillberg & Berk. The design is a snowflake shaped like the North Star

  • 48 Canadian sapphires of varying color and shape, totaling 10.19 carats
  • More than 400 diamonds of varying size, including Maple Leaf certified diamonds, totaling 4.39 carats
  • Certified 18K Canadian white gold
  • The brooch is 61mm tall and 66mm wide

This distinctive piece will be added to the Queen’s collection of sapphire jewelry.
The sapphires are unique Canadian beluga sapphires from Baffin Island, Canada’s only known sapphires, discovered near the hamlet of Kimmirut on Baffin Island. 

Raid on Pebble Island, Falkland Islands, 1982 by David Pentland.

D squadron 22 SAS, made their way to the Argentinian landing strip where they proceeded to destroy 11 enemy aircraft with demolition charges, 66mm rockets and small arms. The destruction of these enemy aircraft, among them Paccaras, most certainly saved many lives among the Task Force and proved a valuable morale booster at the same time.

So this morning I grabbed my mums old Kowa Six film camera (which has been out of use for ages) and I loaded it with some film I picked up yesterday. I loaded it correctly, but the number counter was not working at all :( so I kept winding it and the film didn’t even seem to be turning so I waddled to our sound room (which is pitched black) and opened it and it went through ETC. ETC. we cleaned the camera got number counter working, wound film through backwards put it back in ETC. then my baby came over and she brought some red scale film so we loaded dat Diana F+ with sum red scale maaaan. We planned on playing with it, but… we went to the mall and shopped :P We got home and watched The Help. While I’m at it, here’s a tour of my desk: There’s a Sam Roberts CD in the corner, a copy of the short film I made, an almost finished bottle of Vitamin Water, my glasses, some vitamin c chewable's because i was getting sick, nail sciccors, some tape, a digital voice redorder, x box controller, UTM calender, 3D glasses and a guitar pick. It’s a mess and I will clean it soon.

The 66mm M72 LAW was adopted in 1963, first seeing combat in Vietnam. While such weapons are last-resort measures for defence against tanks, they
have other uses. The M72, for example, was employed against  defended buildings, field fortifications, soft-skin vehicles, troops in the open (for which
shaped charges are of limited effectiveness) and even as an anti-sniper weapon. Barrage-fired into dense vegetation concealing enemy troops, they proved to be an effective means of suppressive fire.