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Terrance addresses this very clearly, at 2:06. Before that he just says that GraveRobber/Shilo is his favorite pairing… hence why Grilo is essentially canon, in my book anyways. I also admire him so much more for referencing Jung and Shakespeare and archetypes lol

This is a quote from a written interview also addressing the same thing.

Thematically: "Needle” features two completely different character types – Shilo (the innocent) and GraveRobber (the big, bad wolf) – using completely different tactics to achieve the same goal: TO GET OUT OF A BAD SITUATION. Shilo must venture beyond her comfort zone and do something that’s completely gross and frightening to her – i.e. she must plunge a needle into the skull of a dead woman. GraveRobber, who’s not used to having to rely on others, is immobilized in the scene and has to convince Shilo to do this horrible deed.


Bruno Pelletier dancing a contemporary tango on “Match des etoiles" 

I forgot he did these TV things, and never looked at them until Kara and I discussed dancing earlier, and now I think I should have Vlad and Mina go dancing again, because this is pretty hot. Plus tango seems to be Vlad’s thing. 

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L- GRILO <3333333


“What the hell are you doing here?” Shilo squeaked, gazing wide-eyed at the man on her balcony.  She kept her voice down so her dad wouldn’t hear if he came home.

“Making sure you got home safe,” the GraveRobber replied with a Cheshire Cat grin.  He made no such effort to avoid being caught- and he was the one who’d climbed up the rose trellis and picked the lock on her window.

“By breaking into my room?”

“Relax.  I think you like the company.”

She did.  But between him and Mag, her father was going to kill her.  She wasn’t supposed to have guests.  And that was without mentioning the fact that this man hung around corpses for a living and lived in a Dumpster.  She shuddered to think what just being around him without her mask would do to her.  “Look, I-I appreciate you checking on me, but you really, really need to go.  My dad will be here any minute–”

GraveRobber rolled his eyes.  “I’m not scared of your dad, kid.”  Shilo opened her mouth to speak again, but the sound of the door downstairs swinging open cut her off.

“Go!” Shilo hissed.  Nathan’s footsteps were moving towards the stairs.  “What are you doing?  Get out of here before he finds you!”  She shoved at his chest, trying to push him towards the balcony.

“All right, all right,” he said, holding up his hands defensively.  When she took a sigh of relief and took her hands off him, he grinned again.  “Next time you want to get out of this pretty, golden cage, I’ll be in the graveyard.”  And suddenly, he lunged forward and pressed a quick kiss to Shilo’s mouth.  Just as quickly, he was gone, not a second before Nathan arrived in her room.

Who will be next ? - One Shot requested by 666zydratevials

[[ This is a piece based on the scene “ Qui sera la prochaine” from the musical, seeing it from Dracula’s perspective. It is something we won’t be RP'ing as we’ve departed from the original plot, but as my notes under the cut explain, it was very important to me in understanding the character of Vlad as portrayed in the show. ]]

The scenario in the musical -

As part of his bargain with Renfield, Dracula has seduced and turned Lucy into a vampiresse, that he may give her to the man, as he promised in return for bringing Mina to him. Lucy’s father, Van Helsing, found her body and seeing the bite marks, suspects the worst. At her funeral, in the village below the castle in Wallachia, the mourners, her friends among them, gather and fearfully wonder who will be next. [Renfield is not present at this event. ] MIna who was Lucy’s close friend is there also, come at last from England to join the others at this sad occasion.
Dracula is alone in his castle high above the village. As Lucy’s maker, he feels some of what happens below, through her, for they are connected now. He is distraught about what he has done and feels true remorse, but at last he senses his beloved Elhemina’s presence in Mina.


In a high tower of his castle, Dracula stands, his mind reaching out, to his beloved Elhemina, for he can feel her presence now. 

At last… at last she comes, liubov moya, my love, my deliverance..

She, reborn in this life as Mina Murray, is here on the ancient soil of Wallachia at last, come for the funeral of her friend Lucy. Dracula is aware also of Lucy, for she is not dead, but become a vampire at his hand, and soon, her new form will arise from her tomb, a creature like himself condemned to darkness. He is caught in a wave of melancholy, both for what he has wrought here, and because now, so close to what he yearned for, all these centuries, a fear grips him.

Oh this loneliness and despair… when will it end ?  

So it is done. 

I have paid again the price of my desires in innocent blood.
So much blood, my bruised heart weeps for it.
I am weary of this cursed life, bought with blood, bought with death. 

How many have I killed ? 

So much blood, a thousand, thousand bites, in hoping for just one kiss… yours my Princess.

He casts his eyes down and reaches out with his mind searching for her.

Elhemina, you are close, I feel you within myself, in the blood which sings in my veins, and on the edge of my senses.. there.. there…again I hear you cry out your last words, a promise to find me. And I am here beloved, at the very ends of time I would wait for you. 

A sudden remorse grips him, though it is not something he often sways to, somehow, perhaps because he feels Mina’s sorrow over her friend,  what he has done here sits ill with him and he wonders if fate will condemn him again. 

But now I have condemned another to this misery. Again the beast demanded and has won, but I fear I have I cursed myself with this bargain, for your tears fall like rain for her. What of me, will you have pity enough for one such as I, the very one that did this thing ? 

Dare I believe in a love which can brave the passage of time? Dare I trust that you will love me still ? For I believe that at last I have found you, my beautiful one, my beloved, you for whom I have travelled so far, throughout all of eternity.

“ Elhemina !” 

Dracula raises his head and cries out her name into the wind, a desperate and forlorn howl.  The sky darkens and an echo returns to him, but it is her voice, Elhemina’s voice crying out of the past, 

“ Liubov moya !”  My Beloved ! 

He hears it and the pain of his long separation racks him, he reaches out as if to grasp the last shreds of the sound. Then the voices of the mourners below assail him and through the connection they have, Dracula senses Mina clearly at last, her heart, her sorrow, and her fear. He is like Hades, on the return of his Persephone, like a leafless branch of the blackthorn, bursting with blossoms as spring brings again her warmth, his black heart opens, and he feels a rush of emotion which makes him reel. It is the first time he has been so close to her, in more than five hundred years. For all the time he searched, though he was sure that she must have lived again, always he seemed to be prevented from meeting with her.. until now.

But he feels the difference in her as well as the familiarity and suddenly, he is afraid, that on the point of having what he so desires, all will be lost again. She is Elhemina, yes, but her soul now is so light, she is no longer his Dark Princess. This was something he had never truly considered, even realising she would be a mortal, he had always thought of her essence being the same. He wondered then, how one such as this could possibly want him, cursed being of darkness that he is. Dracula sinks to his knees in despair.

Fate moves fast, on the heels of death comes my love, my life.. my Elhemina…

But how she is changed.. so much… light in her….

Will you hear the call of my heart, will you still know me, when we meet at last ?
I am no longer the man I was, no more your warrior Prince, invincible in his pride.
Solitude and despair have weathered me into this…. a being of infinite sadness, and now, doubt seizes me.
For what of you beloved?
What I feel.. what I sense.. it is you, and yet..so different.
The light you carry makes me ashamed to stand before you covered in the blood I have spilled. 

I am all darkness, I am the temple of cruelty, and how shall you ever love me?

But I must believe we shall be restored to one another, or I cannot continue to live.

Below as the mourners stand vigil over her grave, wondering fearfully who will be the next victim of this horror that they have walked into, Lucy emerges, and her appearance shocks them all. No longer the lively naive girl who wanted only to taste some of life, now she is transformed into a pale and wicked temptress, a vampire. Her hunger and desire driving her, she invites them to join her in immortal unlife and attempts to get close enough to bite one of them, including her own father, who recoils in horror.

Above Dracula senses what happens through her, and also Mina’s shock. Mina alone of them all, feels compassion for the being who was once her friend and as the others. Jonathan included, close in on the fledgeling vampiresse, voicing their intention to destroy her, Mina pleads with them not to harm her. Sadly, Dracula knows that there is no hope for Lucy, except in the peace of death.

“ It is too late, she is already condemned.” Dracula states, his voice rough with emotion, to his distraught love below.

Something in him breaks then.  All the disgust he feels at himself, at what he was, at what he became, at what he is now descends upon him like a black veil. And he is sick of it all, it is enough.. enough blood, enough death. His heart has awoken from its long cold sleep and moved by the tearing emotions he feels within, Dracula doubles over, fist clenched against the pain of it. He cries out then, swearing to change, however impossible it may seem. He will attempt it for her, for this new Elhemina, if only he can be with her at last. 

I vow it, I swear before all eternity, let her that is already doomed be the last, there will be no more victims, no more crimes, if only I have you by my side.. my beloved, my Elhemina” 

He knows that he has changed already, why should he not go further.. ? If only fate will allow him to claim his love again. 

As Lucy is cornered by the pursuers, she twists and writhes, not knowing where to turn, and Dracula feels her turmoil, sinking down to the ground. For a vampire who sires another is always connected to them, and they can feel each other’s suffering.. and if it come to it, their death.

Lucy entreats her father for help, but seeing her intention is really to bite him, he spurns her kiss and instead raising the unlit torch he is carrying, he ends her life, piercing her through the heart with it’s sharpened end, like a stake. In his tower, Dracula cries out, as he too suffers the pain of her death, and his body is wracked by it. In the moment of agony, he recalls Elhemina’s death, which he also felt, for they were so strongly connected. He collapses, bloody tears running down his face.

Mina goes forward to her friend’s body, and she tries to comprehend what has happened but it is too much to grasp all at once. As she kneels there, Dracula rises up and reaching out to her desperately, he entreats her with all his strength to hear him, to come to him.

“ Elhemina! ”

She does hear him, though not knowing how, but this voice, coming out of the air, is familiar to her, as familiar as her own. Mina gasps and turns instinctively in his direction. Something long buried stirs in her heart and in her memory. All her life, she has heard this man’s voice, calling to her in dreams, in the silences between thoughts. She had thought it just her imagination, and it had troubled her, for along with it came vague shifting memories of things experienced that were not her own life, terrible things some of them, and a yearning she knew not what for, but yet it all felt so very real.


Now the voice is clear, and it touches her deep within her being, it cannot be denied.


But who is he, this mysterious personage…


Below the cut, the Mun’s notes on this scene and it’s influence on the RP.

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Bruno Pelletier, Les Temps des cathedrales 2000 World Live

He sings this in French and finishes it in English.

That hair and those pants…

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