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Rromani Book Recommendation

One of your POC profiles asked for more books with Romani characters. Well, The Blue Codex stars a Romani girl. Here is a summary of the book below: 

My name is Trini Cortés. I have always been a fan of heroes, and goodness knows Phoenixport could use a hero. So when Calliope asks me if I wanted to write The Blue Codex and pass a Holy Grail test (not the Grail that Jesus made this one is different) I agree to do it. All I have to do is wear a pouch during the Phoenix Festival. Easy enough right? But strange things are going on in town. A rogue cop is giving good cops a bad name, strange islands are forming, crazy brotherhoods who have their own Chosen One for the Grail , and the local gang, Crew 666, is acting too quiet, which is a sign bad things are about to happen. My sister Gloria has offered her help with her light powers, along with Jazlyn, a kitchen witch Wiccan, and Irene, a half nymph refugee. I even have access to wise advice of Calliope and her wife, Lady Viviane aka. The Lady of the Lake, but I know I have to fight this evil alone with my bubble magic and a mysterious pin given to me. After all a hero can’t receive any help, that would just put people in danger. Right?

Just thought I give a book recommendation.