6600th post

Honestly, I didn’t initially have a concept for Witchsona week. 

The concept for my witchsona kinda came together a bit more randomly, but I can say that he specializes in curses, summoning swarms of vermin, and general mischief. He is vengeful and a bit petty. 

I did have a more clear idea for my familiar, a pitch-black ball of fur with too many glowing eyes and legs. Its appearance is much like the aliens from Attack the Block and its movements are much like the Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow or the bodachs in Odd Thomas, a bit amorphous and sinister. Also, adorable. ^_^ 

The proportions in the legs got a bit wonky, I know. I need to plan my drawings better… 

6600th Post

So I realized that I was going to hit 6600 posts and I thought I’d do something for the “occasion”.

I thought about putting up a Streetlight song (unrelated) but then I couldn’t decide whether to put an old song or a new song.

So I thought, “Maybe I can enlighten people on the actual number 6600” (because, honestly, this ran through my mind and, honestly, boring ideas are anything but scarce in there). Unfortunately the only thing any kind of search on the number 6600 resulted in was Nokia phones, Canon cameras, and the like; models of pieces technology that would frankly only interest their respective enthusiasts.

So genius Me thought, “Fuck it, add the numbers together.” So: 6+6+0+0=12. Now 12 is a number I can work with because I know that that one has some significance, at the very least in religion and superstition.

And I was right.

But there was a lot more stuff about the number 12 than I actually realized.

In organized sports, the number 12 is heavily retired, even by teams that don’t officially retire numbers. The Miami Dolphins have even retired the number 12 from their jerseys (but to be fair, though I support the Dolphins, I’m not an avid football fan, so this was news to me on just about every level).

Like I had said, 12 plays a decent role in religion. In Christianity and Judaism, you’ve got the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ (of course) but what I had forgotten about were the 12 sons of Jacob, who were apparently the progenitors of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Go figure. I totally did not know, though, about the allusions to the number in the book of Revelations, wherein a lady is mentioned who is said to wear a crown with 12 stars and some other stuff involving 144,000 people (which is the square of 12, times 1000).

Twelve Days of Christmas. ‘Nuff said.

Apparently, girls become women before boys become men in Orthodox Judaism; boys have their bar mitzvah at 13, girls have their bat mitzvah at 12.

In mythology, Hercules (Greek: Heracles) had to perform his Twelve Labours. Plus, the Western and Chinese Zodiacs have 12 signs each (I already knew all of this).

Then you’ve got your basic stuff:

  • 12 inches in a foot
  • 12 face cards in a deck
  • 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous

Kinda funny one: the Wiki for the number 12 (where I found and confirmed my information) mentions D12, the rap group. Don’t know why that’s funny. But it kinda is.

I suppose that’s about it. I keep looking back at the page but nothing else seems to really pop out at me.

So I guess this’ll have to do for my 6600th post.

Hooray, I suppose.