66 kilograms


Rare brown-and-white panda Qizai revels in spring

Workers at a giant panda base in northwestern China’s Qinling Mountains have photographed Qizai, a rare brown-and-white panda, frolicking in the forest.

The 6-year-old panda was moved to the base at the end of 2014, and since then, it appears as though Qizai has adapted well.

The panda has reportedly gained 15 kilograms (approx. 66 pounds) in weight over the past year and currently weighs over 105 kilograms (approx. 231 pounds), experts from the base told China News Service.

The experts also said that they are planning to find a wife for Qizai, which may help in research related to the breeding of brown-and-white pandas.

According to the base, brow-and-white giant pandas have been discovered five times in China since the first one was spotted in Foping, Shaanxi Province, in 1985. Qizai, found in 2009, was the last one to be found.

Ishimaru starts some shit all by himself

This one is inappropriately self-aware and im very sorry.
Hopefully I’m back on top of my game now.
Also: the first line of dialogue from a character who isn’t either ishimaru or mondo.
And a note on why i did a thing i did

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Reaching into his gang coat’s inner pocked to fish for a lighter, Mondo heard a bloodcurdling scream.
He narrowed his eyes. That sometimes happened.

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