66 beach

Road trip Starter Memes

“Why don’t we just hop in the car and drive? It sounds like fun!”

“Hand me the map. I want to make sure we take some scenic routes.”

“What do you mean you ate all the chips?!”

“I think we have enough money for a decent motel. Just keep your fingers crossed we don’t get one with bedbugs.”

“Giant ball of twine or giant Paul Bunyan statue? Your pick.”

“What a great time to run out of gas in the desert. Absolutely fantastic.”

“You look tired. Pull over, let me drive for a while, you need some sleep.”

“Wow! Look at that amazing view!”

“Let’s see if we can find Route 66.”

“Camping on the beach? Sure, let’s do it!”

“I never knew you snored so loudly.”

“We need to stock up on fuel, both for the car and us. How much do we have left on the credit card?”

“I kind of forgot how many stars were in the sky until we left the city…”

“Did we remember to bring the video camera? I want to document this trip for us to look back on in the future.”

“Grand Canyon here we come!”