Day One - Morning

  • Swords: Athena and Apollo
  • Crafting: Tryman and Cyrus
  • Crafting #2: Maria and Birdie
  • Ranged Weaponry: Nox and Jezebel
  • Fire-making: Versace, Skene and Isoete
  • Whips: Killian and Camilla
  • Edible Plants: Claire and Anastasia
  • Crafting: Rick and Ford
  • Endurance: Althea and Isaac
  • Endurance #2: Angelica and Wyatt
  • Climbing: Adamas
  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Sapphire and Parker

Day One - Afternoon

  • Medicine: Claire and Rick
  • Climbing: Cyrus and Athena
  • Swimming: Sapphire and Nox
  • Tracking: Tryman and Versace
  • Tracking #2: Isoete and Apollo
  • Ranged Weaponry: Skene, Maria and Wyatt
  • Fire-making: Camilla, Jezebel and Angelica
  • Gauntlet: Isaac and Ford
  • Scavanging: Parker and Althea
  • Blunt Weaponry: Anastasia and Killian
  • Edible Plants: Adamas and Birdie

Day Two - Morning

  • Spears: Tryman and Athena
  • Throwing Knives: Nox and Skene
  • Medicine: Cyrus and Versace
  • Swords: Claire and Camilla 
  • Weight Lifting: Killian and Jezebel
  • Edible Plants: Rick and Althea
  • Edible Plants #2: Ford and Maria
  • Swords: Isoete and Sapphire
  • Hand-to-hand: Isaac and Anastasia
  • Ranged Weaponry: Apollo and Adamas
  • Axes/Throwing Knives: Parker and Angelica
  • Shelter-making: Birdie and Wyatt

Day Two Afternoon

  • Gauntlet: Tryman and Anastasia
  • Spears: Cyrus, Apollo and Nox
  • Edible Plants: Versace and Camilla
  • Hand-to-hand: Jezebel, Skene and Claire
  • Shelter Making: Isoete and Rick
  • Medicine: Adamas and Athena
  • Wrestling: Killian and Isaac
  • Ranged Weaponry: Birdie and Sapphire
  • Crafting: Parker and Wyatt
  • Tracking: Ford and Althea
  • Swimming: Maria
  • Knot-tying: Angelica

Day Three - Morning

  • Camouflage: Rick and Nox
  • Medicine: Tryman, Killian and Anastasia
  • Hand-to-hand: Cyrus, Wyatt and Isoete
  • Hand-to-hand #2: Apollo and Ford
  • Tracking: Camilla and Jezebel 
  • Endurance: Claire and Parker
  • Gauntlet: Athena and Birdie
  • Crafting: Skene and Sapphire
  • Blunt Weaponry: Isaac and Versace
  • Fire-making: Maria and Adamas
  • Swords: Althea
  • Edible Plants: Angelica

Day Three Afternoon

  • Climbing: Tryman and Isoete
  • Endurance: Nox and Jezebel 
  • Net-Making: Cyrus and
  • Gauntlet: Versace, Apollo and Camilla
  • Tracking: Sapphire and Killian
  • Crafting: Althea and Claire 
  • Scavanging: Rick and Anastasia
  • Hand-to-hand: Athena and Maria
  • Medicine: Adamas and Isaac
  • Medicine #2: Birdie, Skene and Angelica
  • Blunt Weaponry: Ford and Parker
  • Camouflage: Wyatt

Welcome to the Fifth Sidetask of the 65th Annual Hunger Games!

For this task, your character will reveal to Panem their family. This will consist of you giving a brief description about each member within your character’s family as well as detailing the relationship in which they have with that particular family member. You can have as many family member as you wish and for each relative you name, 20 sponsor points will be awarded.

You can also include members of the family who are deceased as well as those alive. All faceclaims that have been used up already cannot be used twice for obvious reasons. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to ask.