“Welcome to the 65th Annual Hunger Games parade! I’m Cesaer Flickerman your host. Now lets see what our stylists have made for us this year!”

District 1

 “What’s this magnificent sparkle!? Oooh, Versace LaGore is throwing diamonds into the crowd how lovely! She looks gorgeous in her black leather and satin outfit trimmed with glittering jewels and precious stones. Her stylist really managed to incorporate her district into her clothes. It’s a beautiful representation.

District 2

“Oh gladiators! Very fitting seeing as these Careers seem to mean business. Apollo Fortis and Athena Caeris are rocking the leather skirts and sandals. The obsidian sheen to their armour really makes them seem like intimidating warriors!”

District 3

Tryman Terabyte and Maria Walters are two tributes that literally glow tonight! It looks like they are living computer chips, their outfits wrapped in wiring that’s all far to technical for me, but boy is it stunning. Coo!”

District 4

“Ah here we have the lovely Jezebel Redfern and Cyrus Holbrook in an eye popping red bathing suit that really leaves very little to one’s imagination. The fishnet wrap adds a wonderful texture. It almost ripples against their skin just as waves do across the surface of the ocean. I can almost hear the ocean just thinking about it!”

District 5

 “Sweet Althea Vulpes has come in a royal purple little number with a solar panel hair piece. Now that really is a touch of genius-Oh is the glow powered by her fascinator? Ooh, I can see this being all the rage in the Capitol come tomorrow. She looks exquisite!”

District 6

Ford Arbor is looking very uh-smart with a traffic cone atop his head and well- all over really. That outfit really is a marvelous shade of luminous orange!”

District 7

Angelica Hart and Panicus Florian two of our youngest tributes have come as little wood nymphs, they look so cute. Just like fairies or cherubs from a fairytale with vines wrapped around their waists. Awww bless their little hearts.”

District 8 (no tributes)

District 9

“The brooding Isaac Rowle is nextdressed as a… As a grain stalk? That’s a new take on the whole grain situation they have going on there, haha! He looks simply adorable!”

District 10 (no tribute submissions)

District 11 [x] [x]

“Interesting, it seems district 11’s stylist wanted to go with the whole agricultural crops thing. Sapphire Rivera practically glows in the beige tones while her partner, Parker Rose wears a more colourful crop. They look like fields bursting with ripe crops to be harvested.”

District 12

“Now district 12 is impressive. Nox Alizarin has a wonderful bronze mining helmet to match her steampunk inspired dress. This outfit is loaded with brass cogs that just screams of the industrial revolution that happened in days of old. I love this outfit!”

Please wait for the mentor outfits to be posted with their plot twist. Further instructions will be posted in a few minutes.

[Note: To see submitted parade outfits please click the district and submit your vote according to which one you prefer. Remember you cannot vote for your outfit or your district partners]


Day One - Morning

  • Swords: Athena and Apollo
  • Crafting: Tryman and Cyrus
  • Crafting #2: Maria and Birdie
  • Ranged Weaponry: Nox and Jezebel
  • Fire-making: Versace, Skene and Isoete
  • Whips: Killian and Camilla
  • Edible Plants: Claire and Anastasia
  • Crafting: Rick and Ford
  • Endurance: Althea and Isaac
  • Endurance #2: Angelica and Wyatt
  • Climbing: Adamas
  • Hand-to-hand Combat: Sapphire and Parker

Day One - Afternoon

  • Medicine: Claire and Rick
  • Climbing: Cyrus and Athena
  • Swimming: Sapphire and Nox
  • Tracking: Tryman and Versace
  • Tracking #2: Isoete and Apollo
  • Ranged Weaponry: Skene, Maria and Wyatt
  • Fire-making: Camilla, Jezebel and Angelica
  • Gauntlet: Isaac and Ford
  • Scavanging: Parker and Althea
  • Blunt Weaponry: Anastasia and Killian
  • Edible Plants: Adamas and Birdie

Day Two - Morning

  • Spears: Tryman and Athena
  • Throwing Knives: Nox and Skene
  • Medicine: Cyrus and Versace
  • Swords: Claire and Camilla 
  • Weight Lifting: Killian and Jezebel
  • Edible Plants: Rick and Althea
  • Edible Plants #2: Ford and Maria
  • Swords: Isoete and Sapphire
  • Hand-to-hand: Isaac and Anastasia
  • Ranged Weaponry: Apollo and Adamas
  • Axes/Throwing Knives: Parker and Angelica
  • Shelter-making: Birdie and Wyatt

Day Two Afternoon

  • Gauntlet: Tryman and Anastasia
  • Spears: Cyrus, Apollo and Nox
  • Edible Plants: Versace and Camilla
  • Hand-to-hand: Jezebel, Skene and Claire
  • Shelter Making: Isoete and Rick
  • Medicine: Adamas and Athena
  • Wrestling: Killian and Isaac
  • Ranged Weaponry: Birdie and Sapphire
  • Crafting: Parker and Wyatt
  • Tracking: Ford and Althea
  • Swimming: Maria
  • Knot-tying: Angelica

Day Three - Morning

  • Camouflage: Rick and Nox
  • Medicine: Tryman, Killian and Anastasia
  • Hand-to-hand: Cyrus, Wyatt and Isoete
  • Hand-to-hand #2: Apollo and Ford
  • Tracking: Camilla and Jezebel 
  • Endurance: Claire and Parker
  • Gauntlet: Athena and Birdie
  • Crafting: Skene and Sapphire
  • Blunt Weaponry: Isaac and Versace
  • Fire-making: Maria and Adamas
  • Swords: Althea
  • Edible Plants: Angelica

Day Three Afternoon

  • Climbing: Tryman and Isoete
  • Endurance: Nox and Jezebel 
  • Net-Making: Cyrus and
  • Gauntlet: Versace, Apollo and Camilla
  • Tracking: Sapphire and Killian
  • Crafting: Althea and Claire 
  • Scavanging: Rick and Anastasia
  • Hand-to-hand: Athena and Maria
  • Medicine: Adamas and Isaac
  • Medicine #2: Birdie, Skene and Angelica
  • Blunt Weaponry: Ford and Parker
  • Camouflage: Wyatt
The Parade: Announcement

The parade party has now ended and your tributes are now free to roam the apartment lobby, roof area and their own apartment. All these places are open for you to roleplay in however, your tributes are not allowed to enter any other district’s apartment. The winners for the best parade will be announced below.

Tributes and mentors, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves this evening at this beautifully set out party dedicated to your courage, bravery and sacrifice. I am afraid to say that the part will have to be drawn to a close as you have an extremely busy time ahead of you. Your escort will show you to your tribute apartments within the next half hour. We hope you are satisfied with your accomodation and it has been an honor to serve such brave and gallant people. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Parade Outfit Winners:

  • 1st place: Nox Alizarin - 50 points
  • 2nd place: Althea Vulpes - 30 points
  • 3rd Place: Versace LaGore - 20 points
  • Mentor: Killian Brath - 50 points

Five points will be given to everyone who submitted an outfit.

Announcement: Public Training

DAY TWO HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED - Due to the delay post from the admins, day two’s announcement has been posted a little later than planned. All those who have started their day two paras already may continue and those paras will continue throughout the rest of today and tomorrow.

On Saturday, we will be posting the announcement for the final day of training and then the other main tasks that follow it. If you have any questions, queries or problems; don’t hesitate to send us a message.


Hello everyone! Sorry for the unacceptable amount of inactivity that has been the main blog for the past five days or so. Just to let you know, we are still alive and will be getting everything up and running and updating for you guys ASAP. 

I apologise again for the delays, real life issues and exams have got in the way of our activity but we hope that you guys will understand. We appreciate that you have all stayed active - you are fabulous!!!!

So, I will try to think of another sidetask to keep you busy as well as making current rp'ing a little less repetitive.

Admin Notice:

I will be updating the sponsor points grid either tonight or later on this week. Sorry for the delays in updating sponsor points but they should be updated soon, I promise!

Also, I just want to let you know I will be posting a sidetask ASAP (some time within the next hour or so) to add a little more character development into the mix!

I will be online for a bit, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

anonymous asked:

I'm really confused. So you said the overall score couldn't be more then 50, so that means for each one we can't have a score higher then 5?

You can have a score higher than 5 but that means docking points from another skill.

  • You can be hindered in some areas  - under 5 in some areas
  • You can be average all round - 5 in most areas.
  • You can excel in some areas - 5+ in some areas.

It’s up to you how you spread out your points in your abilities.

anonymous asked:

Will are tributes be able to improve the medical scores in training ? Because they will learn stuff...

We need to know your tributes natural abilities before you enter the arena.

Your initial stats combined with your private training score will determine your abilities in the arena.

The next task consists of you choosing your training stations. During the training process, your tribute will specialize in these areas and then your private training score will covey whatever you learn. This means your private training score, reflects your new abilities which will be recognized in the arena.

anonymous asked:

So are the mentors in the Arena to literally kill the other tributes as well as their own district's tributes, or are they there to help their own tributes? Also, if they're in the arena, who's going to supposedly send them sponsor gifts?

They are there to fight to the death, if they kill their tributes that is their choice.

Sponsors will be sending them gifts which you buy with the points you have earned. When you wish to buy from the sponsor point store you message the mods what you want to buy from the list we provide for you.

anonymous asked:

can we have this party last until friday night/saturday morning? It's really fun to be able to talk to the other characters, and I have more time on weekend nights.

Of course. The party will last until 15:00PM GMT Saturday. Just message the main if you start to get bored of it. After the party though you will still have the chance to interact with your fellow tributes in the lobby, it just won’t be the after parade party then and we will be moving onto pre-arena preparations then.