Listening to 65daysofstatic on my new speakers and crying because it is literally that amazing.

All their music is so moving. It has no lyrics but you know exactly what the song is saying and it’s not just listening music because it’s feeling music too. Feeling up when the song is, feeling the robot feel of it, the monotony, the breaking out, the confusion, the freedom.

I would make anyone listen to at least one of their songs regardless of music taste. Even my mum tolerated them (which is really saying something!) and their music just seems to fit in this niche where anyone can at least appreciate it, if not like it. 

My suggestions for first listening would be Fix the Sky a Little, Install a Break in the Heart that Clucks Time in Arabic, Aren’t We All Running? or Radio Protector.

So gogogogo and listen :) 

“Decades later with a cracked sunrise creeping over the horizon, it would all come back to this moment. Vast concrete platforms, split by roots of trees that refused to yield to the future we had given them, the world was making our sky scroll purple. Scanlines in the clouds. Frequencies falling like raindrops. Maps became useless. Terrain shrugged off its mask, woke up, and twisted itself into labyrinths. We used the stars to navigate, until they too fell down. The noise was everywhere. I don’t know why it happened here, out beyond the city. I don’t know how to find her now. I don’t even know how to start looking.”

I’ve been doing this thing lately where I’ve been either inspiring myself from album art to do artwork or using the color palette of album art I like on my own work. It’s fun. Sometimes it’s challenging. Nearly every time I’ve tried it, I’ve ended up really liking the result.

Since I’ve been listening to almost nothing other than 65daysofstatic's We Were Exploding Anyway album, I wanted to make something that looked like the album art. Because I really fucking like that album art. 

So here. It’s not perfect but I really really like it. 

The Destruction of Small Ideas


My friends, my Strangers: Nothing here will save you. It is designed only to soften the blow.
So… A band who is no longer naïve enough to believe they can change the world is a band that has lost its power, no?
We cling to these treasures to keep us warm (while most people have never even picked up a phone). We could draw you graphs charting journeys from the steel of Neil Young’s guitar strings to the pockets of space in New Order’s drum programming. We could tell you stories of the fucking reverb on Kate Bush albums that’d make toes curl. We could examine 65 postulates on the effect Joey Santiago’s feedback has had on modern-day living and argue that the future-history of pop music could be navigated almost entirely through algorithms comparing the crackle of vinyl on a Tom Waits original with low-bitrate leaks of this failing industry’s darkest hopes. (Us).


You  can burst your speakers in any which way you choose, fuck-off your friends to a world of grids, midi & old-school samplers or work all summer to afford your first guitar. This is still not the real world.

BUT! Music is music as devices are kisses is everything and I can squeeze your hand three times because I KNOW it will come back to me.
That is how these ideas pass and always will forever be true. Decades-old Prodigy  beats through torn cones will never betray their latent power. These notes will never be wasted. This is the world in which we present our document to you. It is the world in which we were raised and a world that has filled up our insides.
Every day, all the time…


And now it is becoming diluted. These worlds will come crashing together.
Nothing here will save you. There is no place for hiding any more. Even in the remoteness of music, this illness will find you.

To have this Communiqué pressed onto vinyl, to release this document onto our dwindling, analogue oil, is to carry this future-musical relic beyond the crash of the digital age. In the future, there will always be wax… Wax cylinders used to carry music. Heads heavy with knowledge and humility, our grandchildren will reinvent the gramophone, the wax phonograph, rudimentary cutting technologies. (They will forgive us since, because of us, they will become better people). This music WILL be passed…

But I digress.
Who are these words trying to convince, anyway? Hopefully not you, for you are holding this record of events. It’s right here. It can speak volumes to you. So, TURN IT UP! You see, care has been taken to make this album quietly to enable you to play it

L O U D.

(This is how they used to do it back when the world moved so slow you couldn’t even feel it).


These lessons from the past are our small tribute to LEARNING from history. Indeed, these are things you can’t unlearn… Stumbling farewells & forwards, our footsteps as clumsy as our grandchildren’s will be - this is all we have to give.

If we can forge these small, new futures, these little victories, for whatever they might be worth, well - perhaps there is some use in that?

This is the present state of The Destruction of Small Ideas.