Do you see that girl? That girl who is smiling and having a great time? That girl who is known as the bubbly and outgoing one? She laughs, she smiles, she’s having fun each time you see her. But deep inside, she’s breaking apart. When midnight strikes, she’ll go to the corner of her room; crying. With blades beside her, she always plan to kill herself. Nobody knows what she’s going through. Nobody knows she wants to end her life. And nobody knows how hard is it to smile through the pain. Do you know who that girl is? Yes, it’s me. The one whom you know as the “happiest girl alive.”

Endings and Beginnings: Chapter 2

Chapter Two: The Avengers

Summary: You’re just an ordinary 25-year-old photographer working in a small studio in downtown Toronto. Your life is as normal as it could possibly be, except the fact that you are given an opportunity most people only dream of.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 6517

Warnings: Swearing. There will always be swearing.

A/N: This chapter honestly feels like a filler. It’s just basically the reader meeting the Avengers and chatting. But like I said, this story is going to be a slow process. The next chapter is more dramatic, learning more about Bucky and being curious.

Chapter One Chapter Three

The main entryway is large and clean as a whistle. There’s light blue marble floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows all around. You stare in awe, nearly running into Natasha. You mumble a pathetic “sorry” because you’re so focused on your surroundings. The amount of cleanliness that goes into this place is spectacular. Even the ceilings–

“Welcome back, Miss Romanoff.”

Your heart jumps at the sudden voice coming out of nowhere. You look around, but don’t see anyone.

“Good to be back, F.R.I.D.A.Y.,” Natasha replies.

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orion-project  asked:

Was Oviraptor renamed? Or was the name assigned to a different specimen? Cause I remember seeing the skeleton of Oviraptor, and now it's called Citipati.

Oviraptor philoceratops is still valid, but it only refers to the type specimen, AMNH 6517, described by Osborn (1924).

(Src: Jaime Headden)

Because the type specimen of Oviraptor is not particularly complete, most reconstructions are actually filled in from the Zamyn Khondt oviraptorid (IGM 100/42), which Barsbold (1981) also referred to Oviraptor, but it was provisionally referred to Citipati sp. by (Clark et al., 2001). 

(Src: Jaime Headden)

Freshman girl’s basketball team, Class of ‘08, The University of Iowa, 1905

Creator: Kent, Frederick W.

Source: http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ictcs/id/6517

Players; Ida Macomb, Irene Yavorsky, Valborg Kastman, Margaret Thompson, Lillian Dvorsky, Elveri Pierson, and Virginia Haldeman