West Side Ride Aid and Burger King Robbery

Cleveland, Ohio – Law enforcement officers in Cleveland say that two business establishments were robbed at gunpoint in the city of Cleveland, according to the reports.

One of the robbed business establishment was a local Rite Aid located in the 6500 block of Franklin Boulevard. The cashier of the store was waiting for a customer when the robber came on and approached the cashier.

6500?!! what?!! already?!!

Thank you so much guys!!! ♥ I love you all!!! ♥

“ I love you all and thanks for all the supporting messages, the lovely comments and everything. :) You guys are made my life better and i’m trying to do my best, draw more and improve my skills to give you better fanarts. :)”

and “I want to say ‘thank you’ to danisnotonfire and amazingphil for being in my life. You are always able to make me smile.:)  ”

December 28.. :D 2014 was a busy and awesome year.. I reached almost everything what a phangirl just could.. i mean, our lovely boys are liked, reblogged some of my stuff, I had a chance to do something for Phil, and etc.. :D
2014 was a good year.. a year ago i told one of my friend that this year will be awesome.. and i was right! :D I hope 2015 will be beter than this… :D hahaha.. I can’t wait to see what will happen to me.. :D

Here are some amazing people to follow. :D

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Every single person is important in this fancommunity.
Don’t forget to: be nice to each other, help the others and don’t send hate!!! We are a big phamily!! ♥

oh and my side blog also reached a milestone.. :D Thank you so much!! 

Saudade. Part Four - Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6500 give er take

Notes: A big sucker of a part, more than half I would say is some kind of smut in one way or another. I went a little cray. Again thank you for all the love. I really appreciate it. You all deserve a cookie.

And anytime I get to use these gifs its a good day

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I don’t like how everyone loves you. What’s so special about you? Do they even look past what you put on the outside? You’ve hurt so many people including me so why does everyone keep saying you’re perfect and a great influence. I really don’t understand.

Hello all you lovelies! I’ve just somehow managed to get to 6500 followers???? 6500 of you follow my blog. That is just… crazy. I cannot thank you all enough, honestly. I started this blog around 3 years ago and I never imagined that this would happen. Throughout those 3 years, I have met some amazing people and I am so lucky to have them in my life. They’ve given me so much when people around me haven’t, and I love them all. I’d like to shout out to taylorswift, without whom I wouldn’t have started this blog and I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet all of you. Thankyou to Taylor for always inspiring me and creating a community in which all of us are allowed to be different. 

To celebrate this milestone, I have decided to put together a small list of some of my favourite blogs, people that I talk to, my best friends, and people who i just generally appreciate that reblog and like my stuff, you’re all amazing and these are just a select few of you. 

Firstly I need to say thankyou to my best friend, sweaterjensen, who sadly lives on the other side of the world but is still my closest friend. She’s always there for me when I need her and she’s just amazingly amazing in general. Love ya m8 <3 <3 

Around 10 months ago, I was lucky to see a post on here about a Swiftie group starting up, and I am so so so happy that I decided to join it. We called ourselves the Santa Squad. I’ve never known a more supportive, amazing, friendly, hilarious, special group of people. Thankyou for always being gorgeous people, inside and out. So much love for you all xoxox thesantasquad wefoundwondreland shedreamsimpossibledreams thisisgonnabealifetime soocasuallycruel casualllycruel thatpolaroidofus thefearlesspotato inscrreamingcolor blankspacebabys wasridingshotgun

And finally to the @melbourneswifties​, even though I don’t live in Melbourne, you guys are so so welcoming, so friendly, you’re like a big family and I’d just like to thank @shedreamsimpossibledreams​ for creating it. Everyone in the group is always there for one another and it’s the best thing. Love you all x

As I said already, these are a few people that are generally amazing people, have amazing blogs, always reblog and like my things, you should all know how much you’re appreciated:


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Osomatsu’s VA raised the banner that he brought on stage. Written there, “Proud to be Jobless”.

FappyMatsu Choromatsu’s seiyuu confidently walked on stage with his dear tissue box tucked safely.

Ichimatsu’s VA had dynamite.

Jyushimatsu’s seiyuu the ‘Baseball Guy’, and

Todomatsu’s VA with his cute, super girly pink parasol.

………………. There are 6500 fans attending that event, I hope the DVD will come out soon and it will be awesome!

Gov. Rick Snyder's legal tab $6,500 per day

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