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Wow…that is serious. If I was getting paid, just at $2/person, that would be $464. At the unreal end of that, $4,640. No hurry right now. It’s only been 3 days. Never got 232 people in that short of time. And a shout out on Twitter from Mythcon–official page. This is Thranduil’s time to shine and he’s ever blazing…or something. He might just make it after all…to a bookstore…

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Por favor, não copie, use para fazer tudo o que precisar, repasse para os outros, mas sempre pelo link do meu tumblr, foi muito complicado de pesquisar um por um, então.. Caso não tenha na lista me pergunte qualquer coisa na ask, ela estará sempre aberta. Estarei sempre atualizando a lista, se puder reblogue para ajudar ♥ 

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In 2016, in-person voter fraud made up 0.00002 percent of all votes in North Carolina
The state’s voter ID law caused protests and court battles — essentially for one vote out of nearly 4.8 million. After all this time, the court battles, and the protests that the law would disproportionately hurt minority voters, it turns out the push for voter ID was all to stop just one potentially fraudulent vote out of 4,769,640 cast last November. North Carolina’s voter ID law imposed strict voter ID standards, as well as restricted the amount of early voting days, to stop in-person voter impersonation. Read more
Bad boy, good lips - part 4

640 BEAUTIFUL followers, you guys are the best! And 5 notes I said, but I over 160 notes on my last imagine(which was really bad), that’s just the greatest thing ever. And again, I can’t thank you guys enough. This just means everything to me. Here’s part four of my Jack Gilinsky fanfiction, I really hope you guys enjoy it!

                   “First time ever I was lost for words.”

PART 1    PART 2    PART 3

Jack’s friend came over instantly, almost as soon as he called them. They brought a lot of chips, soda and so on. As Jack started the playstation, I sat down on his bed. “So you’re (Y/N),” one of Jack’s friends said as he sat down beside me. I furrowed my eyebrows slightly, suprised over the fact that he knew my name. “Yes, I am. And you are?” I asked as I studied his face. He was hansome, like realy handsome. “I’m Sam,” he said as he smiled. We started talking a little while Jack and his friend Jack fixed the playstation. “(Y/N), any plans for tomorrow?” Sam asked. I could feel Jack looking at me, his eyes burning into my skin. “She’s hanging out with me tomorrow,” he then said. I looked over at him, confused. “I am?” I asked. He just nodded. I looked over at Sam again, shrugging. “I think I’m hanging out with Jack tomorrow,” I said, He just nodded. “On Friday, then? There’s this party, and it would be a shame if you missed it. I mean, it’s like the party of the year,” he explained. Before Jack even opened his mouth, I nodded. “I’ll be there,” I said as a smile grew on my lips. “Great!” Sam said as he smiled widely at me.

When Jack and Jack had turned the playstation on, they turned around to face Sam and I. “Okay, (Y/N) and I are on team,” Jack said as he looked at me. A smile playfully reaching the corners of his mouth. And the smile on his lips was extremely contagious, so of course I had to smile myself. “Fine, let’s start,” Sam said as Jack and Jack came over. I sat down at the floor,with my head rested against the bed. Jack sat on the bed with his legs on each side of me. I was holding the control as Jack put his hands over mine. Again, I felt that spark, but I was trying to ignore it. Jack and I started playing against Jack Johnson. After playing several games, I heard Jack’s mother calling for Jack and I. “You guys want to eat here?” Jack asked the boys. “No, we ate at home,” Johnson answered him, smiling lightly. “I think we have to get home anyway,” Sam said. Jack nodded slowly. “Okay, see you guys tomorrow,” Jack said as he put his hand on my lower back. Again, I felt a little spark, and I was fighting against myself not to take a step away. “See ya,” Johnson and Sam said in choir as they went home. 

Jack and I went down in the kitchen where his mother and his father was sitting. His fater holding onto a glass of vodka as he looked up at us, clearly not sober. “Jack,” he said as he nodded at his son, before he placed his eyes in mine. “And you are?” he asked, tilting his head to the left as he burped lowly. That was just gross. “(Y/N),” I said, giving him a weak smile. “(Y/N),” he repeated, nodding his head. “Please sit down.” I did as he said, so did Jack. As Molly told us we could supply ourselves, Jack’s father just started. Taking a big pinch of the lasagna. “David,” Katherine coughed. “We have guests,” she said as he just looked at her, raising his eyebrow. “So?” he asked, lightly frustrated. His mother winced. Jack leaned closer to me. “You just have to excuse him,” he whispered as he sat back. I slightly nodded. After David had supplied himself, Jack and I did. “So..” David started, his eyes glued on me. “Are you and Jack dating?” he asked. I shook my head no. “No, we’re just friends,” I said as I smiled lightly. “Well, you must be special to him. Jack never brings girls over. He hardly brings anyone over, except Johnson and Sam,” he said. Jack coughed. “Dad,” he mumbled. I furrowed my eyebrows at what David just said. Jack never brought girls home? Antoher thing I’d never would have thought about Jack. But I kind of understood why, if his father was like this every day, I would never bring anyone to my place either if my father was drunk almost 24/7. We ate, barely speaking at all. Only when Jack’s dad asked me different questions, and I answered them, smiling lightly at him the whole time. As the dinner was over, I coughed lightly. “I should get home. It’s getting pretty late, and I’m sure my dad is wondering where I am,” I said as I stood up. “Thank you for letting me stay here, the food tasted amazing,” I said as I looked over at Catherine, smiling at her. She smiled back. “No problem, (Y/N). You can feel free to come on a visit whenever you want to,” she said. Jack stood up too. “I’ll follow her outside,” he said. I smiled at him. “See you later, mr. and mrs. Gilinsky,” I said, nodding at them before I walked with Jack upstairs to pack my bags. 

Jack closed the door after us, and he looked at me with a serious look in his gorgeous brown eyes. Scratching his neck. “Listen, I’m sorry about my dad’s behaviour,” Jack said as he watched me pack my stuff. I looked up at him. “You don’t have to be sorry, Jack,” I said. “He is the reason you wanted me to leave, right?” I asked him as I looked at him. “Yeah,” he said as he nodded. “He has a big drinking issue. He has been an alcoholic since I was little. That’s why I never bring anyone home, except Jack and Sam as we’ve known each other since we were little,” he explained as he looked down in the ground. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Don’t be. It’s not your fault,” I said. I closed my bag and hung it on my shoulder. “Promise me one thing though, Bambi,” he said as he looked up at me, meeting my gaze. “Don’t tell anyone about this.” “I promise I won’t,” I said, giving him a weak smile. He smiled gratefully at me. “Thank you.”

Jack and I went downstairs, where I put on my shoes and my jacket. When I was done, we walked outside, and he closed the door behind us. Looking at me, biting his lip softly. He looked so perfect standing in front of me, it was unbelievable. “I had a great time today,” he admitted as he smiled at me. “Me too,” I said, returning a smile. “I guess I’ll see you tommorow, then,” he said. “See you tomorrow then,” I smiled. We just stood there in a second, both wondering if we were going to hug or not. But I stopped myself, taking a step backwards. “Bye, Jack,” I said, turning around to walk away. Leaving him there, speachless.

Okay, so the things about Jack’s father is NOT TRUE. I just came up with them to make the fanfic a little more interesting! Anyways, thakn y'all for reading. It means the world to me. I hope you liked it. Let’s have the same deal we’ve had the whole time - 5 notes for new post! Again, thank you so much. You alle are great. :)