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A Florida man allegedly tried to burn down an Indian-owned store to “run the Arabs out of our country”

  • Police say a 64-year-old Florida resident attempted to burn down a Met Mart in Port St. Lucie after blaming his inability to purchase Tropicana orange pineapple juice on his belief the owners were Muslim, CNN reported.
  • In a Facebook post, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara wrote that Richard Leslie Lloyd was arrested after rolling a dumpster in front of the store’s doors and lighting its contents on fire. After surrendering to deputies, Lloyd told them he was trying to “run the Arabs out of our country” and was angry at the owners “due to what they are doing in the Middle East,” according to the post. Read more. (3/12/2017 3:44 PM)

I showed this to my 64 year old mother with the dates covered and asked her which one she thought looked better

she said the one on the right looked more natural and conveyed emotion 

and that the one on the left looked creepy and stiff and really off putting in its lip and eye movements 

she also didn’t like the lighting in the one on the left compared to the right

I attended a local event today, and spoke with staffers for senators Hatch and Lee about concerns over:

1. implementing Medicaid per-capita caps that will slash funding for disabled and low-income people to the tune of at least 880 billion dollars

2. switching to a continuous coverage policy that will punish sick people who are more likely than healthy peers to go 63 days without insurance, while simultaneously being desperate enough need healthcare to pay the 30% fee

3. cutting the essential health benefits requirement, which covers 1.3 million Americans with mental health disabilities who will be left without necessary care

these proposed measures, among many others, will cause out-of-pocket costs to soar and cause 24 million people to lose coverage by 2026–14 million of those NEXT YEAR.

these drastic financial cuts, and the massive number of Americans losing insurance will have unpredictable and dangerous consequences.

40% of people in the US have at least one chronic illness. 20% are disabled.
so it stands to reason that at least 40% of those losing access to medical and psychiatric care will have health needs. they will be sick.

this is going to kill people.

yet, the senate staffers were mostly silent. they repeated the line “we look forward to a robust debate on the floor” a few times…

they told us that they know illness doesn’t discriminate between political party, and I reminded them that it doesn’t discriminate between tax bracket either.

I mentioned that a 64-year-old earning $26,000 per year is just as likely to get sick as a millionaire, yet she’s now paying half her income in premiums under the AHCA, while the millionaire is going to see that $13,000 in a tax cut.

they changed the subject.

earlier this evening i was looking up dark souls videos on youtube because i needed help finding a certain item, and in the comments was a 64 year old man talking about how much he loves the game, and also voicing his disappointment over racist commenters making fun of the uploaders accent, this is the Best Gamer to exist.

Beni Amer Boy

Growing up as kid, it seemed like every Eritrean household in the diaspora had this boy’s image on their wall. His inviting smile; his big pearly whites; his mud-stiffened ringlets hairdo known as the tiffa and tribal scars on his cheeks made him a memorable face. Although no one knows his name for certain, he does have a few aliases Eritreans commonly refer to him by, including Beni-Amer boy and smiling boy.

So who is he?

Despite being one of the most recognized images among Eritreans, we still don’t know much about him. All we know is this iconic picture was taken in 1965 by James P. Blair, a retired National Geographic photographer. We also know the picture was shot in Tesseney, Eritrea, a mid-size town near the Sudanese border. Aside from these few facts, there isn’t much information to go on.

Judging by the boy’s face, he seems to be between 14-16 years of age when Mr. Blair took his picture. Since the image was taken 48 years ago, this would make him around 62-64 years old today, assuming he’s still alive, of course. While this information is nice to know, it still doesn’t give inklings about his personal life. Unfortunately, we are still left with rumors to fill this void.


Lack of information about people usually results in rumors. Among the most entertaining ones about him is he was allegedly given a modeling job by Crest, a toothpaste company based in America. Another one of my favorites is a French model tourist visiting Tesseney was struck by his good looks and married him and took him to Paris with her. Perhaps the most plausible rumor is he allegedly joined the Eritrean Revolution and was martyred in the late 1960s.


Since Ethiopia annexed Eritrea in 1962, National Geographic presented him to the world as an Ethiopian boy. Additionally, the Ethiopian tourist agencies during the Haile Selassie and Mengistu Haile Mariam administrations used his image extensively to promote Ethiopian tourism. As a result, he became well known among Ethiopians, too. Even today, his image can be seen in many Ethiopian restaurants and households.


The Beni-Amers, who are generally classified as the largest subgroup within the Tigre ethnic group, are named after Amer Ibn Kunnu, a 15th century CE founder of the clan. In fact, their name literally means “sons of Amer”. They live mostly in south west Eritrea and around the Eritrean-Sudanese border. Although their original language was Bedawi (Beja/Hidareb), today they speak Tigre as their first language.

LA Weekly: Baranski returns with Diane’s brilliance intact — the character is once again written at the level of the star’s performance. A veteran of Broadway and film and TV comedy, Baranski moves with a dancer’s grace and reacts with a top comic’s timing.

Chicago Tribune: Baranski brings a heartbreaking rawness to her performance as Diane, who never got enough meaningful screen time on “The Good Wife.”

AV Club: As on her previous series, she’s absolutely riveting as Diane. She’s even more engaging to witness in this predicament than Julianna Margulies was as Alicia.

The Guardian: It’s a pleasure to see Baranski given the lead and also a striking rarity, handing over a major new show to a 64-year-old woman. […] The stellar team behind The Good Fight have used all the lessons learned through seven seasons of The Good Wife to start off with confidence and flair, immediately grabbing our attention and crafting a dramatic structure that hints at even greater things to come.

Orlando Sentinel: Baranski is the formidable star – well, hasn’t she always been a star? “The Good Fight” gives her a fine showcase.

EW: It’s immediately the best legal drama in the TV-verse, much better than CBS’ would-be Good Wife-replacement, Doubt. What captures your imagination is the resonant premise of women trying to pick themselves — and each other — up again after gutting falls.


In October of 1995, 64-year-old Elfriede Blauensteiner moved together with 77-year-old Alois Pichler in Krems, Lower Austria after meeting through an ad in the newspaper. However, Pichler, who had been very healthy for his age, unexpectedly died in the following weeks. After his death, his flame Blauensteiner received his inheritance money- which made Pichler’s nephew suspicious of her, considering that Pichler knew Blauensteiner only two weeks before his passing. He reported it to the police, who later questioned Blauensteiner. Not only did she confess to the murder of Pichler- she confessed to as many as 5 murders. What the police didn’t know at the time was that the motive for the murders was not only to gain the inheritance money for her own selfish needs- in fact, Blauensteiner is thought to have acted out of hate for men. Although Blauensteiner made several contact ad’s all by herself, her attorney Harald Schmidt may have played a big role in the murders as well, due to the fact that he faked Alois Pichler’s last will. Blauensteiner used a mixture of Antidepressants to make her victims unconscious and Euglucon, a drug to lower blood sugar. In Pichler’s case, she showered him with cold water and opened the windows of her bathroom to let him freeze to death. In 1997, Blauensteiner was convicted for the murder of Alois Pichler and sentenced to life in prison. Her former attorney was sentenced to 7 years. In 2001, a retrial was ordered after the exhumation of two other suspected victims revealed that Blauensteiner was indeed the murderer. One of the two suspected victims was 84-year-old Franziska Koeberl, who was Blauensteiner’s neighbor. She was murdered out of pure greed. Blauensteiner, dubbed by the media as “The Black Widow”, was famously known for her first appearence in court in which she held a crucifix to the cameras. Up until her death in 2003, Blauensteiner maintained her innocence.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. West Bank. April 4, 2013. A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to throw a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers. Unrest in the West bank city escalated following the funeral of Maysara Abu Hamdeya, a prominent member of the anti-Israeli resistance widely regarded as a national hero. The 64-year-old prisoner was serving a life term in an Israeli jail and suffering from throat cancer, for which he did not receive treatment.

Photograph: Mussa Qawasma/Reuters

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I mean, Trump and Melania is creepy, too. Maybe it's just the connection, IDK. Like, if it was a random 64 year old woman, fine, but his schoolteacher? But whatever I'm splitting hairs and I fully support Macron and his presidency for sending that hateful sea hag back to hell where she belongs.

i mean didn’t he say while in school that one day he’d go back and marry her? if anything he’s a man of his word, which makes for a good politician. 


When you hear Hannibal now people automatically think of the fictional movie character that was a cannibal due to pop culture, but long before that, Hannibal Barca gave the name its legacy. Hannibal Barca was born in the year 247 B.C. in North Africa which at the time was named Carthage. Hannibal live during a time where there was constant war in the Mediterranean as the Roman republic ruled these lands. Hannibal at young age made an oath to his father to never become allies with Rome and forever fight against Roman Oppression and rule. 

Hannibal Became the Military leader of the North African Army of Carthage after his fathers death. He would lead his troops of over 100,000 fearless African Soldiers into many battles during the Punic wars with many of Rome’s Allies, destroying them and occupying their land and establishing dominance on the way to take on the Roman empire. Barca’s had a genius ability to determine an opponents strengths and weakness’ then use them to his advantage. He is legendary for using battalions of tamed elephants during battle and brilliant strategies of attack along with an overwhelming force that had never been seen before in war. In one legendary battle Hanniial annihilated and embarrassed the Roman empire by killing over 70,000 Roman soldiers and only losing 6,000 of his own in one day.

Hannibal Barca would win countless battles against his oppressors, he only truly loss to old age as he was 64 years old when Romans finally captured him after he was betrayed. Instead of giving Romans any satisfaction by allowing them to torture or imprison him, Hannibal Barca took his own life using poison to ensure his legacy as the strong and fearless, leader of North Africa. White Historians try to lie about or hide the importance of this Great Black Leader because of the huge embarrassments he gave to the Roman empire and because he was African. They even try to hide the fact that he was Black at all, Historians try to depict him as a White Man, but his North African Roots and family along with coins depicting a clear image of an African Man on one side along with his famous elephants on the other. Learn the Truth about your Rich History. SanCopha Salute! 

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