64 lamps

For Those Who Don’t Know, I’m Terribly Behind In The MCU

I’m up to date with the movies, but I’m still in Season 1 of “Agents of SHIELD”.

I laughed so hard at some of the technology used in the orchestra’s theater in Episode 19.

And I could back it up if I could actually FIND photos of the damn things.

For example, the devices they use to get rid of the bad guy are Source4s with their fancy-schmancy amplifiers attached to them. Connected with clear stage pin connectors.I would have used PAR 64s. 1000W VNSP lamps beat the heck outta 750s. I guess the Source4s looked kinda cooler.

And they control the devices (wirelessly) with an ETC Obsession (2?) Lighting Board (from what I could see). On a fader.

Please tell me other lighting techs watching “SHIELD” have noticed this.