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Nintendo 64 (unreleased)
Alex G
Nintendo 64 (unreleased)

my dog just ran away and I am feeling pretty bad
I’ve been sneaking out at night and my parents are real mad
I’ve been taking lots of drugs because they teach me not to care
yeah i guess thats how you cheat because life doesn’t play fair
my brother told that he’s gonna kill himself tonight
with a whole bottle of prozac or a shiny kitchen knife
he said that when he’s dead i’ll have his nintendo 64
and i can play it all night long sitting on the basement floor
my girlfriend told me she doesn’t love me anymore
and i wish i didn’t care but i thought she was really cool
so i drank a ton of liquor then i threw up in her sink
she said next time use the toilet then she offered me a drink

a 20 year old with 172 gp, 59 g, 64 a, 123 p, and 26 +/- in his career, and everybody is shaming him for the penalty the inconsistent refs decided to point out, which was the sole reason we lost the series? pasta has never meant to harm the bruins, nor did he serving his stupid time in the box harmed us. there were many more reasons why the series didn’t go as planned for us. as for the last seasons, he is an upcoming, hardworking, talented, and bright light in bruins history who shouldn’t be ashamed of the ‘mistake’ he made, pasta has played well in his regular seasons, and his first ever playoffs series. it’s not just his fault. this doesn’t give the public the right to put the blame on pasta. you live and you learn, even pasta isn’t perfect sometimes, but he’s pretty innocent and close so it’s better to be quiet and appreciate all he’s done for the organization.


I saw this exercise completed in Latin (found here) and decided to try it in Sumerian! Note that some items have multiple vocabulary words; I’ve tried to go with the most basic/most common.*

A — su “body”

1 mush(me) “face” // 2 ka(g) “mouth” // 3 sun “chin” // 4 gu “neck” // 5 murgu “shoulders” // 6-7 “arm” // 8-9 ashkud “elbow, forearm” // 10 aur “armpit” // 11 shagsud “back (of torso)” // 12 gaba “chest” // 13 endur “navel, umbilical cord” // 14 shag “belly, gut” // 15 kibid “butt” // 16 ib “waist, hip” or sabad “loins, midsection” // 17-18 paphal “leg, thigh” // 19 dub “knee” // 20 ningus “shin”

B — shu “hand”

21 kishibla “wrist” // 23 umbin “nail” // 24-28 shusi “finger” // 29 tibir “palm”

C — sang “head”

30 dilib or siki “hair” // 31 kinamesira “temples” // 32 sangki “forehead” // 34 ngeshtug “ear” // 35 te “cheek” // 36 kiri “nose” // 37 paang “nostril(s)” // 38 meze “jaw” // 39-40 sun “beard” // 41 eme “tongue” // 42 zu “tooth” // 43 nundum “lip”

D — igi “eye”: 44 sigigi or ugurigi “eyebrow”

E — ngiri “foot”

49 zi-in-gi “ankle”** // 50 masila “heel” // 53-55 ngirisi “toe” // 56 umbin “toenail”

F — su “guts, entrails” or ngish “organs”

57 ugu “skull”* // 58 gumur “spine” // 59-61 ngeli or meli “throat, windpipe” // 62 sa “muscle” // 63 mur “lungs” // 64 sha(g) “heart” // 65 ur “liver” // 66 tun “stomach” // 67 shaningin “intestines” // 68-69 sa “vein, artery” // 70 ellang “kidney” // 72 ellamkush “bladder”

*I don’t know of a word for: back of hand; specific fingers, including the thumb; sideburns or mustache; eyelash, eyelid, iris or pupil; arch (ugurngiri?) or ball of foot; brain; pancreas. If you do, please let me know and I’ll update this post!

**I’ve kept the dashes in zi-in-gi to make clear that the “n” and “g” are pronounced separately, as /zin.gi/ rather than /zi.ŋi/. Elsewhere, parentheses indicate the word can be pronounced either way, e.g. ka or kag “mouth”.


Funny thing about this one… no one has shown any interest in it since it was first posted almost 2 years ago, and suddenly I’ve had two people interested in one week!  Of course, the dilemma is… the original journal has gotten a tad warped in storage.  So, this is a duplicate of that original journal.

This journal is 6 x 9 inches, made with high quality (64 lb. / 95 g/sq.m.), unlined, filler paper (128 sheets) and heavy weight bookboard for the covers. It is covered with an intricately designed fine paper, marbled in pink, blue, gold, and black. These vibrant, refreshing colors are sure to inspire creativity!

This journal is hand-bound in coptic stitch using a 10 lb. white hemp cording.