64 chevrolet

Happy New Year at last! Say Chevrolet has relocated to an awesome new studio-loft in the Fort Lauderdale arts district. To commemorate, lets look back exactly fifty-years to January 14, 1966 and this full-scale General Motors Design Center rendering indicative of the upcoming 1967 Astro I concept car. And what could be more fun than to see the 1963 through 1966 front and rear Impala studies above?

Take a look! Here we have a 1963 Chevrolet Impala (Sport Sedan) auto show display with the car’s body hydraulically raised to exhibit the chassis, engine and drive train. Note the “X-built” “Safety-Girder” frame which debuted in 1958 and lasted through 1964. Kinda fun to see isn’t it?

(X-frame terminology from 1958-64 Chevrolet Brochures — image enhanced)