64 ad


July 19th 64: Great Fire of Rome begins

On this day in 64 AD, a fire began in the merchant area of Rome and soon swept across the rest of the famed city. The fire burned for six days, and destroyed much of Rome in the process. Some have claimed, though it is debated, that the infamously insane Emperor Nero failed to do anything to control the fire and merely ‘fiddled while Rome burned’. It has not yet been determined whether the fire was caused by accident or arson, but it has been suggested that Nero began the fire himself and made Christians a scapegoat. Indeed, after the fire Nero did take the opportunity to blame the devastation on Rome’s Christian population, thus beginning one of the most intense and prolonged persecutions of the period - the so-called Neronian persecution. However, modern scholars have begun to doubt this old story of Nero’s role in starting the fire.

Flings shoes.

Mademoiselle. June 1964. 

I’m a New York native, specifically from Queens, so of course I fell in love with this ‘64 World’s Fair era ad featuring the iconic Unisphere. It was commissioned to celebrate the beginning of the space age and became a symbol of unity. Also, Queens is considered to be the most ethnically diverse county in the world and there are approximately 800 languages spoken in the borough.