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okay but imagine how fucked up it would be if Kirby had a friend who’s able to provide him any ability when he wants. That’s some overpowered combination on the way.


July 19th 64: Great Fire of Rome begins

On this day in 64 AD, a fire began in the merchant area of Rome and soon swept across the rest of the famed city. The fire burned for six days, and destroyed much of Rome in the process. Some have claimed, though it is debated, that the infamously insane Emperor Nero failed to do anything to control the fire and merely ‘fiddled while Rome burned’. It has not yet been determined whether the fire was caused by accident or arson, but it has been suggested that Nero began the fire himself and made Christians a scapegoat. Indeed, after the fire Nero did take the opportunity to blame the devastation on Rome’s Christian population, thus beginning one of the most intense and prolonged persecutions of the period - the so-called Neronian persecution. However, modern scholars have begun to doubt this old story of Nero’s role in starting the fire.


Extremely Rare Gold Coin of the Pharaoh Nektanebo II: One of Few Examples of the Only Truly Egyptian Coin

This is a gold daric or stater from Egypt under the rule of Nectanebo II, struck circa 395-340 BC. It has the image of a prancing horse on the obverse. The reverse bears two hieroglyphs: a collar with six beads (nub = gold) and a heart and windpipe (nefer = good). Extremely rare, among the finest of few specimens known. A fascinating issue of great interest and about extremely fine/extremely fine. It sold at auction in 2009 for 120,810 USD.

Perhaps the most advanced of all ancient civilizations, Egypt, was among the most resistant to the use of coinage. The first indications of its use do not occur until late in Egyptian history, roughly the latter part of the 26th Dynasty (672-525 BC).

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AMULETS: Magic Tables Of The Planet


For good judgement and direction. This amulet will attract fortune and good luck and is helpful with overseas travel, assistance in business, legal cases and religious affairs. The table of Jupiter is a Four square, containing 16 numbers each adding in any direction, to 34 with its sum being 136.


For action and destruction. This amulet brings favors in battles, quarrels and wars, promotes strength and courage, understanding medicine and mechanics and cause distress to one’s enemies. The table of Mars is a Five square, containing 25 numbers each adding in any direction, to 55 with its sum being 325.


For movement and intuition, this table helps with acquiring knowledge, secures safety in traveling and aids in expression of speaking and writing. The table of Mercury is a Eight square, containing 64 numbers each adding in any direction, to 250 with its sum being 2080.


For imagination and forms. This table helps with settling quarrels, domestic problems and in gardening/farming. The table of the Moon is a Nine square, containing 81 numbers each adding in any direction, to 359 with its sum being 3321.


For reserve and endurance. Used to strengthen the ability to perform jobs/carry out duties and responsibilities. Favorable to politicians, assisting in political activity and helps develop and increase business. The table of Saturn is a three square, containing 9 numbers each adding in any direction, to 15 with its sum being 45.


For activity and will -  Good health, confidence in one’s own abilities, and draws out the powers and qualities of leadership dominance and supremacy. The table of Sun is a Six square, containing 36 numbers each adding in any direction, to 111 with its sum being 666.


For love, matters of the heart, marriages, partnerships, social affairs and friendship. The table of Venus is a Seven square, containing 49 numbers each adding in any direction, to 175 with its sum being 1225.