Three Days of the Citadel: 3 chapters, 6352 words, illustrated

As the Reaper War rages and the Crucible enters its next stage of development, Hackett summons Shepard to the Citadel for what she thinks will be a routine business call. But he has some disturbing news about how the superweapon will actually work, and the Alliance has noticed her starting to crack as the conflict takes its toll. Between dealing with the revelation, fighting to stay at work, and getting dragged into a mystery involving a Cerberus spy, Shepard learns things are about to get much harder - and more personal.

This is a rework/expansion fic for ME3′s volus ambassador mission, trying to give it some more flesh than the brief assignment we got ingame. I also lay some of the groundwork for my headcanon ME3 ending, and there’s a hint of some future Shepard/Zaeed at the end for the shippers. Enjoy!

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You care a lot more than you’re willing to admit. I know you do. Your actions continue to show me this. You try to hide behind your words but I’m starting to see right past them.