If you drop an ant from the Empire State Building, will it die?

In the ‘90s, there was a popular Korean TV show called Curiosity Heaven (It does not translate well) that conducted experiments based on these weird hypothetical questions.

In one episode of Curiosity Heaven, the hosts took ants to the top of the 63 Building (Seoul’s equivalent of The Tall Skyscraper Tourist Attraction in Every City, named for the number of floors it has) to drop them off. The question of the episode: if you drop an ant off a skyscraper, will it survive?

After coming to a theoretical conclusion through a lot of math and physics that the ants would survive an 820-foot fall, the plan was put into action. But as the hosts summited the top of the skyscraper, they discovered all of the ants had exploded from the atmospheric pressure. That’s right: exploded.

If that’s not the biggest plot twist I’ve ever read in my life, then I don’t know what is.

Reaction To Their Friend Accidentally Turning Them On

NCT 127

Suggestion: ‘I dont know if i need to specify this or not, but i will just incase (reaction for nct 127) where you’re both on the crowded train and you’re back into him and your butt is pressing into his crotch and your just friends, but he has a crush on you pls? Thank you so much! 🤗’

A/N: Subways and buses always have that initial jolt, damn-


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He wouldn’t be able to help but smile, his heart throbbing from the contact-
He’d be able to act normal though, shifting so you pressed to his side rather than front, he wouldn’t want to have any awkward bulges in front of you.


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He’d probably shuffle back, trying to avoid any contact as his hands go to the front of his pants, protecting himself from any contact.
It’d be childish, but he’d awkwardly spazz behind you, careful to not let you know.
He’d try to sound normal as you begin a conversation.


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He’d initially freeze-up, but I think he’d actually give you an earful, claiming you were invading his space.
“Move over-”
He’d feign irritation to hide his other feelings


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d take advantage of the opportunity, stilling his awkward shifting and instead pressing his chest to your back as he leans down, pointing out the window at the station, murmuring in your ear.
”This is the stop for the 63 Building, we should go next week-”
He’d hope that you’re able to see him as a man, setting his plan in action to get you to fall for him.


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He’d be bewildered by the sudden development, his hands flying to your hips as he tries to move your ass away from his crotch.
He’d be annoying, trying to swap places with you as he makes up an excuse.
“It’s too hot back there-”


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He’d feel super awkward. He’d enjoy the sensation, his heart racing, yet guilt would gnaw at his conscious as he recalled your obliviousness to his feelings…
He’d troop through the torment tho, making small talk to take his mind off the situation.
“Didn’t you say your cousin called you this morning?”


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Ignore Utah
He’d be quite flustered, shifting behind you. 
He’d know it was unintentional, but we wouldn’t be able to hide his growing arousal well, pushing the two of you through the crowd once you arrived at your stop and darting to the bathroom to adjust himself, leaving you bewildered.
He’d hope you hadn’t noticed anything, not wanting his crush to be found out.


Seoul, South Korea

L's Bravo Viewtiful- pgs. 188-189

63 Building

Don’t make fun of me.

That’s right, I’m a Seoul bumpkin.

Even though I lived in Seoul, it was my first time going to the 63 Building.

I know it makes no sense.

So what? What should I do?

Really, isn’t it all the same?

It’s like not going to the restaurant near your house,

but going to famous places in the countryside.

It’s too much to expect the state-of-the-art to be fun.

Anyways, I went to the 63 Building for the first time for an interview and it was surprisingly fun.

Characters,horror,sports, etc, different themes that are shown through wax figures. They look like real people so I got surprised… Auhikoo! Dongwoo hyung is a real person.

In a relief, with twinkling eyes, it seems like it was the first time our members saw it too. You seen it right? We’re all ‘the same’.


*Auhikoo is the Korean equivalent of ‘Oh Yeah!’

Translated by Jean and Dayeon, edited by Jean @lsbravoviewtifultrans.

Lesson 29: -보다 (더), (more) than, and 제일, the most

This lesson we will look at how to compare two items (nouns) in Korean using -보다 (더).

When making a comparison using -보다 (더), the subject markers 이/가 should be used. The noun followed by 이/가 is the main subject of the sentence, and the noun followed by -보다 (더) is what the subject is being compared to. -보다 (더) is added to the second noun and the 더 can be used to make the comparison stronger; it’s not required.

Your sentence should look like this:

[subject]+이/가 [2nd noun]보다 (optional 더) [verb/adjective].

한국말이 영어보다 (더) 어려워요. Korean is more difficult than English.
캐나다가 한국보다 (더) 커요. Canada is bigger than Korea.
제가 남동생보다 (더) 먹었어요. I ate more than my little brother.

The order of the items being compared does not affect the meaning of the sentence so long as -보다 is attached to the appropriate noun.

한국보다 캐나다가 커요 = 캐나다가 한국보다 커요
Canada is bigger than Korea.

You can also use 더 without -보다. “더” itself means “more” in English.

레오: 혁 씨하고 홍빈 씨 중에 누가 더 커요?
켄: 혁 씨가 더 커요.
Leo: Between Hyuk and Hongbin, who is taller?
Ken: Hyuk is taller.

The opposite of 더 (more) is 덜 (less). You can use it in the same way as 더 when making comparisons, but it’s almost more natural to use 더 instead of 덜. For example:

제가 남동생보다 덜 커요. I am less tall (shorter) than my younger brother.

This sentence is grammatically correct but it’d be more natural to say something like “남동생이 저보다 더 커요” (My younger brother is taller than me) instead.

Sometimes you’ll hear 덜 pronounced as 들; there’s no meaning difference here, 들 is just a slangy/cutesy way of saying 덜.

Now if you wanted to say something was better than something else, there are two ways of doing this in Korean. The first way is to use 좋다 (to be good) and 나쁘다 (to be bad).

치킨이 피자보다 좋아요. Chicken is better than pizza.

However, if you say this the meaning is actually a lot closer to “I like chicken more than pizza”. If you want to say and mean that chicken is better than pizza, you need to use the word 낫다. We would translate 낫다 to “better” in English, but if we took it literally it means “more good” which isn’t something we’d say in English. Using 낫다 means you also do not need to use 더 as the “more” is already in the word itself.

치킨이 피자보다 나아요. Chicken is better than pizza.
*낫다 is a ㅅ irregular verb, we’ll be looking at all irregular verbs in their own lesson soon.

Note: 낫다 is also used when describing getting better after being sick. 

병은 나았어요. I’m better. (literally: The sickness is better)
감기는 나았어요. My cold is better.

Above we’ve compared two items. What if you want to say something is “the most” of something else, or out of something else? You need to use a superlative. A superlative compares one part of something in relation to a larger group. The superlative we’ll look at in this lesson is the Korean word 제일 which can be translated as “the first” or “the most”.

제일 is used only with adjectives, and adverbs.

제일 커요. (adjective) O
제일 빨리 (adverb) O
제일 방 (noun) X
제일 먹어요 (verb) X

Unlike -보다 which is always attached to a noun, 제일 is written on its own, ie: not attached to any other word. It is placed in front of the comparing adjective or adverb in the sentence.

이 방이 제일 커요. This room is the biggest.
이 사진이 제일 예뻐요. This picture is the prettiest.
레오 씨가 아침에 제일 일찍 일어나요. Leo gets up earliest in the morning.
켄 씨가 일을 제일 빨리 했어요. Ken did his work the fastest.

Even though 제일 is not used with verbs on the whole, it can be used with a select few, such as 좋아하다, 싫어하다, and 잘하다.

여행을 제일 좋아해요. I like traveling best.
수영을 제일 싫어해요. I hate swimming the most.
유라 씨가 노래를 제일 잘해요. Yura sings best./Yura is the best singer.

The word 가장 is a synonym of 제일, but you will generally hear it used more in speech.

You may have noticed in one of the examples towards the top of the post the term 중에. 중에(서) is sometimes used when expressing superlatives. For example:

우리 반 학생들 중에서 A 씨가 제일 멋있어요. Out of everyone in our class, A is the coolest.
우라 반 학생들 중에서 누가 키가 커요? Out of our classmates, who is the tallest?
Kpop 노래 중에서 무슨 노래를 제일 좋아해요? Of all the kpop songs, which do you like best?
고기하고 야채 중에서 고기를 제일 좋아해요. Between meat and vegetables, I like meat best.

중에서, however, is not used when talking about places or locations. Instead, only the subject marker -에서 is used.

한국에서 63빌딩이 제일 높아요? Is the 63 Building the tallest in Korea?
세계에서 제일 노픈 산이 뭐예요? What is the tallest mountain in the world?

That’s about it for this lesson. :)

Questions? Ask away!

Cha Eunwoo for CeCi Korea February 2017 Issue

If I confessed on Valentine’s Day, I’d do it like this!
I was looking up famous restaurants previously and I discovered a nice romantic space where the atmosphere and music are good and where you can see the Namsan Tower from. We’d have our meal at that place and I want to candidly confess to her as I give her either a ring or a necklace.

A girl you’d like to date?
A girl who’s wise and whose thoughts run deep. Someone who I can communicate well with and who’s comfortable to be around. It’ll be nice if our preferences and hobbies were similar so that there’d be many things which we can do together.

A date you dream of having on Valentine’s Day?
I really like the memory of having watched the Yeouido Fireworks Festival from the 63 Building together with my family when I was little. At a cabin deep in the forest or a at a place with stars aplenty, I’d like to pitch a tent there and create memories in our personal space. To be honest, it doesn’t matter where we are. What’s the most important is that the two of us are together.

A gift you’d like to give to your girlfriend?
Rather than a gift, I want to hold a fun event (for her) that will last in her memory. I’d hide instructions here and there like in treasure hunts and she can feel the fun and excitement in seeking them out.

Translation: @99pmh
Please take out with full credits!

anonymous asked:

((sorry if this is a bother ;; )) if this is my first time visiting, do you have any recs of must-visit touristy locations in seoul? thank you! :-)

don’t be sorry!!! it’s not a bother at all! i actually love getting questions about korea! it helps me as much as it (hopefully) helps you ^^

okay, so assuming you also want to get in a little shopping action while you’re in korea, you can check out this post and this post!

now, for the sight-seeing/touristy attractions (in korea, not just seoul):

  • 남산 타워 (namsan tower): namsan tower is probably one of seoul’s most-visited attractions, not just by tourists but by citizens as well. you can take the cable car up and walk to the tower which marks the highest point in seoul. i’ve heard that the view is breathtakingly beautiful as the tower offers a panoramic view of the city. so if you enjoy taking scenic shots, i definitely suggest you go during both the day and night!! there’s also the famous “locks of love” where visitors hang personalized locks on the tower’s fence as a symbol of eternal love. i don’t know if it actually works, but i think it’s freaking adorable ;^; and if you’re willing to splurge a bit, the 360° revolving restaurant is an excellent way to dine and look over the city. 
  • 국립중앙박물관 (national museum of korea)*: if you’re into museums and want to learn more about korean culture, i highly recommend you visit the national museum of korea. it’s so spacious and clean! there are also mobile apps that you can pay extra for to act as your digital guide.
  • 경복궁 (gyeongbokgung)*: gyeongbokgung is one of the most gorgeous palaces i’ve ever been to. it feels like you’ve stepped into the joseon dynasty era and it’s just… absolutely incredible. if you appreciate architecture like i do and don’t mind walking around a lot, please, please visit!!!
  • 코엑스 (coex)*: coex is home to underground malls, delicious food, exhibition halls, movie theatres, and even an aquarium (one of korea’s largest!!). coex is definitely the whole package so if you want to get in a lot of activity but don’t want to splurge on transportation, this is the place for you! i’ve shopped, eaten, and gone to the exhibitions at coex and the day just flies by~
  • 한강 (han river): whether you go early in the morning or in the evening, the han river is probably one of the most relaxing and soothing places to visit. there are playgrounds and exercise areas scattered along the river which makes it a very family-friendly place to just chill. since it’s the major river running through korea, i can’t exactly pinpoint where the best spots are, but the banpo bridge is one of the most stunning bridges to see at night. the bridge is famous for its moonlight rainbow fountain which is basically a water show with brilliant lights that hit the water. words are not enough to describe how striking the sight is!!
  • 63 빌딩 (63 building): the 63 building is a unique building that houses a beautiful art gallery, observation deck of seoul, a delicious buffet, shopping mall, movie theatres, and an aquarium. i’ve been dying to visit because from what i’ve heard and seen, it’s brimming with an eclectic assortment of things to do.
  • 인사동 (insadong): insadong is filled with so much history and culture… and not to mention mouthwatering cuisine. you can find a lot of historical artifacts that aren’t sold in many other places. insadong is just so cute and a great place to walk through as you can soak in both the historical and modern atmosphere it offers. 
  • 롯데월드 (lotte world)*: my favorite amusement park to go to whenever i visit korea!!! i love that most of the park is indoors so i don’t have to worry about getting sunburned or having a heat stroke. the park also occasionally hosts performances, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to see someone famous (i saw kim jong gook once a couple of summers back hahaha)! as for rides, my personal favorites are the flume ride, bumper cars, jungle adventure, pharaoh’s fury, and dynamic theatre. if you’re not that into roller coasters, there’s also an indoor ice rink!! and don’t forget to try lotteria because it’s like ten times better than mcdonald’s.
  • 에버랜드 (everland)*: i haven’t been to everland since i was a little kid, but from what i remember, it’s more than just an amusement park. it includes a zoo which is home to kosik the elephant that can “speak” a little bit of korean and a waterpark called caribbean bay (you have to pay separate admission though). there’s also this beautiful flower garden you can walk through if you get tired of riding the roller coasters all day.
  • 서울랜드 (seoul land)*: seoul land is a cheaper, closer option if you don’t want to make the trip to everland. it’s relatively small compared to the bigger amusement parks out there, but it’s still packed with fun rides! i think when i went, there weren’t that many people so my cousins and i rode the roller coasters over and over again on a loop without having to wait too long.
  • 설악산 (seoraksan): i’ve heard that the national park at seoraksan is absolutely stunning, especially the waterfalls. if you enjoy nature and just being outdoors in general, i recommend you schedule a day to go hiking on this mountain.
  • 부산 (busan)*: busan is such a great city, much like seoul. but you have easier access to beaches like haeundae beach. haeundae is both a local and tourist favorite, particularly during the summer as you can go banana boating and enjoy other water activities!
  • 제주도 (jeju island)*: aahhh jeju island is so, so, so beautiful. it’s like walking around in heaven because the atmosphere is the epitome of paradise. i’m not quite sure which parts of jeju i visited, but the entire island is just absolutely breathtaking. hike up the trails of hallasan if you enjoy a bit of rigor or if you’re more like me, you can enjoy what jeju island is famous for: FOOD. i don’t know how or why, but jeju’s cuisine is just… i can’t… you have to try it all yourself. 

this is actually a very, very short list compared to the copious amount of attractions in korea. the asterisked locations are attractions that i have been to myself so i can guarantee you’ll have a good time. the other places are attractions i’m most familiar with and know enough about to recommend them to you. i also want to visit some day myself (maybe this summer!!!!). it’s shamefully unfortunate that i don’t know more about my own country… sad, sad really ;^;. but i’m learning more about it everyday and i want to thank you for helping me create this list! even though it doesn’t do korea’s beauty justice, at least i’m starting off somewhere, right? ^^

also!!!!!!! you said you were looking for touristy spots in seoul, but the list above contains places outside of seoul as well. because honestly, korea is such a tiny country compared to most, and with a couple of hours on a train or plane, you can experience an ample amount of what korea has to offer. i really, really want you to get the chance to visit the outskirts and non-capital city attractions as i believe you’d appreciate and enjoy your first visit to korea a lot more.

i hope this list helps, even just a tiny bit… and if not, i hope you do a little bit of googling/searching on your own to accommodate to your own tastes! ooh and last but not least, if web surfing is a drag for you, i suggest you watch 2 days and 1 night!!! it’s one of korea’s top variety shows that showcases an extensive range of the nation’s wonders. so it’s a fun way to preview locations you may want to visit! i personally enjoyed the second season because i loved everyone in the cast so much hehehe. you’ll learn a lot and the information just kinda absorbs right in, unlike reading wiki pages or blog posts.

have fun and please let me know if you need anything else! i’d love to hear about your trip when you get back c:


‘63 Building’ pose (aka lining up from tallest to shortest) @ Yongsan Fansign (161104) [Yoongi focus]
© SUGA FLOW | Do not edit.


[SCAN/TRANS] December 2014 Love K-Pop Magazine (Japan)

T/N: Please note that the translations were taken from the Japanese – Korean translations done by the user ‘miso’ on the official fancafe. There may be some terms lost in translation from Japanese – Korean – English as a result. Also, ‘miso’ chose only to include the interesting questions in the Q&A portion instead of the entirety of the article. We ask for your understanding, we translated all that was provided to us. Thank you.

– Name the other members call him : Hyunil
– Date of birth : April 19th, 1994
– Blood type : O
– In charge of _____ in the group : Being the “pillar”*
*Ray is saying he is in charge of being the main support/holding C-CLOWN up.
- Favorite type of music : R&B, Hip hop
– Favorite music artist : Bruno Mars
– Skills : Composition, football (soccer), gaming
– Hobbies : Piano, guitar, watching movies
– What do you do during the holidays : Drink coffee, meet with friends
– Ideal type of girl : A girl that is cute but has a sexy side
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone who is sweet and charming
– Ideal fashion for a girl : Casual
– If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : Everland (theme park)
– A close male idol? : BTOB’s Ilhoon
– Favorite dish : Anything with chicken
– Favorite Japanese dish : Gyudon (seasoned beef over rice)
– The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : A one-thousand won paper bill with the same serial number as my birthday
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : I learn quickly
– Most treasured item : My family, my iMac

– Name the other members call him : Siwoo
– Date of birth : May 5th, 1993
– Blood type : O
– In charge of _____ in the group : Heart
– Favorite type of music : Ballad
– Favorite music artist : Big Bang’s Taeyang
– Skills : Dancing, football
– Hobbies : Gaming, football, sleeping
– What do you do during the holidays : Meet with friends, gaming, sleeping
– Ideal type of girl : Someone that is innocent/pure
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone whose personality matches mine
– Ideal fashion for a girl : Casual
– If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : Namsan Tower
– A close male idol? : No one in particular
– Favorite dish : Fried chicken
– Favorite Japanese dish : Butadon (seasoned pork over rice)
– The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : A star (named after him)
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : I am in C-CLOWN!
– Most treasured item : My Xbox, C-CLOWN

– Name the other members call him : Rome, Bro
– Date of birth : September 6th, 1990
– Blood type : A
– In charge of _____ in the group : English, directing videos
– Favorite type of music : All genres
– Favorite music artist : FKJ, Daft Punk, Nujabes, etc
– Skills : Ever since middle school, it’s been a dream of mine to go into video production
– Hobbies : Video production
– What do you do during the holidays : Producing promotional videos, documentaries, and short films
– Ideal type of girl : Someone who is sexy and whose eyes slant upwards slightly
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone who is passionate
– Ideal fashion for a girl : Miniskirt
– If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : I want to go film a video together
– A close male idol? : BTOB’s Peniel, NU’EST’s Aron
– Favorite dish : Pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers
– Favorite Japanese dish : Gyudon
– The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : Lomography film camera
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : I am a genius!
– Most treasured item : My Canon L-300 camera because it’s my favorite and it was expensive

– Name the other members call him : Maru, The Dark One*
*The article says くろすけ which means “dark/tan.” They didn’t include the original Korean name so there’s no way to tell what the actual nickname used here is.
- Date of birth : September 25th, 1997
– Blood type : A
– In charge of _____ in the group : Chores
– Favorite type of music : Dance music, pop music
– Favorite music artist : Chris Brown
– Skills : Dance
– Hobbies : Choreographing
– What do you do during the holidays : Come up with choreography with dancers or friends
– Ideal type of girl : Someone who is small and cute
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone who is funny and kind
– Ideal fashion for a girl : A girl who wears shirts that can catch the attention of others*
*A flashy dresser.
- If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : Since I’ve never been on a date before in Seoul, I wouldn’t know where to go.
– A close male idol? : No one in particular
– Favorite dish : Samgyupsal*
*A popular Korean dish that is commonly served as an evening meal. It consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat. The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is most commonly dipped in sesame seed oil mixed with salt and pepper.
– Favorite Japanese dish : Gyudon
– The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : The many letters I got for my birthday
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : My small face
– Most treasured item : My family, my dog, members of the company, CEO

– Name the other members call him : T.K, Lee Minwoo
– Date of birth : December 12th, 1995
– Blood type : A
– In charge of _____ in the group : Rap, speaking
– Favorite type of music : All genres
– Favorite music artist : Lil Wayne
– Skills : Singing, rap, typing really fast
– Hobbies : Shopping online
– What do you do during the holidays : Just hang out at home
– Ideal type of girl : Someone who looks innocent and pure
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone who is kind
– Ideal fashion for a girl : A mature kind of style
– If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : I want to go for a bicycle ride at the Han River and then eat fried chicken afterwards
– A close male idol? : 95-line idols
– Favorite dish : I like everything
– Favorite Japanese dish : Takoyaki*
*A ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus (tako), tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion.
- The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : Teemo’s, a character in the game League of Legends, hat
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : I am the eldest son of the Lee household!
– Most treasured item : My family, MP3 player, music

<Kang Jun>
– Name the other members call him : イ・デイル*
*No Japanese to Korean translation provided, but could be translated as “Lee Daeil”
- Date of birth : April, 21st, 1994
– Blood type : A
– In charge of _____ in the group : Troublemaker
– Favorite type of music : Rock
– Favorite music artist : Adam Levine
– Skills : Singing
– Hobbies : Football
– What do you do during the holidays : Play football
– Ideal type of girl : A sexy and feminine type of girl
– Ideal personality for a girl : Someone who is always polite
– Ideal fashion for a girl : A sexy style
– If you had a date in Seoul, where would you go? : Yeongdeungpo*
*Yeongdeungpo is a popular area in Seoul that has the DLI 63 Building, a large shopping complex, and other locations of interest.
- A close male idol? : BTOB’s Ilhoon
– Favorite dish : Fried chicken
– Favorite Japanese dish : Ramen
– The most surprising thing you’ve ever received from fans : Seaweed
– Something I want to emphasize and brag about : I’ve never had plastic surgery
– Most treasured item : My family, my wallet

Q: What kind of child were you?
Kang Jun: I’m still just as mischievous now.
Maru: A pure, delicate boy.
Ray: I was a very active and lively child.
Rome: I was a curious child and took interest in everything under the sun. I was a such a passionate child that if I was focused on something, nothing else mattered.
T.K: I was filial and obeyed what my parents said.
Siwoo: I was the opposite and liked to play, skipped after-school classes, and just made my parents worry all the time.

Q: What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t become a singer?
Ray: Before I became an idol, I only played football so I think I probably would have become a football player.
Maru: The president! (Laughs)
Kang Jun: I studied drawing so I hoped to design cars.
T.K: I have an interest in volunteer work so maybe something to do with that, or being an actor.
Siwoo: Obviously I’d be a public official who earns lots of money.
Rome: I enjoy making videos so I think I would be working as someone involved with videos.

Q: What is one anecdote from your 2014 promotions that you remember?
Ray: Once, during a festival, we were scheduled to perform three songs. However, the group who was to perform after us didn’t show up so we got to perform six songs instead. It was quite thrilling, but also a good experience.

Q: If you had free time to spend in Japan, where would you want to go?
Kang Jun: I want to go shopping in Ginza* during a sale.
*Ginza is known as an upscale area of Tokyo with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses. It is recognized as one of the the most luxurious shopping districts in the world.
Maru: I really love bowling. The price to bowl is a lot cheaper in Japan than in Korea so I would just want to go and bowl to my heart’s content.
T.K: I want to go to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios!

Q: If you could be another member for a day, who would it be?
Maru: I’d pick Ray. He’s cool and good at composing, and is really passionate about his work. I tend to admire guys like Ray-hyung.
Kang Jun: I’d pick Rome because he’s popular and everyone depends on him. If I became Rome, I could also receive that kind of treatment. (Laughs)
Rome: I’d pick Maru! I envy that he’s still a teenager. When we get back late in the evening my body is completely exhausted, whereas Maru who’s seven years younger is still full of energy.
T.K: I’d pick Siwoo. I’ve never seen him get angry. I want to learn how to emulate his good heart and be patient when the other members get angry.

Q: Is there anything you want to challenge as C-CLOWN in the future or any goals you might have for the future?
Kang Jun: I want to have a concert at the Tokyo Dome!
Maru: I want to do performances in countries that aren’t familiar with K-POP and introduce C-CLOWN and K-POP to them.
Ray: I want to try getting on the Billboard charts!
Rome: I want to make a promotional video for a song that Ray composes and be the first idols to ever attempt anything like that.
T.K: That’s a great idea! I want to solidify our foundation in South Korea and hold performances in the United States like PSY or the WONDER GIRLS did.
Siwoo: I want for us to hold our own concert in South Korea.

Q: Please tell us our plans for the future.
T.K: We plan to have a comeback in South Korea at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. We want to make an album that not only we’d be satisfied with, but our fans would be happy with too.

CREDIT: miso @ the official C-CLOWN fancafe (source); @CCLOWN120719 / Crown the Clowns @ WordPress (translations)