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Gives You Hell
The All-American Rejects
Gives You Hell

And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I’m lying

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

OK!Lucky Kusuda と Southjolno ののぞえりMusic avenue。Sweet CornのCanがキンキン冷えたところでNextはごきげんなこのCornerだぜ!

K: OK!Lucky Kusuda & Southjolno’s
N: I don’t want this…
K: NozoEli Music Avenue. With the Sweet corn in a can getting cold and going *clang clang* while we will humor this corner. THIS WEEK’S HARASHOW!
N: Today… Today… Kusuda-san… you…
K: This corner is when the listeners collectively send us stories that is able to make us say ‘Harasho’
N: …Yes…
K: These episodes will be graded by… South-chan… with the full score…
N: I want you to say Nanchan. What even is South-chan…
K: South-chan will grade each. Whoever gets a 10 harasho will get a program sticker present from the NozoEri Secret Garden.
N: No, really. I don’t think a mail that would win against you would be coming today, Kusuda-san…

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Namida no Furusato (The Home Of Your Tears)
Bump of Chicken
Namida no Furusato (The Home Of Your Tears)

Hey, do you remember the day you got your wounds?

Your tears were born and raised, they must’ve had a home

A new drop has spilled, welting your unhealed wounds,

Everything was for this, this one moment, passing through a very long journey

“I’ve come to see you, I’ve come to see you before you disappear,

From the uneraseable emptiness of your heart to the far off world,

From the home of your tears to the dried up world,

I want you to really take a look at them,

I came because I want you to know me, because I want you to know yourself.”

【2015 03 08】RADIOアニメロミックス ラブライブ!~のぞえりRadio Garden~ #62

のぞえりRadio Garden

So many good things in this one… I’ll just include one chunk. Plus at the very end: Kussun: “I’m fine. あれ?違う。 I’m funny.”

From about 11:00-14:00 (The stuff in quotes Kussun said in English.)

[Drink Bar Daisuki-san’s email:
Lately after getting home from work I have canned mandarin oranges. Do you two like that? What kind of canned fruit do you like?]
Nanchan: Hahaha!
Kussun: “Oh, okay.” Do you like canned mandarin oranges?
Nanchan: I do like them.
Kussun: Ohohoh. “Yes, me too.”
Nanchan: Hahaha!
Kussun: “Me too.”
Nanchan: I like canned peaches too.
Kussun: Ah, “peach.”
Nanchan: “Peach.”
Kussun: “Peach can.”
Nanchan: “Peach can.” Hahaha…
Do you like yellow peaches or white peaches?
Kussun: White peaches.
Nanchan: Me too.
Kussun: “White peach. White peach… Yellow peach.”
Nanchan: Kusuda-san, what kind of canned fruit do you like?
Kussun: “Sweet corn.”
Nanchan: Sweet corn?
Kussun: “Yeah.”
Nanchan: Corn?
Kussun: “Yeah.”
Nanchan:The kind where it’s really packed in there?
Kussun: “Yeah.” It’s sweet corn.
Nanchan: Do you always eat that?
Kussun: “Yeah.” I just eat it straight, with a spoon.
Nanchan: Eh? No way! Really?
Kussun: Yeah.
Nanchan: That’s unusual!
Kussun: It’s good!
Kussun: If you put it in the fridge so it gets cold, it’s really good.
Nanchan: Wait. You cool it? In the fridge?
Kussun: I cool it, I cool it.
Nanchan: Really?
Kussun: Until the can goes “kin kin.“
[Nanchan dissolves into laughter.]
Kussun: Until it’s like, "Ouch, that’s cold!”
Eh? What happened? Eh? What happened? What happened? Eh? Why are you laughing?
Nanchan: Hahaha! “The can goes kin kin!”
Kussun: Eh?
Nanchan: It’s all over! I can’t go on anymore today!
Kussun: Eh?
Nanchan: Please just go on by yourself!

[After the break.]

Kussun: “Okay.” It’s Lucky Kusuda and South Jolno’s NozoEli Music Avenue.

Nanchan: No way…

Kussun: We’ve got the sweet corn cooled until the can goes kin kin, and next up we have this merry corner [da ze]!

“This Week’s Harasho!” For this corner we ask you to send in surprising episodes from everyday life that make you say, “harasho!” Depending on the episode… South-chan will award up to 10 points…

Nanchan: Hahaha! Are you trying to say Nanchan? South-chan?

Kussun: South-chan will award up to 10 points! People who get the full 10 Harasho will get the special radio program Himitsu no Hanazono present!

Nanchan: I don’t think any mail we get can beat today’s Kusuda-san.