I was so underweight that they admitted me to hospital, now they think I am finally healthy, but all I can think about is losing weight, yet I am still not the same again. :/

yeah, i have no idea how this happened but i am officially panda # 6246 from Qi Guo.

Actually, most people have no idea what is happening but Baidu is just doing alot of new things lately and one of them is apparently giving bars the choice of having a serial number id for fans…for fun i guess :P. Gah, i wanted to be some form of “576”, specifically 1392576 but oh well. gah I JUST GOT HOME AND EVERYONE’S LIKE GO GET A NUMBER AND SO I DID AND HERE IT IS. 

'Preachers of Atlanta' Star Le'Andria Johnson on Pastoring to Prostitutes and Getting Real on Reality TV

Pastor Le'Andria Johnson is ready to bring reality back to reality TV.

The 33-year-old stars in Oxygen’s new hit show, Preachers of Atlanta, and her methods of preaching are unorthodox, to say the least. Last week’s premiere saw Johnson taking her ministry to the streets, preaching to prostitutes – even handing out condoms and cigarettes.

“It’s not that I do these things every day, but if it’s called for, I will do it,” Johnson tells ETonline.

“I want to meet them where they are, you know?” Johnson explains. “And the best thing that I can do [is] dress up like them … and start a conversation, create a conversation. By the end of that conversation, then I can be like, ‘OK, let me take this wig off, you know, let me come back. I’m gonna meet you at this place, let me come back and I’m dressed in regular clothes,’ and they gonna be like, 'Who are you?’ And I’m like, 'The same girl that was in them shorts and fishnets.’ I’m the same woman.”

Johnson says it comes from a place of respect.

“At the end of the day, that’s their trade,” she adds. “They do what they do. I’m a pastor – I’m gonna give them a condom. They’re prostitutes, that’s what they do. They’re not gonna have sex? Come on. They gonna have sex, so I’m gonna give you a condom. I’m gonna give you a condom, and talk about Christ.”

MORE: See Pastor Le'Andria Johnson in Action on Preachers of Atlanta

“You know, I’m meeting them where they are now, but at the end of the day, hopefully, and prayerfully, that their mind will change,” Johnson continues. “And they’ll know that they don’t have to do what they’re doing just to get a dollar.”

Johnson is no stranger to reality TV. She won season three of BET’s singing competition, Sunday Best, going on to earn a GRAMMY award in 2012.

“There is no such thing as balance in my life,” Johnson says of being so busy. “Every day that I wake up, I’m like, OK, I beat yesterday. I beat it.”

But Preachers of Atlanta is her first go-around with a docuseries, which means showing parts of her life she would normally keep private.

WATCH: Celebrity Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. Praises Justin Bieber for Having a 'Heart of Gold’

Case in point, this season will follow Johnson and her husband as they confront the possibility that he fathered another woman’s child. On the premiere, viewers saw Johnson tell her husband he needs to step up – even though the woman wasn’t asking him to do anything.

“I’m sending a message to all of the baby fathers, baby daddies, baby mamas, you know?” Johnson says. “How we deal with the situation, I would love to see that happen throughout, you know, the world. I am not ashamed of it at all. It’s a message that needs to get across.”

“This is our shot,” Johnson says of getting real on the show. “This is our moment to, you know, encourage others through our testimony, through our life, so I’m willing to do that.”

As for what else we can expect this season from Johnson, she tells ETonline to buckle up for a behind-the-scenes look at her “slightly strange method of ministry.”

Preachers of Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen. Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the next episode below.

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What is the thing about the person finding the "congratulations" design in your town surrounded by the gold roses?

That’s the wetsuit game in Hyacinth! If you visit my acnl town, Hyacinth, there is one wetsuit hidden in the whole town. There’s also a beach with no land access. So if you find the wetsuit and travel to the beach where there’s golden roses and a commemorative plaque, take a screenshot, and tag #mayorofstarfell, I’ll add you to my special wetsuit winners page /wetsuitwinners ! The DA is 5600-6246-3588 ❤️

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Wtb: Ej20g


Need a EJ20G for a 1994 WRX wagon. Don’t need the transmission, but will consider full drivetrains if necessary. Don’t need any of the accesseries/manifolds/turbochargers either if it is cheaper, just a long block.

I don’t know a ton about the EJ20G, but I would prefer to stick with motors from 1993-1995 as I know that they’ll all be the same.

गुन्ह्यातील फरार आरोपी मोकाटच

पुणे : अंत्ययात्रेदरम्यान धक्का लागल्याच्या कारणावरून दोन गटांत गेल्या महिन्यात झालेल्या प्रकरणातील काही आरोपी अद्यापही मोकाट असून, पोलीस दप्तरी फरार असलेले काही सराईत राजरोसपणे शहरात फिरत आहेत. फरासखाना पोलिसांच्या हद्दीतच हे आरोपी फिरत असल्यामुळे पोलिसांच्या कार्यक्षमतेवर प्रश्नचिन्ह उपस्थित झाले आहे.
एका अंत्ययात्रेदरम्यान एकमेकांना धक्का लागल्याच्या कारणावरून दोन गटांत वाद झाला होता. तो मिटविण्यासाठी एकत्र आलेल्या या दोन्ही गटांत हाणामारी झाली होती. याप्रकरणी दोन्ही गटातील तरुणांवर परस्परविरोधी तक्रारींवरून गुन्हा दाखल केला होता.
हे फरारी आरोपी शहरात बिनधास्तपणे वावरत असल्याची धक्कादायक माहिती समोर आली आहे. यातील असिफ भालदारवर तब्बल १५ गुन्ह्यांची नोंद आहे. मुंबईत मालाड, सांताक्रूझ, साकीनाका, गोवंडी आणि पुण्यातील समर्थ, स्वारगेट, बंडगार्डन, कोंढवा, विश्रामबाग, विश्रांतवाडी व फरासखाना या पोलीस ठाण्यांत हे गुन्हे दाखल आहेत. (प्रतिनिधी)









Ammon Bundy urges last refuge occupiers to go home

A day after eight members of an armed anti-government group were arrested, their jailed leader on Wednesday urged a handful of remaining militants to abandon the Oregon wildlife refuge they have occupied for more than three weeks and where they are now surrounded by federal agents.
La faille narcissique de Nicolas Sarkozy

Dimanche soir dans l'émission Sept à Huit sur TF1, l'ancien président de la république a fait un aveu de taille pour expliquer sa brutalité, sa nervosité.

La confession de Nicolas Sarkozy sur TF1 dimanche soir était assez convenue. Nulle explication sur ses propres hausses d’impôts, sur l’explosion des déficits, sur l’inutilité du ministère de l’Identité nationale qu’il a supprimé deux ans après l’avoir créé… Il n’a reconnu que quelques pécher véniels, comme son mythique « Casse toi pov’ con ». Ou sa sortie dans le yacht de Bolloré. En revanche, il a fait un aveu de taille pour expliquer sa brutalité, sa nervosité,  il a confié qu’il avait toujours eu  « le sentiment d'être illégitime ». Et de développer: « Je n'ai jamais appartenu à une forme de bourgeoisie, à une forme d'élite » .

La voilà la faille narcissique, source de souffrance personnelle inextinguible, mais carburant inépuisable pour alimenter la soif de pouvoir, le besoin de reconnaissance. Bref pour donner la force d’affronter la dureté d’une élection présidentielle dont Jean-Luc Mélenchon dit que c’est « une lessiveuse ».   

Aussi surprenante soit-elle, surtout à la télévision en direct, à une heure de grande écoute, cette déclaration n’est pas un scoop.  Nicolas Sarkozy s’en était déjà confié à ses biographes… Un chapitre du livre que Marie-Eve Malouines lui a consacré « Le pouvoir et la peur », publié en 2010, s’intitule même « L’illégitime ». Elle y décrit un petit garçon qui tous les soirs attend sa mère en haut des marches. « Il veut être le premier à l’embrasser. Etre

… Lire la suite sur Challenges

أحمد السقا ومنى زكي يستأنفان تصوير "من 30 سنة" الأربعاء المقبل

حصل كل من الفنان أحمد السقا والفنانة منى زكي على أجازة من التصوير على أن يعودوا لمواصلة تصوير الفيلم يوم الأربعاء المقبل، هذا ما أكده منتج فيلم “من 30سنة” وليد منصور.

ووفقاً لموقع “العرب اليوم"، كشف منصور أنه يتبقى على انتهاء تصوير المسلسل ثلاث أسابيع، ويذكر أن أحداث الفيلم تدور حول نزاع على الميراث، حيث يقتل أحمد السقا 9 من أقاربه بهدف أن ينفرد بالميراث لوحده، وينجح في أن يهرب من العدالة على الرغم من كل هذه الجرائم، ويتزوج من الفتاة فقيرة التي كان يحبها منى زكي، والتي تقوم بالإبلاغ عنه للشرطة، وتعيش هي وعائلتها في قصره.

ومن الجدير بالذكر أن مسلسل "من 30 سنة” يشارك فيه العديد من النجوم المصريين إلى جانب الفنان أحمد السقا والفنانة منى زكي، حيث يشارك فيه كل من شريف منير، نور، ميرفت أمين، صلاح عبد الله، أحمد فهمي، أحمد فؤاد سليم، رجاء الجداوي، سليمان عيد، محمود البزاوي، وجميلة عوض، ومن تأليف أيمن بهجت قمر، إنتاج وليد منصور، وإخراج عمرو عرفة.